Stories for January 2002


Wednesday, January 30

Ill-advised decisions

I completely agree with and would like to reinforce the idea presented by George and Marge Earley in your Jan. 12 edition.

Playoff hopes postponed

Third straight loss puts HRV girls in fifth place tie

Third straight loss puts HRV girls in fifth place tie

Crews break ground at middle schools

The last outdoor basketball and tennis games have been played at the asphalt courts at Hood River Middle School.

Wal-Mart welcome

In response to all the letters to the editor about the new "Super Wal-Mart," I have to put in my two cents. I am completely for a new, bigger store.

Tobacco Talks

Tobacco sidebar

Tobacco sidebar

Cooper Spur racers dominate the gates

PARKDALE — The Cooper Spur Race Team ran its early season Mitey Mite record to 3-0 with two impressive wins at Cooper Spur Ski Area last weekend.

Tobacco prevention

Campaign starts against teen smoking

Campaign starts against teen smoking

Gorge Commission will appoint group to review `scenic resource' policies

The Columbia River Gorge Commission approved the formation of a working group that will address the issue of "scenic resources" for the scenic area management plan review.

Candidates sought for Blossom Court

Applications for the Hood River Blossom Court are available at Hood River Valley High School and the Hood River Grower-Shipper Association office.

Cougs cheer for Bledsoe, Ramsay

Sports commentary

Sports commentary

State Hospice honors Hood River woman

Hood River's Marianne Durkan received the Oregon Hospice Association's most prestigious honor, the Beth Wessinger Award, at the association's statewide meeting Jan. 25 in Portland.

Rock legends return to Hood River

Jamie Goetz’s Legends of Rock and Roll show blasts into Hood River on Saturday, Feb. 9, for two music-packed shows featuring world-class professional rock impersonators.

Cutter offers wood to needy

A Hood River business is branching out in its goodwill efforts.

Obituaries 1/30


Wrestlers take Elks Invite by horns

HOOD RIVER — Riding a recent wave of dominating victories, the HRV wrestling team continued to tune up for districts with an unprecedented win at Saturday’s Elks Invitational.

Treating Afghanistan

Hood River doctor learns that helping the war-torn country means treating it as a "delicate piece of crystal."

Hood River doctor learns that helping the war-torn country means treating it as a "delicate piece of crystal."

Recycling relief

I wish to join with many of my fellow senior citizens in criticizing the policy of our new Hood River (in name only) Garbage Service. Contrary to what one writer called "an out of town billing service" which took 11 days to get his bill leaving only one day to mail payment to that "billing service" -- he and 21 of us who want to recycle are dealing with a large out-of-state corporation.

Water works: City opts out of hydropower

The city of Hood River dropped the idea of producing hydroelectric power after weighing the cost and risk ratio on Jan. 28.

Pharasaic affairs

The "Facts and Fiction" letter (Jan. 26) is interesting and I do appreciate the issue that Mr. Eckard Toy raises. He takes issue with my, Mr. Peter von Oppel's and Mr. Paul Rovaniek's letters as to our sources, and indicates that references should be made to verify certain facts. In the academic world we look to footnotes and bibliographies for such verification. I have yet to see such a format for letters to the editor or opinion pages in any newspaper or magazine. Such a format would probably not only take up valuable space but also take away the "flavor" of the comments.

Stable school money

I appreciate State Sen. Rick Metsger's willingness to come to Hood River County last week to ask us how the legislature should handle an enormous shortfall in the state's budget. I don't envy Senator Metsger's task of deciding which important program will be cut. A number of others from Cascade Locks joined me in attending the meeting to express our concern that funding for K through 12 education should be sacred during the special session. We don't want to see any more cuts in education.

Sixth straight setback

HRV boys continue to struggle

HRV boys continue to struggle

Sports briefs

Hood River Little League sign-ups

OSAA sets HRV appeal

For Hood River Valley High School, a tale of two meetings comes to Wilsonville and Hood River early next month.

Love, leash dogs

When are people going to learn that a dog is not of the same nature as humans? They own the teeth of an animal who kills other animals. A dog is submissive to its owner because the owner is the "top dog", a dog would like to kill something to please its owner. It would like to tear the leg off passing bikers and walkers, because it is defending its territory. The dog is giving itself points for these things that are dangerous to our society.

`Crystal' View'

How to help heal Afghanistan

How to help heal Afghanistan

No-Casino joins outcry over tribe's road

No-Casino activists have joined an outcry for enforcement action over an "illegal" road across tribal land just east of Hood River.

