Eight Hour Sale 2018

Eight hour sale flyer

Farm and Ranch 2019

Farm and Ranch December 2018.

Uniquely Gorge Fall 2018

Uniquely Gorge coupons Fall 2018.

Savor the Gorge Fall 2018

Savor the Gorge Fall 2018.

Wine Guide August 25 2018

Wine Guide August 25, 2018 featuring Syncline Winery

Back to School 2018-19

Back to school information, school supplies, bus schedules and more from the Hood River News and community minded sponsors.

Uniquely Gorge July 2018

Uniquely Gorge Coupons for Summer 2018.

Gorge Sportsman 2018

Gorge Sportsman published August 2018.

Women in Business 2018

Women in Business 2018.

Home and Garden August 2018

Home and Garden special section for August 2018.

Savor the Gorge Summer 2018

Savor the Gorge features information on local restaurants, farmers, markets, recipes and more!

Gorge Business Review July 2018

Gorge Business Review July 2018.

Gorge Business Review June 2018

Gorge Business Review for Hood River and The Dalles, June 2018.

Columbia River Gorge Visitors Guide 2018-19

Your guide to everything the Columbia River Gorge has to offer!

Uniquely Gorge Spring 2018

Uniquely Gorge coupons and deals April 2018.

Kids Subscriptions Campaign 2018

Pick your favorite subscription kid for the 2018 Kid's Campaign!

Anderson's Tribute Center "Putting Your House in Order" seminar

Anderson's Tribute Center "Putting Your House in Order" Seminar flyer. February 20, 2018.

Eagle Creek fire closure map

A Jan. 26 map showing the reduced closure area at the Eagle Creek fire.

Uniquely Gorge January-April 2018

Uniquely Gorge January-April 2018.

Deck the Halls...and the porches and trees and roofs and railings and barns...

TOP RIGHT, elf hat hanging at A Kid Zone, tractor and wreath at Cody’s in Odell, Columbia River Insurance’s annual porch light row, and a lighting display onWy’east Road in Odell. Below, Scott and Lisa Tennants’ home on Belmont offers a striking trick of the eyes: the tree only appears to be poking through the living room roof.Wrote Lisa Tennant, “Our ceilings are only 8 feet high so it wasn’t too hard to find a tree big enough. Scott, and my son, Connor, got on the roof and figured out how to nail the top half of the tree. It looks a little funny on the inside to see a tree where the trunk goes right up to the ceiling leaving no room for the angel ornament on top. But we are having fun with knowing there is a ‘bigger picture’ that makes sense looking in from the outside of the house.”

2017 Gorge Gift Guide

The 2017 Gorge Gift Guide features gift ideas from local merchants in the Hood River area.

Gorge Business Review March 2018

Gorge Business Review for March 2018.

Columbia River Gorge Medical Guide and Directory 2017-18

The Columbia River Gorge Medical Directory offers a listing of providers and services in Oregon and Washington in the Hood River, White Salmon, The Dalles, Goldendale and The Dalles areas.

Gorge Business Review November 2017

Gorge Business Review featuring stories on businesses in Hood River, The Dalles and White Salmon featuring Northwave.

Cathedral Ridge: Wines of the Gorge October 21, 2017

Wines of the Gorge for October 21, 2017 featuring Cathedral Ridge Winery.

Wines of the Gorge October 2017

Wines of the Gorge October 2017 featuring Stave and Stone Winery.

Wines of the Gorge Sept 23, 2017: Hood River Vineyards

Your guide to wines of the Gorge featuring Hood River Vineyards.

Eagle Cree Fire Notification Zones A5 A6 B7 9/14/17

Notification zones A5 B6 B7

Eagle Cree Fire Notification Zones A6 A7 9/14/17

Notification zones A6 A7

Eagle Cree Fire Notification Zones B4 B5 B6 9/14/17

B4: The northern boundary of this zone is the Columbia River and the southern boundary is Belmont Drive. The eastern boundary is Rand Road running down to the May Street intersection. The line then continues due south until it reaches Belmont Drive in the 2600 Block area. The western boundary is Country Club Road. - B5: The northern boundary of this zone uses Belmont, Brookside and Elliot. The southern boundary uses Barrett Drive, running on a straight line through Tucker Road, all the way to the Hood River. The Hood River is the eastern boundary, and Country Club Road is the western boundary. - B6: The northern boundary of this zone uses Barrett Drive running east-west from Country Club to the Hood River. The southern-eastern boundary follows the Hood River until it reaches Highway 281 (Dee Highway), then follows 281 until Summit Drive. The Hood River is the eastern boundary, and the western boundary is defined by Country Club, beginning at the Barrett intersection, then following it south to Reed Road, then following that line due south until it intersects with 281 at Summit.

