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Wednesday, November 28

Roller coaster ride ends at state

HRV girls soccer earns first-ever 4A state bid

HRV girls soccer earns first-ever 4A state bid

Up-tempo offense keys state run

HRV boys hoops likes chances in balanced Mt. Hood Conference

HRV boys hoops likes chances in balanced Mt. Hood Conference

A caring place

It's not the businesses that makes the image of a town, it's the people that make up that community. The majority of the letters have been against Wal-Mart. We are hoping that this letter will give the anti-Wal-Mart people something to consider and open the door for the pro-Wal-Mart people to voice their opinions. Most of the concerns voiced are: we don't need another minimum-wage paying business, it's going to hurt other local businesses, the traffic is unwanted, and finally, will a bigger Wal-Mart mean a bigger "Camp Wal-Mart."

Events light town to start holidays

Holiday charity events help ring in the season beginning this week.

Holiday charity events help ring in the season beginning this week.

HRV football stopped at goal line in playoff push

To call the 2001 HRV football season "up and down" would be an understatement. To describe the Eagles' 3-6 record as "disappointing" would also qualify as an understatement.

City denies condo plan

The Hood River City Council unanimously shot down "massive" development plans on Nov. 26 in a Sherman Avenue neighborhood.

How To Help

Imagine trying to explain to your child the meaning of Sept. 11. Add to this confusion the fact that this child's Father was killed. Children need help from adults in understanding and grieving. The Dougy Center in Portland is providing guidebooks to families and teachers in New York City. The Dougy Center is a nationally renowned center for grieving children and families. You can directly assist them with a $50 gift. This donation will provide one family with a set of guidebooks. School librarians in New York have called them "must-have" resources and many grateful families have already thanked the Center. Please call 503-775-5683 or go to: for more information.

More than a Mortuary

Hood River's only funeral home changes its name and the entire way it serves people

Hood River's only funeral home changes its name and the entire way it serves people

Cheering Note

As heartfelt as I can I want to thank all the fans who supported the boys' high school soccer team this year, especially those who traveled to Lake Oswego on Saturday evening, Nov. 10. The cheering and applause that greeted the team as they took the field to start the second half was just incredible and extremely emotional. It was no coincidence that we scored to tie the game a few minutes later.

Plan shown Tuesday

Port scales back Waterfront plan

Port scales back Waterfront plan

Ducks, Beavers and foot "bowl" fever

A look at the Northwest college football bowl season

A look at the Northwest college football bowl season

Advance, Recede

Cloning is a case of life in flux

Cloning is a case of life in flux

Image of mountain splendor helps library

Outdoor photographer Peter Marbach will be at the Hood River County Library from 3 to 5 p.m. Dec. 1 to sign copies of his latest fine art print, "Morning at Mt. Hood."

Holiday Happenings

Odell bazaars, hotel party ring in season

Odell bazaars, hotel party ring in season


Mail and the shock of assurance<

Mail and the shock of assurance

Internet user convicted for downloading child porn

A constitutional question over sex crimes was raised in Hood River Circuit Court on Nov. 21.

American Legion salutes manager Marge Kageyama

BR>   After more than 48 years of serving Hood River veterans, Marjorie "Marge" Kageyama is retiring -- but not without a salute from the troops.

HRV winter sports schedules

Boys Basketball

County finalizes forest land swap with Mt. Hood Meadows

The county is finalizing its controversial exchange of forest land with Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort.

State board supports Mosier in quandary over state quarry


Teen sentenced for gold coin theft

Marcus R. Ybarra, 18, of Hood River, was sentenced last week for his role in stealing $16,526 of gold coins from a Post Canyon residence.

HRV presents musical `110 In The Shade'

To director Mark Steighner, "110 in the Shade" is one of the "most unjustly neglected musicals in theater history."

Obituaries 11/28


Who will pay?

