Stories for April 2002


Tuesday, April 30

Agencies mull Enterprise Zone

With “cautious optimism” the city of Cascade Locks agreed on Monday to devise a tentative plan for sharing its Enterprise Zone with other Hood River County agencies.

Bilingual teens share value of reading

Most foreign language teachers would agree that the best way for students to learn a new language is to immerse themselves in the culture.

HRV baseball now focused on playing spoiler

HOOD RIVER — Just one short week ago, the HRV baseball team was considering playoff possibilities as it entered the season’s final stretch.

Luhr Jensen fined for excess metal discharges

The City of Hood River has levied a second fine against Luhr Jensen and Sons in as many months for dumping heavy metals into the wastewater treatment system.

Softball cruises to third straight win

SANDY — After finding itself on the losing end of some close ballgames the past couple weeks, the HRV softball team has finally figured out how to get over the hump, winning its third straight barnburner Monday over Sandy.

Sports briefs

Lacrosse fundraiser BBQ Friday

Sports briefs 2

Little League Opening Day today

Track teams bury Broncos

HOOD RIVER — Eager to get their first dual-meet win of the season behind them, the HRV boys tracksters finally squared off against a team their own size.

County candidates trade views on development

The four Hood River County Commissioner candidates registered strong opinions on Wednesday about Wal-Mart, a tribal gambling casino and a Mt. Hood Meadows destination resort.

The future appears bleak in Blazerland

Another year, another disappointment. How much more can Portland fans endure?

Court to hear round one in Meadows case

The first round of legal arguments over the disputed land exchange between Hood River County and Mt. Hood Meadows, Ltd., of Oregon will be aired on Friday.

Homeschool makes for one full Decker

Student wins National Merit Scholarship

Student wins National Merit Scholarship

'Code Blue': Hospital does the drill

Most of the people who needed to hear the “Code Blue” announced over the hospital PA system on Wednesday didn’t.

Smith goes to D.C. -- and beyond

It might come as a surprise that a daring spirit lurks in the heart of soft-spoken Anita Smith, recorder for the City of Hood River.

Exchange students weigh in on food, language, school


Retiring forester remembers 'territorial bees'

The Hood River County Forestry Department honored Keith Zacha on Tuesday for 30 years of service.

Huskies no match for Hawks' speed

HOOD RIVER — Perhaps borrowing a chapter from the Seattle Mariners’ playbook, the Horizon Christian baseball team pulled off an amazing comeback Tuesday to beat Sherman County 6-5.

Girls help charge electric car program

The hot pink seat was the highlight. It ripped, though, when someone sat in it (a boy, of course) and now they have a dark green one. But the Cover Girl make-up mirror remains.

Local bluegrass artists offer a unique musical flavor to the region

If you’ve ever gone strolling through downtown Hood River the first Friday of the month, you may have seen bands of local folks strummin’ on the strings.

Wednesday, April 24

Every 15 minutes

The Grim Reaper visited Hood River Valley High School on April 19. He walked into classrooms throughout the morning, sidled among students sitting at their desks and picked out some to "die."

A dog kills

Today, April 17, my cat was peacefully lounging in the sun on our backyard deck on downtown Columbia Street, when in seconds he was brought to his demise by a burly black Lab/Rottweiler type-mix who treated him like a rag doll. I am very disturbed by this incident for two reasons: Firstly, my cat of 8 years is dead, and secondly, I feel extremely violated. As far as I'm concerned, this particular dog is of the same caliber as a wild coyote living in the countryside feasting on small pets. I have two small children and want to know that my pets and children are safe in my own backyard. There are entirely too many dogs constantly running lose downtown that are not necessarily safe for the general public. Would those of you whom have dogs that occasionally or always roam free please take responsibility for your role as a "Dog Owner" and contain your dog at all times? This is a serious responsibility and it would be nice to feel safe in our neighborhoods and yards and not feel the necessity to build fences, barriers, or walls between us, just so we can be safe from dogs within the city limits. Since I needed to tend to my dying cat, I was unable to track down the dog. If there is anyone who has information regarding this incident please call county animal control at 386-2098.

Soapbox derby offers a wheel-good time

First-time drivers and veterans join the fun<BR>

First-time drivers and veterans join the fun

Uphold librarians

With the dismissal of librarians from our schools, we tell our kids very clearly that books and the search for knowledge in libraries aren't very important.

District cuts teaching jobs

The proposed budget for the 2002-03 school year was presented to the Hood River County School Board Tuesday. And the tone of the message was, as Superintendent Jerry Sessions said, somber.