Hood River News Football Contest 2017

2017 football contest entry form

Wines of the Gorge: September 2017

Wines of the Gorge featuring Mt. Hood Winery.

Home and Garden September 2017

Home and Garden September 2017 includes a feature on Hood River's Library Park.

Gorge Business Review Septeber 2017

Gorge Business Review 2017

Eclipse Souvenir Edition: Columbia River Gorge

Souvenir guide commemorating the August 21, 2017 eclipse.

Wines of the Gorge: Idiot's Grace Memaloose

Wines of the Gorge August 8, 2017.

Home and Garden August 2017

Home and Garden August 2017

Gorge Sportsman 2017

Gorge Sportsman explores hunting and fishing in the scenic Columbia River Gorge. A special publication of The Dalles Chronicle and the Hood River News.

Uniquely Gorge July-September 2017

Uniquely Gorge featuring coupons and deals for small and local business in the Hood River area and greater Columbia Gorge 60 miles west of Portland, Oregon.

Gorge Business Review July 2017

Gorge Business Review for Hood River, Oregon, The Dalles, Oregon and White Salmon, Washington, July 2017.

Home and Garden July 2017

Home and Garden July 2017 featuring stories on hammocks, natural cleaning, redesigning basements, surviving home construction, and tasty summer recipes.

Columbia Gorge Wine Guide June 17 2017

Columbia Gorge Wine Guide June 17 2017 featuring Wy'east Vineyards.

Who's Who 2017

Who's Who 2017

Home and Garden June 2017

Home and Garden June 2017

Wines of the Gorge 2017

Featured winery: Jacob Williams Winery.

Gorge Business Review June 2017

Business news in the Columbia Gorge.

Uniquely Gorge April 207

Coupons and deals from nearly two dozen local businesses in the Gorge.

Columbia Gorge Business Review May 2017

Gorge Business Review for May 2017.

Columbia Gorge Wine Guide May 6 2017

Columbia Gorge Wine Guide May 6, 2017 featuring Viento Winery.

Home and Garden April 2017

Home and Garden for April 2017 featuring info on reducing waste and messes at home.

Gorge Business Review March 2017

Gorge Business Review 2017

2017 Kids Campaign Final Week Flyer

Final week for the 2017 Kid's Subscription campaign! Subscribe for a chance to win $100!

Gorge Business Review February 2017

Gorge Business review for February 2017.

Uniquel Gorge January 2017

Exciting offers from your neighbors in the Gorge.

Life Planning 2017

End of life planning; Assess the need for life insurance, consider senior living, emergency preparedness

Kids subscriptions campaign 2017

Kids subscriptions campaign 2017 flyer.

Valentine's Day message page

Enter a Valentine's Day message in the Hood River News for a chance to win a romantic dinner at The Riverside Hood River Inn.

Gorge Giving Guide 2017

Gorge Giving Guide 2017

Gorge Gift Guide 2016

The 2016 Gorge Gift Guide, featuring stories on coffee, holiday happenings, outdoor gifts, budget friendly gifts, hats, disaster preparedness, wine, beer, socks, clothes for men, gifts for teens, gifts for foodies, quirky gifts and car care gifts.

Uniquely Gorge October 2016-January 2017

Coupons and offers from Columbia Gorge businesses. Valid October 2016-January 2017.

Gorge Business Review November 2016

Gorge Business Review for November 2016.

Wines of the Gorge November 9, 2016

November 2016 Wine Guide featuring Aniche Cellars.

Savor the Gorge Fall 2016

Savor the Gorge Fall 2016 issue

Hood River News Football Contest 2016

2016 Football contest entry forms

Gorge Sportsman August 2016

Tales of hunting and fishing from some of Hood River's best.

Gorge Medical Directory 2017

Medical Directory

New teachers and licensed staff join Hood River County Schools

Melissa Mimier King, collaborations manager, briefs new teachers on how to enroll in and keep track of personal development opportunities in the district during the first full day on the job.