Tracy Johnson's letter (Nov. 24) got me thinking. Apparently the main thing that makes Tracy and her husband want Wal-Mart is the convenience of buying cheap underwear. Wal-Mart is the number one seller of cheap underwear in the world. In 1996 alone, Wal-Mart sold 1.13 pairs of underwear for every man, woman, and child in America. They are the sellers, but who actually sews those millions of pairs of underwear? Young women and girls in Bangladesh are forced to work from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week, for 9 to 20 cents an hour, with monitored bathroom breaks, no benefits, and no maternity leave -- sewing the cheap underwear that we can buy at Wal-Mart. They are screamed at on the job and fired on the spot for insubordination. Their human rights are systematically violated. This information is from the National Labor Organization. Almost one year ago, KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. removed Wal-Mart from their investment equity index for operating factories that violate basic human and labor rights. If you care about social justice, you should oppose Wal-Mart. If you care about the environment, the paving and developing of over 16 acres of land will create more polluted run-off than anyone local should want spilling onto nearby land and into our water systems. Imagine 12 more acres of oil leaks. Imagine the oil running out into our land and water every time it rains. If you care about your local economy, you should oppose Wal-Mart. For every dollar you spend there, only 6 cents stays in our community, while 94 cents leaves town electronically overnight. Studies have shown that for every single job created at a Wal-Mart, 1.5 jobs are lost in the community as local businesses close when they can't compete. Hood River would become another economic colony for distant executives. We should also be asking these questions: What will happen to the existing 50,000 square-foot Wal-Mart building? Will the city or county have to pay for widening streets, putting in signals, increased police patrols, or laying water and sewer lines? In 1998, a new Wal-Mart store opened in this country every three days. We already have one. Mrs. Tracy Johnson can already go to Wal-Mart to buy her sons cheap underwear made by young girls in third world sweat shops. Why in the world would Hood River want a monstrous, four-acre "Super Center" and a possibly vacant 50,000 square foot building?

Appelgrens honored at Brookside Manor

The assisted living wing at Providence Brookside Manor was dedicated in honor of Dorothy and Wilson Appelgren on Monday in a ceremony at Brookside that included the unveiling of a new sign near the manor's lobby. The sign, made of etched glass, was created by Hood River artist Ken Tatyrek.

County sets hearing on expanded Wal-Mart

The Hood River County Commission will convene on Dec. 17 to consider an emergency ordinance to stop construction of a Wal-Mart super center -- at least temporarily.

Carousel Museum embarks on fundraiser

What embarked as a gift of a boat trip has turned into a fundraiser serving 20 community groups in Hood River and Wasco counties while also benefitting the International Museum of Carousel Art.

Service for cheap

Peter H. von Oppel is mistaken, the point of free overnight parking at Wal-Mart is not lost on me (Our Readers Write, Nov. 21.) The very idea that Wal-Mart is providing a service to people on the move is laughable. It costs money to travel. It's not as if a bunch of homeless people set up camp while looking for work. What I see are expensive recreational vehicles and second-homes on wheels parking overnight in a tourist-town free of charge.

Girls hoops hopes for shot at state

Experienced team, new coach bring optimism to HRV girls hoops.

Experienced team, new coach bring optimism to HRV girls hoops.

Too `small town'?

A great fashion show was held at the Hood River Hotel last Friday night. It was presented to a sold-out crowd with the proceeds going to a local Christmas charity fundraiser. The evening was presented by our local merchants Bikram Yoga, Kerrit's, Silverado, Frolic, Windwear and Anne Cruz, with an added presentation by Susan Sorenson's Dance Academy. Congratulations to everyone who did such a great job and made the event possible. My only question is, "Where was Wal-Mart, and why did they not participate?" Perhaps the event was too "small town" to warrant their participation. The fashion show was just one more example of the fact that the small businesses of Hood River are the lifeblood of our community. Most of us have seen the Wal-Mart commercials portraying that "feel good, small town" kind of goodwill, but where is it in Hood River? In my opinion, it is missing. The local Wal-Mart missed out on an important opportunity to build that goodwill in our community last Friday night.

Wednesday, November 21

Old 66: Pumper comes home to Pine Grove FD

PINE GROVE -- On Sunday firefighters and family members celebrated the return of Old 66, the first pumper of the Pine Grove Fire District.

Skaters try to sway HR Parks board

The local Skate Park Revival Committee ramped up its efforts this week to secure public funds for a redesign and rebuild of the park at 20th and Wasco Ave.