`Project Graduation' seeks support

Parents of the Class of 2002 are asking for support from the community as they continue to plan for the annual Drug and Alcohol Free Graduation Party to be held immediately after Graduation on June 7.

Friendly Dissent

It is with regret I must disagree with my good friend John Wood. In a couple of recent letters, Mr. Wood called for the defeat of the city equipment bond and all incumbent county commissioners. In regards to the equipment bond, the last time this measure was submitted I asked city (Council Member) Paul Thompson if the City really needed the bond. (Paul is someone I view, with great respect, from the other end of the political spectrum. He's slightly right of Barry Goldwater and I'm a tax-and-spend liberal.) This avowed conservative gave me an emphatic "Yes!" 'Nuf said for me. On the County Commissioners race, it must be noted that Carol York has been the voice in the wilderness in opposing the Super Wal-Mart. In contrast, I believe her opponent Mr. Henderson actually owns the property, or property directly adjacent to, the proposed Super Wal-Mart site. Talk about a "special interest" candidate.

County wants Residents' lawsuit dismissed

Hood River County is seeking to have the lawsuit brought against its timber exchange with Mt. Hood Meadows, Ltd., dismissed, arguing it was incorrectly filed and has no merit.

Listen to tapes

This is in response to Keith Fredrickson's letter of April 20:

City hikes parking fines, adds new meters

The city of Hood River will soon install another 170 parking meters throughout the downtown historic district that is expected to add $66,000 of yearly income into the general fund.

`Fruit basket' budget

Well, well, well, Dear John (Arens) has accomplished his "fruit basket" budget again. As a former Senior Service Advisory Council member, I was appointed to the Mid-Columbia Council of Governments' budget committee for 1999-2000. After two ineffective meetings, I think fiscal officers must have completed the budget. It was always interesting how two or three modifications were made during the year.

Woman embezzles St. Mary's funds

The former secretary of St. Mary's Catholic Church admitted on April 19 that she had embezzled at least $45,000 from parishioners to support her gambling addiction.

Fires ruin Odell homes

Electrical cord overload is the suspected cause of two destructive house fires in Odell over the past week.

Household waste event draws a large turnout


Everyday is Earth Day for farmers

On Monday, April 22, we celebrated another Earth Day. What a great opportunity this year to remember those who produce our food and fiber and ask how we can do our part to ensure that a strong agriculture economy survives.

County assembles work group to help farmers

The Hood River County Commission is assembling an agriculture work group to help unite local efforts on behalf of economically-distressed farmers.

Blossom Fest attracts plenty of sun and sunny faces

The weekend weather cooperated nicely for Blossom Fest 2002.

Take county back

It is ludicrous that the county is paying Franklin Drake and Mt. Hood Meadows $1.1 million dollars in this land trade. Money which could be used to take care of the present school funding shortage. I know, the money comes from a different account, but don't you juggle money in your household budget when there is an emergency? Is our current county finance system so inflexible that we can't make changes that would help our children become better educated citizens. I would consider that an emergency. Oh yeah, our commissioners don't do emergencies, they might get sued, and the corporations would rather have non-thinkers working for them. Let's just keep the status quo and line the pockets of a couple of rich developers with our children's education. Tell me, where did that money we are paying Meadows come from? Tell your kids their favorite teacher is being let go because our elected officials acted like most of the other elected officials in this country, who represent special interest groups and corporations, instead of the poor moms and dads trying to get their kids housed, clothed and fed. Now, you are going to have to educate your children also. Oh well, when we can't afford to fund our schools we can just send our kids to be slave labor at Meadows or Wal-Mart. They don't need an education for that besides they could help you pay your higher property taxes. (I'll save that for another letter.)

State board hears HRV's plea on OSAA

Sen. Rick Metsger, D-Welches, made a "poignant" plea on behalf of Hood River Valley High School (HRVHS) athletes and their families.

County enacts Plan B to save historic house

Hood River County is enacting Plan B for the relocation of a historic house that stands in the way of a library expansion.

Tuesday, April 23

HRV baseball rolls to second straight win

GRESHAM — Last year at this time, the players on the HRV baseball team were already thinking about next year.

Gophers put kink in playoff plans for HRV softball

HOOD RIVER — Monday’s game versus Gresham was to be a measuring stick for the HRV softball team.

Wednesday, April 17

Meadows growth good

Month after month I have read every nasty thing said about Mt. Hood Meadows.