Pet Contest 2016

2016 Pet Contest entry form

Brag board

Brag board

Home and Garden August 2106

Home and Garden ideas and stories for August 2016.

Uniquely Gorge Coupons Summer-Fall 2016

Uniquely Gorge Coupons for July-October 2016.

Home and Garden July 2016

Home and Garden section for July 2016.

Visitors Guide 2016

Columbia Gorge Visitors Guide 2016

Savor the Gorge 2016

Savor the Gorge summer 2016

Tum-a-Lum insert

Tum-a-Lum lumber grand re-opening insert.

Wine Guide June 3, 2016

Read our wine guide to find out the latest news and offerings from numerous wineries and vineyards in the Gorge! This edition features Maryhill Winery.

Medical Directory June 2016

Medical Directory Summer 2016

Women in Business 2016

Women in Business 2016.

Home and Garden June 2016

Home and Garden June 2016

Wines of the Gorge May 21, 2016

Wines of the Gorge for May 21, 2016, featuring Wy'East Vineyards.

Uniquely Gorge Summer 2016

Uniquely Gorge Coupon book May-July 2016.

Wines of the Gorge May 7, 2016

Wine of the Gorge for May 7, 2016

Gorge Business Review May 2016

50 years of ‘Burgers made with love’ at Big Jims, Tofurkey’s Seth Tibbott is an ‘Animal Hero’, and more business stories from the Columbia River Gorge.

Home and Garden May 2016

Home and Garden May 2016

Wines of the Gorge May 2016

A guide to wines in the Columbia River Gorge.

Health and Wellness Guide March 2016

Health and Wellness Guide March 2016

Home and Garden April 2016

Home and Garden tips for April 2016. A joint publication of the Hood River News and The Dalles Chronicle.

Medical Directory 2016

2016 Hood River Medical Directory

Who's Who 2016

2016 Edition of Whos Who in Hood River County featuring local businesses and their proprietors.

Kids Subscription Campaign 2016

Flyer for 2016 kids subscription campaign! Subscribe today to help a local sales kid!

Health and Wellness February 2016

Health and Wellness February 2016.

Gorge Literary Journal Winter 2016

Gorge Literary Journal Winter 2016

Life Planning Guide 2016

Life planning guide

Health and Wellness January 2016

Health and Wellness January 2016

Uniquely Gorge Spring 2016

Uniquely Gorge Coupons for January-April 2016.

2015 From the Files

For our second Kaleidoscope of the year, we take one last look back at 2015, and some of the photos that never made it into the paper

Winter preparedness

Winter Preparedness

A look back at "Saturday Spotlight"

A look back over the past year of "Saturday spotlight" features.

January 2015 Gorge Business Review

January 2015 Gorge Business review

Bridal Guide

New Beginnings Bridal Guide

Gorge Giving Guide 2015

Gorge giving guide 2015

December 2015 Gorge Business Review

Gorge Business Review December 2015

Gorge Gift Guide 2015

Gorge Gift guide 2015

Medical Directory

Medical directory

Columbia Gorge Medical Guide 2015-15

Columbia Gorge Medical Guide 2015-16

Uniquely Gorge October 2015-January 2016

Uniquely Gorge coupons for October 2015-January 2016

Gorge Business Review October 2015

Gorge Business review October 2015

Home and Garden October 2015

October 2015 edition of Home and Garden

Wines of the Gorge

Wines of the Gorge

Savor the Gorge Fall 2015

Savor the Gorge Fall 2015

Gorge Business Review September 2015

Gorge Business Review Sept 2015

The Gorge Literary Journal 2016

February 2016 edition of The Gorge Literary Journal.

Gorge Business Review August 2015

Gorge Business Review August 2015

Women in Business 2015

Women in Business 2015

Uniquely Gorge July-October 2015

Uniquely Gorge local coupons July 2015-October 2015.

LUBA Ruling Wal-Mart Stores Inc. vs City of Hood River July 8, 2015

Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals ruling upholding City of Hood River's determination that Wal-Mart does not have the right to expand its Hood River store.

Uniquely Gorge Coupons April-July 2015

Uniquely Gorge Coupons April-July 2015.