Mark a footprint

I adopted Hood River some years ago because I was looking for a town with good neighbors. I found it. I love being known by the clerks who help me when I shop, by the doctors who treat me. I love volunteering, and building a great community side-by-side with my neighbors.

Trio arraigned in drug cases

Three separate individuals spent Veterans Day behind bars after being arrested for drug and alcohol-related crimes.

HRV volleyball much improved

As the old saying goes, "winning isn't everything."

PGA pro joins team at Indian Creek

Indian Creek Golf Course introduced the newest and most distinguished member of its clubhouse Wednesday when PGA golf professional Harold Bluestein took to the tees.

Broaden perspective

A letter printed Nov. 14 ("Children less safe") suggested that the Jewish race was "nearly exterminated by Christians." This is nonsense, both specifically and in general.

Obituaries 11/21


Three women honored for civic service

The annual Soroptimist Women of Distinction awards were held Nov. 16 at the Gorge Room at the Hood River Inn. Shirley Ekker, Leila Crapper and Aileen Gaddy were honored for their service to the community in one of several categories.

A season to remember

At the end of last year, the HRV girls cross-country team established a one-word goal for the upcoming season -- State.

Boys X-C future looks bright

HRV boys cross-country coach Rich Hedges knew he had a solid combination of youth and experience coming into the 2001 season.

We want Wal-Mart

We the community, not. My husgand and I have lived in Hood River for 32 years. We both want the new Wal-Mart. It's the only place in town our family can shop for undergarments and etc. Downtown shops are too expensive, and do not provide items needed for two young boys. I would rather take my money to Portland or The Dalles, if we lost Wal-Mart. That's what we did before Wal-Mart came to Hood River. The excuse about having too many box buildings is just than, an excuse. Everywhere I look there's a box building.

Pine Grove forum

Growers urged to `re-think'

Growers urged to `re-think'

County finalizes forest land swap

The county is finalizing its controversial exchange of forest land with Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort.

Wal-Mart `crisis'

To the editor and everyone else who loves Hood River:

Local reading council honored at 20th year

Mid-Columbia Reading Council was recently honored by the International Reading Association on the 20th anniversary of the chartering of the council.

Dream season ends in state quarters

HRV junior midfielder Matt Dallman made a prediction before the 2001 boys soccer season. "We should win our conference," he said. "We have very strong expectations this year, and I'd say the state semifinals are realistic."

Entertainment briefs 11/21

Trail Band returns to Hood River

Unheralded becomes undefeated

Horizon Christian soccer coach Hal Ueland came into the 2001 season not knowing if he would have enough players to field a team.

Books to Africa

Hood River turns pages over to Nigeria

Hood River turns pages over to Nigeria

MCCOG faces new legal challenge

A second lawsuit has been filed over alleged "abusive" management practices by the Mid-Columbia Council of Governments.

Dredging opens up riverway

This summer the Port of Hood River lost more than $21,000 of income when large cruise ships sailed past the local docking channel.

Wal-Mart move looms on county

Hood River County Commissioner Carol York declared Nov. 19 that a pending Wal-Mart building application constituted an economic emergency.

Gorge plan review goes slowly forth

The Columbia River Gorge Commission hesitantly moved ahead on the first review of its land-use management plan on Nov. 13.

Wednesday, November 14

High school honors area veterans

Hood River Valley High School students received a living lesson in American patriotism on Nov. 8.

Christmas Project

Local effort will need help

Local effort will need help

Floral distinctions

A change was made during the editing process, and my article "Flowers' Power" (Nov. 10) implied that essential oils used in aromatherapy and the flower essences that I made from wildflowers of the Columbia River Gorge are the same thing. They are very different and I wish to clarify that. I feel it is very important to preserve the wildflowers that grow here.

A quarter too short

HRV boys soccer loses 2-1 to Lakeridge in state quarterfinals

HRV boys soccer loses 2-1 to Lakeridge in state quarterfinals

Meadows purchases Cooper Spur

PARKDALE - The cozy backyard ski resort known as Cooper Spur got a big lift this week when Meadows Development Corp. announced it has agreed to purchase the single rope tow, single T-bar snow park.