Parkdale man violated probation by using meth

A Parkdale man was sent to prison last week for violating his probation with three "dirty" urinalysis tests.

Save-the-school group starts work in Mosier


HRV bats quiet in losses to Barlow, Central Catholic

HOOD RIVER — After a 2-2 start in league play, no one on the HRV baseball team expected the road to get any easier.

Blossom Festival unfolds

The pear, apple and cherry pedals seem to say "it's Blossom time again."

Tapes not edited

An April 10 letter from Barbara Sexton of Gorge Reality contained several factual errors.

Man faces deportation for rape of girl

What began as a lark for a teenage girl last December turned into a "date rape" horror story that ended in court on Monday.

`Grim Reaper' visits HRVHS

The Oregon State Police is facilitating the "Every 15 Minutes" program at Hood River Valley High School Thursday and Friday. The anti-drinking/driving program aimed at helping students make better choices, according to OSP. Members of the school's OSSOM (Oregon Student Safety on the Move) club have helped organize the two-day program.

City of Hood River ponders layoffs

The city of Hood River is wrestling with a severe budget shortfall that could bring job losses and a reduction of services.

Entertainment briefs 4/17

Mayfield Road, Area 54 to play River City

Contrails in the sky


Sports briefs 4/17

Emmerson, Oates win tournament

A look back at 20 years of windsurfing in Hood River

Twenty years ago, few Hood River locals had ever heard of a "boardhead."

Helen Caldicott at HRMS

`You are physicians to our dying planet'

`You are physicians to our dying planet'

School district hasn't given in to redistricting


`Smart, not scared!'

Escape School will be Monday at Westside

Escape School will be Monday at Westside

Enough ski areas

The northside of Mt. Hood may be my favorite place in Oregon and I have climbed and skied there in all seasons. I have also skied at Mt. Hood Meadows and enjoyed myself there, but I am deeply disturbed by the plans that Mt. Hood Meadows has for developing the Cooper Spur Ski area and even more disturbed by the way they are going about it.

Softball team stymied by two league powers at home

HOOD RIVER — Flying high after an early-season three-game win streak, the HRV softball team looked to continue its good fortunes against league-leaders Central Catholic and Barlow.

Arsonist's accomplice enters guilty plea

The accomplice in a Hood River arson case pled guilty in Hood River Circuit Court on Monday.

Individuals excel at Blossom Invitational

HOOD RIVER — With only two meets down, it may be difficult for some members of the HRV track team to assess where they stand.

Cooper Spur project could be welcome development


Go to `flat tax'

This is in reply to John Ihle's letter of April 6, in which he calls for even higher levels of taxation than the 50 percent average total burden that already threatens to choke the life out of this country. To provide one local example out of thousands of government programs which deserve to be eliminated, consider CAT (Columbia Area Transit). The State of Oregon spent a million dollars in its first year, and who knows how much since, to fund a bus system which virtually no one uses, with the exception of a few elderly people going to the grocery store and back. For one-tenth the cost, you could pay two full-time taxi drivers with minivans to simply sit around on call and provide taxi service as needed. It won't happen because to do so would be to admit that public transportation is a colossal failure and a monumental waste of resources.

Not Measure 13

Oregon's unbalanced tax system is incapable of generating the cash necessary to adequately fund public education. The passage of Measure 5 in 1990 shifted the burden of school funding to the state. This resulted in pitting the funding requirements of public schools against needs of other vital state government programs and services. Even during a decade of unprecedented state economic growth, and despite the efforts of the legislature to make public school funding a priority, school resources have not kept pace with inflation. Current K-12 school funding falls short of providing the resources necessary to assure students the opportunity to achieve the level of academic achievement set for them by Oregon's Educational Act for the 21st Century.

Blazers dig deep, but are they playoff ready?

Sports commentary

Sports commentary

Monday, April 15

Just send the money

What's wrong with this picture? Social Security cost of living increase, 2.6 percent; interest on CD, 2.8 percent; rate increase on water and sewer bill, 42 percent, and that's just for openers. Now, presuming I continue to live in the city of Hood River and don't go broke like the sewer fund, I will spend the rest of my life making monthly payments on a water pipeline that will handle the growth of Hood River for the next 55 years. That's like a 95-year-old man putting lifetime siding on his house. This is like the resort that keeps sending me flyers saying I can qualify to live there if I make at least $55,000 a year. So if any of you are planning to move here, don't bother, just send your money.

Candidate forum scheduled April 24

HOOD RIVER -- Groups representing agriculture, business, education, social services and land-use issues will pose questions April 24 at the only candidates forum scheduled during the primary election season in Hood River County.

