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Tuesday, September 25

Highest gas prices in nation

We are former residents of your lovely city and now live in Estacada. We were staying two blocks from the World Trade Center in New York City during the disaster on Sept. 11, 2001.

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Kindness of HR

Some weeks ago I was a visitor in your beautiful area. One afternoon after walking I managed to misplace my car keys -- in my car, of all places! As I frantically searched through my packed car, the hour became late and the state park area's hours were ending. I was attempting to reach my hotel or cellphone to ask for aid, when a wonderful family who had been there biking helped me search -- to no avail.

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Finding Focus

A sense of 'normality' is found in new and existing community efforts

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Boys XC sprints to third at Seaside

The Hood River Valley boys cross-country team placed third in its division at the Seaside High School Three Course Challenge on Saturday despite the absence of its second and third runners, Matt Cooper and Adam Mack.

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Insensitive crime

Last Tuesday night someone stole the huge, beautiful flag that flew above the Providence Healh Services Building at the corner of 12th and May Streets, formerly the Care Corner. Especially at this sensitive time, I think this ranks right up with those who steal flowers off graves or relics from churches. There is nowhere this size flag could be proudly displayed elsewhere because its size would raise so many questions. I hope the person who acted in a moment of stupidity is feeling enough remorse and guilt that they will consider anonymously leaving the flag outside the hospital door so it can be put back where it belongs for all of us to admire.

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Soldier's mom: 'I've got peace in the midst of this'

The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon reverberated particularly loudly for Hood River resident Debbie Lee. As she tried to comprehend the acts that she says she "just can't get my mind around," her thoughts turned to her family.

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Young faces sentence in drug death

Hood River Circuit Court was emotionally charged on Wednesday when William Young, 19, was sentenced to jail time and other penalties for his role in the narcotic overdose death of 15-year-old Chloe Walters.

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Casino talk sharpens

A growing number of Oregon officials and citizens are asking federal legislators to address whether tribal rights supersede resource protection in the nation's first Scenic Area.

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Wednesday, September 19

A silver lining?

What happened at the World Trade Center was horrendous. It was an act of murder, it was an act of evil, it was an act of evil at a grand scale. It was not an act of cowardice. To start your investigation with a lie will help no one. We will extract our pound of flesh, we have no choice. The point of this letter is: I would encourage a great and courageous leader to look at the long-term implications. I would encourage him to spend one dollar for every dollar of revenge on alternative energy: non-petroleum based energy. I do not believe in nuclear as long as it produces a byproduct that is toxic with a million year half-life. I am not a conspiracy person who believes that we have a viable formula for a hydrogen based fuel locked in a vault. I am old enough to remember the progress of the '70s, the pickle we were in and our desire to move on, I am confused of where it went. America; always true.

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Taekwon-Do students earn black belts

A group of six local Taekwon-Do students took another step toward becoming masters of their discipline Thursday, Aug. 30, when they earned black belts at the Northwest Taekwon-Do Karate studio in Hood River.

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A child's questions

This is a time when everyone is in pain. The whole country is trying to secure their young and elderly that everything is going to be okay. They are praying that their family and friends will be okay. Our country is trying to hold back the tears. For their loved ones are missing. People are declaring war. But is that right? Should we really declare war? Who should be responsible for these people who were so stupid? Who were so slow in the mind that they can't even realize that everybody in our country is loved. That it would break so many hearts. That it would take so many lives away. Couldn't they just not like our country and that be that, especially if they lived here for so long. You know that they did not have to force our country to war. They did not have to destroy two buildings with thousands of people, now dead.

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Eagles, no pride

I went for a walk at the Hood River High School Track Saturday, the morning after the Eagles Football Game. If I was a reporter/photographer for the Hood River News I would have taken a picture of the large "EAGLE PRIDE" banner in the bleachers next to a photo of the disgusting condition of the field the day after. Trash and garbage everywhere on the track, field and bleachers, on the grass and in the parking lot. It looked like a bomb had gone off. Pepsi cups, lids, straws, admission tickets, HRVHS homemade megaphones, plastic sports drink and water bottles, programs, candy wrappers, join The Booster Club ads, on and on. It even permeated down the trail by Indian Creek. Some patriotic soul, I'm sure with good intentions, strung red, white and blue banners between several trees. Some of the flags off the banners are now on the trail and in the creek which, I'm sure the animal life appreciate the flavor and texture of choking on plastic. Ironically, left on the field were all the little candles lit to signify the audiences' pride and support of America.