Feeling Flighty

Feds must take airport role

Feds must take airport role

Our freedom demands we all be involved

I'm as guilty as anyone. Under the excuse that going to the Veterans Day memorial at Overlook Park was an assignment, I blindly left my family at home. I usually feel guilty if I photograph while I have my family with me, so I seperate the two. Family and Work. Period.

Super-absurd idea

I most strongly agree with the letter "Get Angry" (Our Readers Write, Oct. 31) written by Fran and Joe Mazzara concerning the proposed Wal Mart superstore in Hood River. A casino? A "super" store? What's next: an open pit copper mine?

Recycling service expands

'The less you throw away, the less you pay'

'The less you throw away, the less you pay'

War, not crime

I was moved to see such an outpouring of interest in the recent Afghan presentation that occured Nov. 3. I was very disturbed, however, to read that Professor Zaher Wahab received a standing ovation to his comment, "A crime was committed on Sept. 11. You don't answer a crime with a war." I only wish I could have attended the presentation. I would like to have responded to that comment with this: "Look around you and imagine 15 times as many people in the room. Now, imagine all of you being killed in a single act." A crime is shoplifting or destroying a flag. Killing 6,000 innocent civilians on Sept. 11, 2001 was an act of war. I would be intersted to hear Professor Wahab's views regarding what happened at Pearl Harbor. Was that just an act of vandalism on a military base?

Teen Court: In Hood River, teens try teens

The low murmur of voices in the courtroom is hushed as the judge sweeps through the door, takes his seat and opens a folder in front of him.

Facing Peace

A new era for Afghanistan?

A new era for Afghanistan?

Town honors veterans

The nation paused on Sunday to remember the sacrifices of soldiers who have fought for America's freedom.

An evening behind the scenes

HR News sports writer joins the &quot;in crowd&quot; at the Rose Garden

HR News sports writer joins the &quot;in crowd&quot; at the Rose Garden

New flag flies over Hood River

Traffic noise could not dilute the spirit of a flag dedication at one of Hood River's busiest corners Nov. 7.

Trying to blaze a trail in the brutal Western Conference

Only two seasons ago, the Portland Trailblazers were on top of the NBA mountain.

Fight Wal-Mart

Hood River seems to be under assault on many fronts these days. It feels as though this community is in everyone's crosshairs. Of all the threats to our town from outside forces, by far the one with most potential to destroy the every essence of Hood River is the giant Wal-Mart proposed for the west side.

Court of Appeals connects with kids

The Oregon Court of Appeals held oral arguments on two cases at Hood River Valley High School Nov. 9 in front of a capacity crowd of students in Bowe Theater.

Entertainment briefs 11/14

Final weekend of Durang/Durang

Obituaries 11/14


`We': you and/or I

A4: letter stevens

A4: letter stevens

Horizon falls to Marist in state tourney

All good things must come to an end, but we often wish they didn't have to.

Lui Collins in Parkdale Sunday

The Mid Columbia Folklore Society presents Lui Collins in concert at the Parkdale Grange Sunday, at 4 p.m. Cost is $7 for adults, $6 for MCSFS members and children are half price.

Looking at `we'

Regarding Doti Miles' letter (Nov. 7) critiqueing my alleged overuse of the word "we" in my letter (Oct. 24), I say "We never did, we'd do it again, and we're all in this together".

Local veterans supporting nation years after service

There are perhaps no greater supporters of peace than combat veterans -- but many of these individuals have also learned the hard way that there is a time for war.

Children less safe

The Christians who were in the twin towers were killed by Moslems who had witnessed decades of seeing children die in their father's arms by the guns of Jews who had seen their parent's generation nearly exterminated by Christians. The cycle repeated once again as all three agreed it had since Cain and Abel.

'People are leery' travel agents say

Airline traffic around New York ground to a halt again on Nov. 12 with the crash of United Airlines Flight 587.

Wednesday, November 7

Wildflower Cafe blooms in Mosier

MOSIER -- Suzi Conklin and Mark Czerniack just moved to Mosier in mid-June, but already they have made themselves a welcome part of the small Gorge town.

Playoff hopes blitzed by Reynolds

Friday night's home football game typified what the HRV Eagles have gone through all season.