Wal-Mart architects talk plan process with county

Wal-Mart's structural designers met with Hood River officials April 10 to learn more about the jurisdictional chain of command.

Double whammy faces schools

OSAA fight is on; budget committee meets on Tuesday

OSAA fight is on; budget committee meets on Tuesday

Opponents face off over `retail sprawl'

The "guru of the anti Wal-Mart movement" has been invited to Hood River by the Citizens for Responsible Growth (CRG).

Keep on OSAA issue

I have just read your front page article (March 23) regarding Hood River Valley moving into the Intermountain Conference. I am very dismayed and quite upset with Dr. Jerry Sessions' comments.

Rotary at 75

Doctors says club was good medicine

Doctors says club was good medicine

Work with personnel

According to the latest article in the HR News, HRV is now in the Intermountain Conference. This means that most of our activities will now be scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays. Most of our students that are involved in student activities will have to leave Hood River on a Friday and return on a Sunday. Football would be an exception. The team would return either very early Saturday morning (sometime after midnight Friday) or spend the night and return around 1 or 2 p.m. Sat. There will be additional expenses for housing and food as well as transportation. I doubt that rooters buses will be a possibility.

Gorge Reality

On March 21, 2002 the Gorge Commission released a press release entitled "Plan Review Roundup: Commission to look at land uses". Allen Bell was quoted as saying "More than 200 people submitted comments stating mining threatens scenic vistas, wildlife and plant habitat, water resources and other sensitive resources."

One morning at `Tadpole Central'

Rain peppered the pavement April 9 as a gentle Gorge shower rolled up the river, bringing with it a thin fog which scattered in and out of the trees.

Buddy Werner girls ski to third place at regionals

MISSION RIDGE, Wash. — 2002 was no typical year on the hill for the local Buddy Werner girls ski team.

Golfers on game at Indian Creek

HOOD RIVER — Senior Andy Murphy was feeling very much at home Thursday when HRV hosted its first and only Mt. Hood Conference match of the season at Indian Creek Golf Course.

Parkdale Water Co.

Residents want district to go public

Residents want district to go public

Snyder chases adventure halfway around the world

No one ever tried to tell Nelson Snyder he couldn’t do something. Either that or he just chose to defy them.

The Big Triangle

How resilient can a small community be against the forces of the Big Triangle? With one point to the East, one to the West and the long and subtle encroachment to the South, the small community of Hood River must muster those who believe in community pride, local ownership of business and above all in resisting the control of Big Corporations.

Supportive skiers

Mt. Hood Meadows Race Team and Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area have had the opportunity to host many races this season. Two of which I have attended. Feb. 16, 17, 18 and 19 they hosted a J3 Junior Olympic Qualifier and last weekend they hosted the J3 and J4 Western Regional Junior Olympics. They did an awesome job on both races. The races were efficiently and professionally run and they were great hosts! But it was exciting for another reason. The J3 qualifier brought to Hood River over 130 racers, their coaches, and families. The Junior Olympics brought to Hood River 170 skiers, coaches, and parents. Coming down the mountain I saw family ski cars at the Mt. Hood Store in Mt. Hood filling up on deli goodies, filling up with gas at The Pine Grove Store. Cars parked in front of every restaurant in town. Kids with goggle line tans dashing in and out of Andrew's Pizza, Doug's Sports, Hood River Bagel Co. Their parents shopping at Safeway and Rosauers to keep up with busy appetites. All over town motels and hotels spilling over with kids and the smell of hot ski wax. A large number of people came to town and spent money in many different places. It was very exciting to see all these businesses share in the wealth of the weekend. I wonder if Mt. Hood Meadows is allowed to build their resort at Cooper Spur if any of those people will make it to Hood River to spend their money in the future. Just a thought.

Step up and pay

Local governments, law enforcement agencies, school districts, etc. which serve us all in many ways are being forced into drastic cuts in services. I think it is time for those who voted for reduced taxes to step up and tell us what services they enjoy they are now willing to give up in order to share in the suffering. Or, are they just wanting others to take the losses so they can have more to save and spend?

Thursday, April 11

Track team posts monster PR's

GRESHAM — When the HRV track-and-field team steps to the start line, the athletes aren’t only up against the day’s opponent. They’re also competing against themselves.

Speakers to examine bridges, famous book

A landmark book and remarkable bridges form the topics when two history experts give separate Chautauqua lectures in Hood River County on Sunday, April 14.