Army choppers make noisy visit

Dick Clarke heard the rumble just before 8 p.m. Jan. 22 while sitting in his home on Orchard Drive.

Saturday, January 26

Electronic Assemblers boosts CGCC

Electronics Assemblers, Inc. (EAI) has become a strategic partner with Columbia Gorge Community College's Electronics Engineering Technology program. The initial step in this new partnership was last week's the donation of over $9,000 in electronics material to this expanding and popular college program.

County Commissioners adopt `footprint' law

In a unanimous decision Jan. 22, the Hood River County Board of Commissioners voted to adopt a "footprint" ordinance limiting the size of commercial buildings in the county's Urban Growth Area (UGA) to 50,000 square feet.

Not your average fight club

Hood River Boxing Club a hit with people of all ages

Hood River Boxing Club a hit with people of all ages

Wrestlers wrap up Reynolds

HOOD RIVER — The HRV wrestling team took one step closer to an undefeated conference record Thursday by ravaging the Reynolds Raiders 40-14.

Wednesday, January 23

Parkdale woman killed in street race

Trisha Ann Thornton, 19, of Parkdale was killed Jan. 18 in Gresham when the car she was riding in crashed into a power pole during a street race. Her boyfriend, Adam L. Ames, 18, also of Parkdale, was driving.

State poised to slice fiscal pie

Whether Oregon has a budget shortfall or just can't meet its recent hike in expenditures all boils down to the same thing -- huge spending cuts.

Wrestlers win big at Beaverton

BEAVERTON — Both the HRV varsity and JV wrestling teams won the Beaverton Invitational Saturday with dual meet wins over Madison, Beaverton and Lakeridge.

Zweerts, Warila open new season at art gallery

After a brief winter closure, the Columbia Art Gallery is up and running again. It kicked off the year last week with the opening of a show featuring the works of local painter Arnold Zweerts and local potter Jill Warila.

Summit Snowboarders begin quest for four

MT. HOOD MEADOWS — The Summit Snowboard Team began its run at a fourth straight state title Jan. 12 by dominating the field in the first Boardercross race of 2002.

School officials explain OSAA appeal

Change doesn't happen overnight. And if the local school district has anything to say about it, the recent change imposed on Hood River Valley High School may not happen at all.

Hot Winters leads Horizon to win

The Horizon Christian basketball team earned its second win of the new year Friday with a 60-37 dismantling of Damascus Christian.

County hammers away on courthouse

DA's office gets needed expansion

DA's office gets needed expansion

`More minds means more fun'

Chess finds many mates at Mid Valley Elementary

Chess finds many mates at Mid Valley Elementary

United Way reports small fund decrease

With all but a few donations still to come in, Hood River County United Way expects its 2001 fundraising campaign to top out around $103,500.

Bill on time

I track my bills fairly well and so when my garbage bill did not arrive in the first week of this month when it usually comes, I was a bit worried. However, since it was so close to the holidays I figured that the bill may have been delayed and would arrive during the second week. No such luck.

HOPE breaks new ground

ODELL -- Housing for People, Inc. (HOPE) broke ground on a self-help housing project Jan. 17. On hand were several representatives from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Housing Service, who presented HOPE with a $10,000 grant to help fund the project.

Blind and naive

I have been reading these editorials for several years now, consistently there are a wide range of complaints about anti-corporate stores, anti-developer based growth, anti-gambling, anti-foreign markets (to name a few) that all seem to be based on the negative impacts on the current status of this area. Whether that is the environment, the moral fiber of the community, or the rural make-up of the community the concern has generally focused on how these outside influences will invade the local area. Through all of these years I have never heard of anyone really acknowledge the root causes of these entities, that being population. People make corporations; corporations do not make people. People need land; the land does not make people. People want various morals; morals do not make people. I think it is blind and naive to constantly attempt to "keep" things the way they were without realizing that the problem will not go away while there are increasing populations to deal with. A growth based market created Hood River Valley, and so that same entity will overtake this area and use all its resources. Because the population is increasing the people need new places to live and new ways to support their resource needs, basic growth economics. So please, if we are going to support growth economics then can we stop with the hypocritical grandstanding causes and accept the inevitable ramification of all market based economies. Yes, more money means more traffic lights.

HRV ski teams earn clean sweep

GOVERNMENT CAMP — After a disappointing start to the season, the HRV boys ski team managed to stay on its feet and win Saturday’s Giant Slalom race at Ski Bowl by 1.5 seconds over Sandy.