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Letter to driver

To the driver of the older light blue pickup with a white canopy who, heading east, almost ran over myself and my children on the corner of 17th and West Sherman around 7:40 Sunday evening:

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Tuesday, September 18


Don't spread hate

Hate is viral in nature, that is to say its origins are primitive and it serves no higher purpose than to replicate itself. Isolating yourself from hate in these times is simply not possible. Building up our resistance to hate is the only way. Don't catch it! Don't spread it!

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Fight terrorism

I am amazed at the letters from Mr. (Leonard) Kitts and Mr. (Paul) Woolery (Our Readers Write, Sept. 15) and how completely they have mischaracterized events. While it is true that the United States has been supportive of repressive regimes, it has been in the framework of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." The enemy was the Soviet Union and the United States was desperate to prevent more nations from becoming Soviet satellites. Our choice at that time was either to deal with the current government or to allow it to be overthrown by communists. While there is no doubt that some of the governments we helped support were guilty of heinous acts, you have only to look at Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge for what could happen with a communist government takeover.

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Weathering the sands of time

Beach Patton taught many things at what was then Hood River High School, in what is now Hood River Middle School, to generations of students he could once see.

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Friday, September 14


May sanity prevail

While far removed from the relative peace and security of Hood River, last Tuesday's tragic, devastating and contemptible terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon, exposes the United States' vulnerability, and brings a long and continuous pattern of world-wide conflict, hositility and violence home to our shores and to our communities. As cruel and horrendous as these attacks are, and in the face of the sadness and desperation we all must feel, let's not forget that we, as a nation, have helped to define this kind of violence and terror by our policies and actions across the world. Must we be reminded that since the end of World War II, the United States has actively participated in the subversion and overthrow of more than 40 foreign governments, and has crushed and defeated over 30 national popular movements struggling against the injustices and oppression of ruthless military and political regimes? In this process, the U.S. has sponosored repression, violence, terror and warfare; contributing to the deaths of millions of people, and condemning milions more to lives of agony and despair. These policies and practices have not won us many friends, and clearly have not and do not serve our best interests as a nation. As we have often seen, and as we now must tragically witness -- we reap what we sow.

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Aid training offered in HR

The Hood River Chapter of the American Red Cross received more than 100 calls from local residents on Tuesday after the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and on the Pentagon near Washington, D.C. Hits to the chapter's website exceeded that.

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Like life, sports must go on

As we sift through the rubble and the waves of emotions surrounding Tuesday's unfathomable Attack on America, the world is at a standstill.

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'Condolences': Local woman heads to NYC

The first of what could be several local Red Cross workers to be called to aid in relief efforts in the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., departed for New York Friday morning.

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Begin creating peace

I join with everyone who is deeply shocked and saddened by the events of last Tuesday morning. As much as I am pained by the senseless destruction and loss of untold lives, I am also horrified by the vengeful voices that already fill the airwaves before we even know who is responsible. And that is the question that haunts me. Who is responsible? Where did this violence begin? How far back in history must we reach to find its source? Will our response help bring peace to the world or will it bring still more violence?

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Wednesday, September 12

Tuesday, September 11


Hard Search

Earnest effort continued among odd circumstances on Mt. Hood

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Emergency prayer meeting

An emergency prayer meeting is being called for Covenant Christian Community Church from 6 to 7 p.m. Tuesday in response to the terrorist attacks. "We will be praying for protection and direction for those affected by the tragedy," a church spokesman said. The church is located at 2630 E. 18th St. in The Dalles.

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An American Tragedy

The horror in New York and other places throughout the land is nearly impossible to fathom. It seems far away, but it is close. The acts of extreme violence are sending waves of fear throughout our country, and the full effect of this tragedy will not be known for a long time.

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'Fat Cat' vote

I wish I could share Republican party boss Karen Minnis' pride in Rep. Patti Smith's performance (Our Readers Write, Sept. 5) but we should note that the Dist. 56 representative voted to cut the capital gains tax and return the entire kicker, mostly benefiting wealthier citizens and corporations.

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Casino to Cascade Locks

Your editorial page comment on a casino in Cascade Locks was very timely and prompted me to write the following letter to Governor Kitzhaber.

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Successful Fly-In

What a wonderful treat it was to go to the Air Show and Fly-In at the newly rededicated Ken Jernstedt Airfield this past Saturday! Many interesting aircraft came from both near and far. It was obvious that people enjoyed touring the field and some of the aircraft. Terry Brandt generously allowed the public to see his incredible collection of antique airplanes. They are both marvelously preserved and very interesting, among them a 1910 military airplane. It was very special to be able to see them and talk to those who know about them.