Singing Across Ireland

HRV students sense the magic of music

HRV students sense the magic of music

Hospital begins mammogram fundraising campaign

Peggy Dills Kelter never had a lump. In fact, the cancer growing in her breast appeared as something resembling grains of sand during a routine mammogram last summer -- something she never would have detected on her own.

MCCOG hikes funding for HR seniors

Senior citizens in Hood River County will soon receive $131,390 in additional services from the Mid-Columbia Council of Governments (MCCOG).

City wants county help on `visual clutter'

The Hood River City Council wants to eliminate "visual clutter" within the Urban Growth Area (UGA) by having the county adopt new commercial sign standards.

Supreme Court denies Gorge hearing request

The Columbia River Gorge Commission has lost its bid to have the nation's highest court rule on a "vested rights" issue.

Boys tennis loses close one to Gresham

GRESHAM — Looking like a group with something to prove, the HRV boys tennis team battled Gresham down to the wire Monday. But despite winning three of four singles matches, the Eagles fell 5-3.

Busy 13th: one active Saturday

This weekend, thirteen is a busy number.

Family and Children's Fair comes April 13

The Family and Children's Fair 2002 comes to Hood River Valley High School Saturday, April 13. The day-long event features educational workshops for adults and teens as well as activities for children and free child care for kids 3 and under.

Cadet wrestlers seize control at state

COTTAGE GROVE — Five members of the Airtime Wrestling Club competed at the State Cadet Wrestling Tournament April 7-8 at Cottage Grove High School.

Scenic Area sales `Relief valve' under pressure

Pressure is mounting over a "relief valve" intended to alleviate financial hardship brought by down-zoning under the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act.

Police Sunshine Division

Community to fill `ray of hope' coffers

Community to fill `ray of hope' coffers

DUII offender imprisoned after 12th conviction

A self-admitted alcoholic was sent to prison this week following his 12th DUII conviction over a 35-year time span.

Tuesday, April 9

Eagles slap Centennial, but slip vs. Sandy

GRESHAM — Still trying to develop a midseason rhythm, the HRV baseball team took on league rival Centennial Friday.

Hinman sliences Sandy sluggers

HOOD RIVER — The blazing sun and freshly mowed grass at Westside Field couldn’t have been any more appropriate for what was about to happen to the Sandy Pioneers’ lineup on Monday.

HRV spring sports schedules


Wednesday, April 3

Vote no on debt

I know the City and County are different entities, but their tax base is the same. You. City residents will soon be asked to vote to allow the City to borrow a half million dollars via a bond measure to replace a fleet of aging trucks.

Class series aimed at parents of teens

The teen years can be confusing to both parents and youth. The "Parents Who Care" program offers support to parents to make a positive difference in their teenagers' lives.

Schultz imprisoned in child porn case

Hood River Circuit Court Judge Donald Hull took a tough stand on Wednesday against probation violations related to an Internet child pornography case.

OSAA ruling upheld

A hearings officer would not bend, so Hood River Valley High School athletes had better prepare for Bend.

Softball falls to Gresham

GRESHAM — Still waiting for the lumber to emerge from its slumber, the HRV softball team took to the field Monday against Gresham.

Goin powers HRV to first league win


Folk master McCutcheon to perform

Master guitarist and songwriter John McCutcheon will bring his tradition-steeped sound to Hood River Middle School auditorium on April 20 for a 7 p.m. show.

`Project Independence'

Elderly MCCOG clients face funding test

Elderly MCCOG clients face funding test

Bring on optic

A very powerful technological advance is soon to become a part of Hood River County's everyday life. While I am certainly not an expert in the area of fiber optics, or the digital technologies made possible by the use of fiber optics, I have been faithfully keeping up with world-wide developments in this arena. I do this mainly on the Internet via my computer modem.

Mosier's `fools' work on

Residents of Mosier celebrated partnerships and progress on the city's waterfront improvements during an early celebration of April Fool's Day.

Fleet Levy

A personal touch might do the trick

A personal touch might do the trick

Ten-year plan review

Gorge Commission adopts revised land use discussion list

Gorge Commission adopts revised land use discussion list

Sports briefs

Boy Scouts want to share outdoors

Dining out will benefit Helping Hands program

Helping Hands, a local non-profit organization dedicated to assisting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, has teamed with local restaurants to give you a great reason to treat yourself to a meal out -- five days in a row.