Oak Grove: an orchard community that's more than just a fond memory

The United States is littered with the skeletons of vanished towns -- the rotting boards and empty wells of areas that suffered economic collapse or were abandoned for more promising opportunities.

Flags rise in honor of U.S., vets

Flags will raise today and this weekend in Veterans Day and other events around Hood River.

Foster care provider names county in lawsuit

Lynn Bruce, owner/operator of Mosier Creek Adult Foster Care, has filed a $290,000 lawsuit against the "illegal" management practices of the Mid-Columbia Council of Governments (MCCOG).

Fired Up

Mt. Hood Glassworks is upper valley's artists' hot spot<BR>

Mt. Hood Glassworks is upper valley's artists' hot spot

Uprooted Harvest: Forces combined in legislative battles

Northwest pear growers harvested a near record crop this fall, packing out about 16 million boxes.

HRV boys silence Madison

The HRV boys soccer team began its state tournament run Saturday, Nov. 3, by running over Madison 2-0 at Westside Elementary.

Soccer girls fall 3-0 to South Medford

HRV's girls soccer team has taken on big challenges all season long, both on the field and off.

Obituaries 11/7


Speak for yourself

This is response to Don Stevens letter "A monstrosity." (Oct. 24, Our Readers Write.) "This community thinks" he states. He is encluding me when he says community and I don't want him speaking for me. I live in the community of Hood River and have for 55 years and please do not include me any any of your decisions. Next time just speak for yourself Don. Now on to Tom Hons (Oct. 24). He uses, in his letter against Wal-Mart, the word "we" six times. Does he have a mouse in his pocket? If so, he should have signed his letter that way, again this man is speaking for all persons when he uses the word we. Please do not include me in your articles for or against anything. Speak for yourself only, if someone else in your life thinks like you do then have them sign your letter also. I am so tired of these people speaking for me. This is the second letter to this effect I have mailed to this paper. Do any of you read others' letters? Got it yet.

Distancing herself from the pack

Leadership is an instinct. Some people have it, others don't.

Watchdog group opposes 'big boxes'

A grassroots effort has formed to prevent "big box" stores from being sited just outside the city limits.

'Stand firm'

Regarding Wal-Mart's plan to build a massive new structure coupled with an airport-sized parking lot, one has to wonder what's next. Don't misunderstand, I completely endorse capitalism in America. It is one of our greatest strengths. In America, I also feel the demise of many communities large and small can be attributed to the giant "mega-stores" that offer little more than discounted goods and minimum wage jobs. I sincerely hope (trust) the city and county of Hood River will stand firm with Wal-Mart, listen to the concerns of the community and expedite the county "inking" the 50,000 square-foot ordinance. Anything less would be a huge mistake.

Hospitals schedule annual Diabetes Day

Diabetes Discovery Day will be held on Monday, Nov. 12, noon to 6 p.m. at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center in The Dalles. It is open to the public and is free of charge.

Highway crews keep wary eye on floodplain

The fall rains have started and officials from two government agencies are keeping a vigilant eye on the flood plain around Highway 35.

Better or Bigger?

Regarding Wal-Mart, county still has time to put civic needs first<BR>

Regarding Wal-Mart, county still has time to put civic needs first

Hard workers

Thanks for your series on "Uprooted Harvest: which ended in the Nov. 3 issue with the story on the Oak Grove community. We thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Erik Steighner and he did a good job. I would like to add one more thing about my working in the harvest, which I should have said at the time: I was certainly not the first wife to work in the orchard, however, I believe that I was the first to load and haul the fruit to cold storage. The Japanese wives worked in the orchards long before I ever did and worked harder than I ever did. They deserve that recongnition and I am sorry that I did not say this at the time of the interview. In fact, Suma Kobayashi, who was with us the day of the interview, had spent the morning working in the orchard. She is in the photo of the school picture, so you know that she spent many years at it.

Noche Familiar: schools open libraries

Family Library Night is one part of the school district's new program Project PM, the new after-school program that started last month in the Hood River County School District.

Paul wins state cross-country title

HRV girls team places 16th at state

HRV girls team places 16th at state

Fruit marketing efforts begin at the local level

Camille Hukari was beside herself on Oct. 5.

Crowd fills church for Afghanistan discussion



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