Rep. Walden helps Chamber celebrate

Patriotism and humor blended in the Jan. 17 Hood River Chamber of Commerce Installation Banquet, where Rep. Greg Walden gave a detailed account of his experiences on Sept. 11.

Dogs kill pregnant ewes on Hood River farm

Four pregnant ewes were killed by two dogs roaming a Methodist Road neighborhood on Jan. 17.

Losing streak extended at buzzer

Boys drop fourth straight and fall into seventh in MHC.

Boys drop fourth straight and fall into seventh in MHC.

Planners praised

I would like to commend Hood River County Planning Department for an excellent effort in the processing of the Wal-Mart super center building application. As was reported in the Jan. 16 edition of the Hood River News, the Planning Department asked Wal-Mart to provide more information on approximately 50 items ranging from traffic to wetland issues. The Planning Department's efforts have demonstrated an understanding that the issue of the proposed super center is of the utmost importance to all Hood River residents. Anyone who has seen the actual application submitted by Pacific Land Designs would appreciate the enormity of the task in analyzing the application and determining if the essential criteria had been addressed.

Two Parkdale meth dealers sentenced

Two methamphetamine dealers from Parkdale were recently sentenced for selling drugs to undercover police last summer.

Free throws help Gophers bury HRV girls

GRESHAM — As the HRV girls basketball team continues to put up one solid effort after another, it is earning a reputation among the league’s Goliaths as being a potential giant killer.

Rights for all

"Liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others." -- Thomas Jefferson.

HRV boys a victim of bad breaks

Sports commentary

Sports commentary

HRV swimmers win The Dalles Invitational combined title

HOOD RIVER — The HRV swim teams both put together strong outings Saturday to win The Dalles Invitational combined title at the HR Aquatic Center.

Not so Funny

At a UNC lecture the other day they played a video of Oliver North during the 1986 Iran-Contra deals during the Reagan administration. There was Ollie in front of God and Country getting the third degree.


Twelve-minute meters `issued' by police in 1962

Twelve-minute meters `issued' by police in 1962

Thoughts on the Casino

By Susan Hess

Flying high

HRV girls win third in past five conference games

HRV girls win third in past five conference games

Mission Metal

Local metal-works company "can make it however you want it."

Local metal-works company "can make it however you want it."

Wednesday, January 16

Special districts fear annexation will hurt clients

Two special taxing districts bordering Hood River are fearful that a city move to annex their territories will leave their clients underserved.

Painful history

Last week you included information in your "Yesteryears" column regarding a fatal car accident in 1972. Jan. 5, 1972 is a date that my family and the other three families will never forget. It was not just a case of black ice and not only two men were involved. All those involved will be living with this day for the rest of our lives. For you it may seem some small piece of news from a long time ago. Believe me, the pain of that day never truly leaves. Our lives go on, but to see it in print every 10 years is very difficult. You have printed this information in 1982 and 1992. If some good could come from printing this piece of local history, I would find comfort, I can not find a reason for mentioning such a painful account, other than what you may regard as reader interest. Surely there must be other information to pass along that your readers would find interesting?

Keep the store

I wanted to write and say how happy I was when Wal-Mart came to town.

Wy'east kids take to the stage


Strengthening family

Healthy families make healthy communities. Ingredients for healthy families are good parenting skills, communication and of course, an immense love. But sometimes, it is harder to mix all of this together. Sometimes things can look so overwhelming that we realize that we need something else. People often think that parenting classes are targeted at parents that lack parenting skills or that are required to take a parent training class. But, nothing can be further from the truth. Nowadays, with the frenzy of modernity, people are rushing between home and work, with little time, as parents we are entitled to get support in the daunting task of raising our children. There are programs in Hood River that may hold the answer for us where we can find advice, support, and a friendly hand. Today, we have to face a harsh reality, this is not a fairy tale world and our kids sometimes have to deal with tough issues like: drugs, violence, suicide, juvenile delinquency and gang involvement. How we can protect them? Some of us would like to cover our kids with a protective shield; others do their best fighting this battle alone. Others get together and try to build a community inside their neighborhoods, all of these have one thing in common: a commitment in raising their children inserted in a violence free, healthy and positive community. Beginning in February, Strengthening Families will be offered again to parents in Hood River County. This class targets parents of children ages 3 to 18 years old. During the last series of classes, all participants were awarded completion certificates and after a cheerful celebration parents wrote letters about their experience having this class. They all agreed in that programs like this one are much needed. "I wish I have learned all of this 20 years ago," wrote one of the mothers that took the class. "We have learned how to solve problems with our kids without yelling at them. We are improving our communication skills between our family," stated another couple. For more information please call Next Door's Youth and Family Services at 386-4098.