Tree Dilemma

Council decision painful, but correct

Council decision painful, but correct

Scenic Area landowners await buy-out

One year ago, the deadline passed for some Gorge landowners to get relief from property down zoned under the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act.

more briefs

Downtown gears for Soapbox Derby

Another Voice: Fight OSAA decision for the sake of the kids


A new `Triangle'

Nancy Moller's letter (Saturday, March 23) about The Dalles using $73 million for public improvements and economic stimulus could be a wake-up call for interested citizens and concerned groups in Hood River.

Mosier woman donates blood for 125th time

When Harry Truman was in office, Jean Bagge donated blood for the first time.

Entertainment briefs 4/3

New show opens at art gallery

Fruit Loop receives ODA grant

The Hood River County Fruit Loop has received a $25,000 grant from the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA).

Obituaries 4/3


Business waste collection events set

Businesses that generate small amounts of hazardous waste will have the opportunity to dispose of that waste safely and legally at a collection event scheduled in Hood River on April 19. Pre-registered businesses and agencies can bring their local waste to a local site.

Lions Follies presents &quot;The Laff Inn&quot;

The 26th annual Lions Follies hits the stage at the Hood River Middle School auditorium Friday for a five-night run. This year's show is called "The Laff Inn," and promises to bring guffaws as well as some silly sentimentality as it harkens back to the variety shows of the 1960s and '70s.

Library expansion plans near final chapter

The Hood River County Library has reached the final chapter in its plans for a major expansion and renovation project that is set to begin in July.

Kids First?

OSAA ruling goes beyond athletics

OSAA ruling goes beyond athletics

Governor sued over severe OSU program cuts

Gov. John Kitzhaber has been legally challenged for making $81 million in program cuts that critics say could dramatically decrease agricultural services to Hood River County.

Smith presents first funds for Hood River tech center

U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., gave the Port of Hood River the first installment of federal funding for an Integrated Technology Center on Thursday.

Nothing notes time passages like a clock radio

Staff &quot;Round Table&quot;

Staff &quot;Round Table&quot;

Mariners find a home away from home

Ichiromania hit Portland for the first time ever last Friday when the American League West champion Seattle Mariners tussled with their Cactus League “roomies,” the San Diego Padres.

McCarthy saves best for biggest stage

Three local Pacific Northwest Ski Association team members competed at the United States Ski Association Junior Olympics, held March 21-24 at Mt. Hood Meadows and March 17-23 at Mt. Bachelor ski area near Bend.

HRV girls tennis bedevils La Salle

HOOD RIVER — The sunglasses and shorts were finally out Monday as the HRV girls tennis team cruised to an easy 6-2 victory over La Salle in the final tune-up before the conference season begins.

Find a balance

Your paper's coverage of the casino issue has been abysmal. The latest installment (A1, March 9) makes me wonder if any local news stories are reliable. I understand that we are all tired of the issue and wish it would go away. But that is no excuse for the paper to become the passive mouthpiece for a high priced spin doctor, hired from the tribes' supposedly empty coffers. He's been spinning for over a year now. Is it too much to ask that the Hood River News balance Mr. (Greg) Leo's glib assertions with some real facts?

Obituaries 3/27


Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

Volunteers act as `every person' for abused children

Volunteers act as `every person' for abused children

Cut school personnel

I haven't attended all the school board meetings, but on the occasions that I have attended I am usually the only representative of the general public. It is rare that anyone not directly linked to the school district is in attendance. A few teachers, vice-principals, principals, administration staff, a school system secretary and attorney, sometimes a representative from the Hood River News, and the board members are usually the only ones there. If there seems to be no public input, that is because the public couldn't be bothered to attend, they just want to complain after the fact.

Residents county, Meadows over land trade

A land-use watchdog group has filed a lawsuit challenging Hood River County's timber exchange with Mt. Hood Meadows, Ltd., of Oregon.

Don't promote gambling

Regarding Cascade Locks Mayor Roger Freeborn's March 20, Another Voice column, Mr. Freeborn seems to be in denial about the facts. His basic assumption depends on believing a casino on the eastside of Hood River is inevitable, that is a poor location, so why not Cascade Locks, a location we all should love?

Armory gear taken

Guardsman, wife face charges for drugs, theft

Guardsman, wife face charges for drugs, theft

Forced to move

I am surprised that no one has written a letter to the editor about the decision of Ladd and Jeanette Henderson to close Evergreen Terrace.

Monday, April 1

Gorge Games able to af-Ford upgrades

No one can be sure how much wind to expect at this year’s Gorge Games, but the competitors can still expect big air — or rather, airtime.


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