Letters - August 21

Governor was right

In regards to the budget veto by Gov. Kitzhaber, I realize schools need income. The voters here were good to our district to pass bond measures to repair and build for the future for our school system. To take care of population growth which, when new homes are built, increase people which means more taxes will be paid in.

Where does city and county and state spend the increased money paid in, that is received after the budget is made and approved for the next year?

Our Hood River legislators from our district are voting to override, saying they agreed to borrow on future money the treasury doesn’t even have.

Now is that as good as you can do? Tell me, where did all our elected officials go to school?

Is this a new way to teach our citizens how to live, also? We voters better pay attention who we vote for after this; sounds like we must have made a mistake. I believe our governor did the right thing.

Melvin L. Schock

Hood River

Yes to surcharge

Hooray for the governor. He’s said “no” to the “Sizemore” legislature, our politicians who refuse to pay for education and other social services. Why can’t Oregonians pay a bit more for alcohol and gasoline to help at-risk citizens? Why don’t we support a temporary income tax surcharge to fund us through the recession as Republican Gov. Victor Atiyeh did?

In November voters will be asked to support children, the elderly and sick at current levels. For the sake of future generations, I hope they will vote yes.

Diane Allen

Hood River

Church and state

Separation of church and state may be an integral part of our Constitution, however, ours is not the ultimate stand on this issue.

At the 7th International Berlin Congress the President of Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski, told his colleagues to adopt the philosophy of Jesus Christ. Boris Trajkovski is an active member of the Methodist church and as such the first actively practicing Protestant head of state in the Balkans.

From June 13-15, 2002, politicians, diplomats and church officials came together in Berlin, Germany, to discuss their responsibilities before God and Humankind as documented in constitutions of many European countries.

Boris Trajkovski was very adamant in his demands to follow Christ’s philosophy. Though compassion and cooperation are not necessarily part of the landscape of his part of the world, the orthodox have accused him of destroying the culture and religion of his country, he is charged as head of state with holding the differing cultures together and he is determined to succeed. He is calling on the minorities to join him and has enriched his staff with members of all ethnic groups.

One can only hope that he succeeds and we can only learn from his approach to a problem we in this country will still have to cope with.

Peter von Oppel

Hood River

Don’t sell out

As a Hood River resident who drives on Country Club Road every day twice a day to get to my house I would like to say that Hood River does not need a huge Wal-Mart there. We do not need yet another strip mall area. There is Cascade and the Safeway and there is a shopping area on the Heights. Hood River is a lively town with lots of taxpayer dollars invested in the orchards, the recreation industry and beautiful homes of residents. We don’t need some huge Wal-Mart complex designed to attract shoppers from a hundred mile radius. This is incompatible with the position that our Hood River, “The Jewel of the Gorge”, is privileged to hold in the hearts and minds of Oregonians and visitors alike. Folks come here from around the world now to see the majestic beauty of the Gorge, the charming historic town and the magnificently cultured orchards set against the background of Mt. Hood and Mt Adams.

This big Wal-Mart will grossly gum up the works. Put it in some town that has nothing going for it, where it might be appreciated. As for the seller of the land, just wait a bit and something much better and much more lucrative is just around the corner. Please don’t sell out. This is YOUR town too.

Laurie Balmuth

Hood River

Remembering Eric

One year has come and gone since our friend Eric Tamiyasu was murdered. Somebody knows something, yet nothing is said. Do you feel safe? Do you fear for your family or neighbors? Why not?

Perhaps you think it can’t happen again to you or those you know. Is Eric the only one this person could kill? This person now thinks he has beat a murder charge, how likely is a second offense? Eric was a kind, understanding and caring gentleman who had a family and numerous friends. Eric was blessed with a big heart, great smile and a good soul, yet somebody killed him. Countless people consider the Gorge a paradise and for many of us it is our home. This violence shouldn’t happen here, but it did. One year later we still live with a killer among us. Somebody works with this person; somebody talks with this person or perhaps lives with this person.

Somebody knows something, yet chooses to live in silence. Maybe Eric is just a name or story to you, but to us ... he is our unforgotten friend whom we deeply love and truly miss. If you are the person sitting in silence, we hope that one day you will not have to write a letter such as this to the editor about your friend or loved one who was murdered. Please break the silence.

Linda Hutson

Hood River

Is bigger so good?

I think the bigger Wal-Mart is a crazy idea. I mean that the trailer park we lived in is nice and all but look at it now. It’s ugly (sorry) what I mean to say is it used to be peaceful but it looks like a motorcycle gang took over it! (No offense.) I mean if you looked at it five months ago it looked peaceful but now today where the trailers were they look like someone pulled them out like a weed. It’s just a bunch of dirt and rocks underneath them where they used to be. Two weeks ago my parents and I were going to yard sales and do you know what it said? Huh? Do you? I’ll tell you. It said “135 Country Club Rd. No. 14 eviction sale” and when I walked in that trailer it was so empty and cold I had to stand outside to stay warm. An old lady (sorry again) had to move out. So tell me this do: you think this bigger Wal-Mart is such a good idea? I mean I look forward to seeing it but not if it takes over their trailer park.

Jamie Orozco

Hood River

Enjoy the music

I am writing in response to a letter in the Aug. 14 paper. I want to encourage people to not be selective about what they complain about. If the issue of noise pollution is your main concern, then criticize all noisy activities of the Hood River Valley, not just the ones that you don’t associate with. When I hear loud music, I smile, because it means the community is once again coming together for activities like street dances, Families in the Park and benefit dances.

Maybe we would have something to complain about if it happened every night, but that’s not the case. Instead of complaining about the noise, I encourage you to go to these activities and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Anya Gilbertson

Hood River

Conserve, schools

It seems Hood River County and city have a reputation for being negative to anything new, and then saying it’s the citizens’ opinion. Sometimes it isn’t what the public feels, at all.

I feel most of us have been encouraged to conserve. Why, then, shouldn’t the schools do the same?

To take jobs from custodian and classified staff workers in the school deprives those people of a living.

I realize good teachers are priceless, but they are lucky to have a job.

I’ve paid property taxes in Hood River County since 1950, and have done my share of school support. I’ve also lived in the county since 1933.

Wal-Mart — Yes. Casino — Yes.

Also it’s interesting through the years, how many people wanted to get into the PERS retirement pie. Leave PERS alone!

Alice Whitten

The Dalles

No Big Box

I work for a Hood River downtown merchant and agree with the masses — No Big Box! What people like about our town is that “small town” feel. We do not need and we do not want a larger Wal-Mart. Better yet — get rid of this one!!

Donna Kuzel

Hood River

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