Home and Garden July 2015

Home and Garden

Women in Business 2015 advertising flyer

Women in Business 2015 advertising flyer

Savor the Gorge

PDF version of Savor the Gorge summer 2015

2015 Columbia Gorge Visitors Guide

2015 Columbia Gorge Visitors guide.

Earth Week 2015 Kaleidoscope

Hood River celebrates the spirit and diversity of the planet.

Hood River News subscription drive

HRN kids subscription campaign

Uniquely Gorge January-April 2015

Uniquely Gorge coupons for spring 2015

Hood River News 8 hour sale information

Information on the Hood River News 8 hour advertising sale.

A look back at a slice of local life

A look back at the year in the "A slice of local life" series.

Gorge Giving 2015

2015 Gorge Giving Guide

Initial Nov. 4, 2014 Hood River County election results

Initial results from the Hood River County Elections Department for the Nov. 4, 2014 election.

Uniquely Gorge Fall Winter 2014

Uniquely Gorge coupons Fall Winter 2014

2014 Columbia Gorge Visitors Guide

Columbia Gorge Visitors Guide 2014: DRIVE • HIKE • LEARN • CAMP • DINE • DRINK

Uniquely Gorge Winter 2014

Uniquely Gorge Coupons Winter 2014

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Visitors Guide Ad Flyer

Visitors guide flyer 2014

On Stage at CCA: Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy Kaleidoscope

A look back: slice of local life

The Hood River News set out to interview 52 people (and sometimes couples) for our weekly Slice of Local Life column this year. Having written two-thirds of these columns (or so says Kirby; math was never my strong point), I can tell you firsthand that Hood River is filled with remarkable people. I know, I know. That’s sounds like hyperbole. It’s not. No matter whom I spoke with—whether they were in school or at retirement age, whether they were born and raised here or newly arrived, whether they were business owners or public servants—I was constantly amazed by the enthusiasm everyone had not only for what they do, but for our town. People simply love being here. It is interesting — and quite fun — to talk to people who enjoy what they do. The only downside I found to writing these features is that I had to cut so much from my interviews for space reasons. I had to remind myself a few times that this is the Slice, not the Book, but it was still painful. For 2014, we have a twist planned for the Slice: Every month, we will focus on a particular theme. I, for one, am glad the Slice isn’t going away — there are so many more stories to tell.

Uniquely Gorge Winter 2013-14

Uniquely Gorge Winter 2013-14

The spirit of giving

Class project, food drive exemplify Christmas spirit

In from the cold

Volunteer-based Warming Shelter program for homeless undergoes changes in 2013-14; host sites and more volunteers needed

Gorge Gift Guide

Gift Guide for the Columbia Gorge, including Hood River and The Dalles.

Gorge Giving Guide

Gorge Giving Guide for the Columbia Gorge region, including The Dalles and Hood River.

Reach 4 It Kaleidoscope

Reach 4 It Kaleidoscope.

The Making of a Nightmare

Henke's haunted house takes scare tactics seriously.

Feeling right at home

Feeling right at home Kaleidoscope.

Debut of a view

Debut of a View Kaleidoscope.

Cemetery Tales 2013

Cemetery Tales 2013

Weekly football pick'em contest games page

Weekly football pick'em contest games/advertiser page.

Kaleidoscope: The Big Huddle

September 11, 2013 Kaleidoscope

One From Many press release

One From Many press release

Workshop story

Workshop statment

Kaleidoscope: A soaring prevention message

Community creates massive mural declaring Wy’east to be a ‘zona libre’

Uniquely Gorge July-September 2013

Uniquely Gorge Coupons July-September 2013.

Keeping up with the quilts

Keeping up with the Quilts Kaleidoscope

Pet Contest entry form

Pet contest entry form and information

Gorge Grown Food Network: A fertile first seven years

Gorge Grown Kaleidoscope

Fair moments

Fair moments Kaliedoscope

At Relay for Life, community bonds in cancer fight

July 24, 2013 Kaleidoscope

Esteemed Engines

WAAM Traffic Jam honors vehicles restored with love.

The Last Hurrah

The Mount Hood Cycling Classic ends on a high.

Kaleidoscope: Big Horse still kickin

Big Horse still Kicking Kaleidoscope

Connecting with the Great Outdoors

Connecting with the Great Outdoors Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope: Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here graduating seniors kaleidoscope

Happy Trails ... for you

Happy Trails for You Kaleidoscope

Hood River trail map

Hood River trail map

Real is right

Lost Lake Resort’s new management spruces up amenities while staying true to rustic experience.