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HRV volleyball wins third at tourney

After playing against the best last week, the Hood River Valley girls volleyball team played like the best on Saturday, taking third place at the Grant Invitational tournament in Portland.

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Thursday, September 6

Power with the People

If only people could actually band together, we could actually decide the amount we wanted to pay in taxes,correct all problems in government, etc.. As the owner of two businesses (a treehouse vacation rental/and carpentry), I am affected by that confounded ridiculous bridge, so let's find a halfway point. On an average we pay about $550 a year for using the bridge (I'm sure that can be doubled for families with children and all their activities) Since we may not get to cross for free (as we'd like) for awhile nor get the toll attendants to pay us 75 cents for chancing driving across that crappy bridge (though I do ask them to as much as possible). How about -- true year round residents: proving so first -- then buying a pass for $250? The port commission still gets money and we save some. Okay? Problem solved.

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Court realities

I sympathize with Don Stevens' frustration (Our Readers Write, Sept. 1) over the lenient punishments given to many individuals for criminal acts. However, I have had the opportunity to serve on our local grand jury and understand that often it is impossible to secure a conviction in our court systems due to legal maneuvering. For that reason, district attorneys often agree to lesser charges and lesser penalties so that a conviction is acquired. This is frustrating not only to citizens, but to district attorneys and police officers as well.

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Birthdays and bull

Regarding Tom Penchoen's letter (Our Readers Write, Sept. 1) on the Patti Smith personalized birthday card.

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Kudos to Rep. Smith

The Oregon Legislature has just wrapped up one of its most productive sessions, and State Representative Patti Smith was an important part of the success. The legislature increased funding for K-12 schools by nearly 10 percent, an all-time high for education funding, and increased funding for community colleges by $45 million. We also restored funding to critical senior and disabled services that had been cut by Gov. Kitzhaber and enacted a package of laws called the Oregon Women's Initative that will help women, children and families.

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Sky didn't fall

Please! I wish someone would tell me what the name Wal-Mart triggers in the minds of so many otherwise sane and sensible people. Is it that the sky is falling, apoplectic seizures, or maybe a full-blown Las Vegas casino?

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River Rescue

I'm writing this letter to let people know how unfriendly the river was on Aug. 9. I'm 37 years old and have never had any problems, until that day. Seven of us lost footing and were struggling to get back.

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Wednesday, September 5

Lifestyle Gardening

Osha Breez discovered many years ago that it wasn't just the fruits and vegetables in her garden that were edible.

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Tuesday, September 4

Benefit set for CL man on Sept. 15

CASCADE LOCKS -- Community groups in Cascade Locks and from throughout Hood River County are rallying to help cancer victim Zach Jones and his family.

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'Human-related' wildfire battled

In a reminder that the fire season is still very much a reality, a brush fire believed to have been "human-related" sent flames roaring 20-30 feet up into a stand of conifers on Monday.

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Cross Channel swim cancelled

For just the second time in 59 years, the Columbia Gorge Cross Channel Swim was cancelled Monday due to high winds and choppy water.

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Classes back in session for 2001-2002

For Hood River County School District, Tuesday was the first day of school for sixth graders, Hood River Valley High School freshmen, and new students. Wednesday is the first day back for all seventh and eighth graders and returning students in grades 10-12.

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Hospital opens MRI unit

Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital opens the doors on its new MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) unit on Tuesday.

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Contact! Port honors local ace

The final touches are being painted on the new Ken Jernsted Airfield sign that will be unveiled at the renaming ceremony on Saturday.

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Country Politans to play River City

On Sunday (September 9th) from 6-10 P.M. River City Saloon in Hood River is hosting a benefit concert, the Honky Tonk for Highland Farm. Portland¹s The Countrypolitans will headline backed by local band, Wild River. The Countrypolitans have been described as Œa dash of Hank Williams, a smidgen of the Texas Playboys, and a half-cup of Roseanne Cash.¹ Wild River plays a mix of bluegrass, swing, old time fiddle tunes, and blues.

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Eagles lose heartbreaker in fourth

Friday night's football season opener between the Hood River Valley Eagles and the Mountain View Cougars in Bend promised to be an offensive shootout.

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Girls cross-country eyes District title

If constant competition only makes runners stronger, then the Hood River Valley girls cross-country team is sure to be one of the buffest, burliest teams in the Mt. Hood Conference this season.

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