Uniquely Gorge Spring 2013

Uniquely Gorge Coupons for Spring 2013.

Guide to Blossom Fest

2013 Guide to Blossom Fest


LUBA decision for appeal of waterfront hotel and commercial building at south end of Hood River Nichols Basin.

Hamlet Kaleidoscope


Doug's Sporting Goods

20 percent off one regular priced item, 20 percent off repair shop work or rental

Apple City Auto Body and Rental Cars

$70 off windshield replacement

Indian Creek Golf Course

$25 18 holes, $40 18 holes with cart, $1 off large bucket of balls

Del Carpine Automotive

$50 off timing belt service

Denture Doctors

Free denture consultation

Wallace Tile and Masonry

Save $150 on any project of $1,000 or more or save $100 on any project of $999 or less at Wallace Tile and Masonry

Absolute Sunshine cleaning service

30 percent off first clean for new clients

Clean all Janitorial and Carpet Cleaning

2 rooms and hallway for $90, 3 rooms and hallway $125, 5 rooms and hallway $175

True Gorge Artisans

Free cover lift with purchase of hot tub, 10 percent off hot tub chemicals, free 44 pounds of Wicked Good Charcoal with purchase of Big Green Egg

New Beginnnings Construction and Concrete

15% off new stamping or stained concrete

2 Dogs Plumbing

2 Dogs plumbing

Allen's Fine woodworking

10 percent off cabinet purchase

Sears hometown store

Sears hometown store $500 shopping spree

Hood River sewing and vacuum

$100 of any Miele Vacuum cleaner

Wink Lash and Wax bar/ Pine Street Bakery

$5 off any waxing service, $10 off lash extensions at Wink Lash and Wax bar/ Free baguette at Pine Street Bakery

Little bit ranch supply

Ten percent off total purchase

Columbia laser skin center

Save $300 of all Zerona packages

Quick Lube Hood River

Quick Lube Hood River $5 off.

Daniel's Nutrition

Ten percent off any regularly priced item

White Buffalo

$5 Bison slider and pint of beer


Half of Tuesday through Thursday with 2013 Meadows ID or ski pass for any burger or appetizer with purchase of a beverage; Buy any dinner entree at regular price and get second of equal or lesser value free on Tuesdays.

Pfriem Brewing

Buy one entree get second half price

Los Reyes/Feast

Free kids meal with purchase of 2 regular priced meals at Los Reyes; $5 off with $25 grocery purchase at Feast Market and Delicatessen

Thirsty Woman

Buy one burger or sandwich at regular price get second free

Marley's Corner Pub/Mekong Thai

$1 off at Marley's Corner Pub/Ten percent off total bill at Mekong Thai

Waucoma Club/Mari Bliss Boutique

Waucoma Club coupon for 15 percent off all food/ Mari Bliss coupon for 20 percent off all invitations


$5 lunch specials, $8 off total bill when you buy any two fajita dinners and two margaritas

Mothers Market/Sushi Okalani

Free Green smoothie (small) at Mothers Marketplace/ 50 percent off all small plates at Sushi Okalani

Andrew's Pizza

Two first run movie tickets, two slices of pizza, 2 glasses of wine or beer and 1 fresh green salad for $29.95; Growler refill for $10; Buy one 18-inch pizza at regular price get $5 off a 14-inch pizza

Kaleidoscope: Getting serious in Tsuruta

Getting serious in Tsuruta

Kaleidoscope: In the name of love

In the name of love Kaleidoscope

Full Sail Brewmaster's Valentines Day Dinner

Full Sail Valentines Day Brewmaster Dinner

Henni's kitchen and bar coupon

Buy 1 get 1 free

Kaleidoscope: Bullshot Crummond

The next CAST play provides more derring-do and devilish deeds than you can shake a stuffed duck at. “Bullshot Crummond” rides again on stage at CAST Feb. 7-16. It will be the third production since 1978.

Whos who 2013 sales flier

Who's who 2013 sales flier.

Kaleidoscope: A ‘rest’ becomes a life’s work

When former Hood River resident Laurel Patrick began traveling regularly to Mexico in the early 1980s, she wasn’t thinking about its unique biodiversity or how she could bring attention to the many species that filled the region. But then she created El Refugio de Potosí — and that is exactly what she has done.

After sandy

In the wake of Sandy: Hood River firefighter helps in aftermath

Kaleidoscope: Ear in review

The Ear in Review

A New Year, a new day for History Museum of Hood River County

History Museum of Hood River County Kaleidoscope.

Helping Uganda: Knitting broken lives together

‘The knitting may have seemed like just a distraction. The women were scared and suffering … but it turned into something much more. They saw that after being shunned and pushed aside from their own community, others still cared about them.’

Kaleidoscope: 15 years of the Nutcracker

Nearly 400 ballet students at Columbia Gorge Dance Academy performed in three shows of “Scenes from The Nutcracker” over the weekend in Hood River Middle School’s auditorium.

Football pick'em contest games for Nov. 30-Dec.1, 2012

Football pick'em contest games and info for weekend of Nov. 30 to Dec. 1, 2012.

Kaleidoscope: hood River history told by yoga

Nov 28 Kaleidoscope: Hood river history told by yoga.

Football pick'em contest games for Nov. 23-25, 2012

Hood River News football pick'em contest games and details for Nov. 23-25, 2012.

Kaleidoscope: Gala Fashion show

Christmas project fundraiser marks 16 years of stylish success.

The Winner Is

Information on NBC's talent search for "The Winner Is"

Football pick'em contest games for Nov. 16-18, 2012

Hood River News football pick'em contest info for the weekend of Nov. 16-18, 2012.

Empty Bowls

Empty Bowls Kaleidoscope

Beauty guide

Hood River News Beauty guide

Football pick'em contest games for Nov. 9-11, 2012

Games and info for the Hood river News football pick'em contest for the weekend of Nov. 9-11.

Thanksgiving coloring contest

FISH food bank thanksgiving coloring contest.

Football pick'em contest games for Nov. 2-4, 2012

Football pick'em contest games for Nov. 2-4, 2012.

Kaleidoscope: Legally Blonde

October 31, 2012 Kaleidoscope: Legally Blonde

gorge business review

Murray's furniture weekly specials

Football pick'em contest games for Oct. 26-28, 2012

Game information for the the Hood River News football pick'em contest for the weekend of Oct. 26-28, 2012.

Kaleidoscope: Tales from the Fruit Loop

October 17, 2012 Kaleidoscope: Tales from the Fruit Loop

Football pick'em contest games for Oct. 19-21

Football pick'em contet games for Oct. 19-21

City attorney memo and LUBA Wal-Mart remand documents

Memo from city attorney Dan Kearns outlining process recommendations; Hearing request by Wal-Mart; LUBA remand decision

Football contest games for weekend of Oct. 12-14

Football contest games and expert picks for the weekend of Oct. 12-14, 2012

2012 football pick'em week 3

2012 football pick'em contest info for week 3

Football pick'em week 2

List of games and expert picks for week two of the 2012 football pick'em contest

Barrett Park denial

County Commission order overturning Planning Commission decision to allow park on Barrett Drive.

Gorge Business Review

The Columbia River Gorge Business Review is a monthly publication of the Hood River News and The Dalles Chronicle. Copyright 2013. The Business Review is distributed in the Hood River News and The Dalles Chronicle the first weekend of the month. Copies are available at newsstand locations in downtown Hood River (Hood River Stationers, U.S. Post Office, Hood River News), Safeway (customer service counter), 76 Gas Station on W. Cascade, on the Heights (Shell Gas Station, NAPA, Hood River Supply), and at the U.S. Post Office in White Salmon, Washington.

Medical Directory

Paid Advertising Medical Directory

Who's Who 2015

A special publication of the Hood River News

Medical Guide

A publication of The Dalles Chronicle, Hood River News, White Salmon Enterprise & Goldendale Sentinel

Home & Garden - Real Estate

A publication of Hood River News & The Dalles Chronicle

Kaleidescope: The road to London runs through Oregon

The Road to London runs through Oregon: Account from the 2012 Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene.

Women in Business

A special publication of the Hood River News and the White Salmon Enterprise

ODWR ruling

Oregon Department of Wter Rights transfer application ruling for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Kaleidescope: Students thrive with Arts in Education

March 21, 2012 Kaleidescope: Students thrive with arts in Education

Ad rate card

Retail/National Advertising Rates

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