City hikes water, sewer rates

Water and sewer rates within the city of Hood River will rise by 45 percent starting Feb. 1.

Entertainment briefs - Jan. 16

Sam Hill to play at Full Sail

Stuffed in the attic

Winter's work at the Hood River County Museum

Winter's work at the Hood River County Museum

Year's first blood drive will be Jan. 23

The first blood donation opportunity of the new year in Hood River County will be Jan. 23. The American Red Cross holds a donation drive from 1 to 6 p.m. at Nazarene Church, 2168 Belmont Dr.

`A Notable Ing'

Honored orchardist reflects on a life of many branches

Honored orchardist reflects on a life of many branches

HRV ski girls mow over field in first race

"McClure the Blur" takes first, Gates third as girls bury competition; Reed finished third, but boys fall

"McClure the Blur" takes first, Gates third as girls bury competition; Reed finished third, but boys fall

Wal-Mart asked for plan detail

Wal-Mart has been asked to provide more data on about 50 items in its super center building application.

HRV boys lose third straight game

Losses to Barlow, Centennial endanger Eagles' playoff standing

Losses to Barlow, Centennial endanger Eagles' playoff standing

Plan Commission identifies three `big box' issues

The Hood River County Planning Commission has recommended adoption of "big box" size limitations.

Time to put ideas for youth into action

Guest column

Guest column

Similarities seen

I just saw a KQED public television special on a small town in Virginia (Ashland) that finally lost its battle against a Wal-Mart store. The details were hauntingly similar to our situation in Hood River. After much public debate and grassroots activism, only one "no" vote was cast from the five-person town council, giving Wal-Mart the green light to build. Their corporate plan is to do whatever is necessary with the local planning and building departments to satisfy all the zoning regulations. When these regulations are satisfied, they get the approval to build. Their corporate planners and lawyers revel at the challenge -- play the game right, and you win.

Corporate record

Wal-Mart has just attained a dubious distinction: one of the ten worst corporations of 2001, according to Multinational Monitor.    This was not an easy achievement for Wal-Mart. The corporation faced stiff competition from scores of multi-nationals, including co-honorees Coca-Cola "for alleged complicity with death squads in Colombia," and ExxonMobil "for leading the global warming denial campaign."

Obituaries 1/16


Sports briefs

Mixed doubles bowling this weekend

Undersheriff stops crosswalk tragedy

An off-duty law enforcement officer took quick action on Jan. 12 to stop a pedestrian accident in a marked crosswalk.

HRV girls back on track with win over Centennial

Benjamin's 17 points help Eagles even conference record at 4-4

Benjamin's 17 points help Eagles even conference record at 4-4

Construction begins this month on middle school remodeling projects

Construction starts this month on the last two projects under the $9.1 million building levy passed in November 2000.

Thrown off-center by the quest for Archery Zen

Staff archer sounds off

Staff archer sounds off

Economic Stimulus

Locals bring ideas to Wednesday forum

Locals bring ideas to Wednesday forum

Horizon musicians honored

Four Horizon Christian students will be playing in the 2002 High School Northwest Honors Band this winter.

That's our vision

In response to Brian Sauncy's "Vision of Compromise" (Another Voice, Jan. 5) concerning a Hood River waterfront Casino I would like to say, "sure wish we in Cascade Locks had that vision." Hey, wait a minute we did, nearly two years ago. During the past year we have spent an enormous amount of time refining our vision of a waterfront tourism Center anchored by a Casino operated by the Warm Springs Tribe. During the past year we presented our Vision of Compromise to virtually every governmental entity in the mid-Columbia River Gorge. Guess what, all who have taken a formal position to our proposal, including Hood River County and City, and our state representatives have publicly supported our vision of compromise and this is the vision we have submitted to the governor for his reconsideration. The last thing we as a county need is to clutter the governor's desk, and this public debate with yet another vision, we must be united and get behind the most viable plan.

Monday, January 14

Wrestlers sneak past Centennial

HOOD RIVER — Fresh off a convincing win in the Jan Anderson Memorial Tournament, the HRV wrestling team continued its surge toward the top of the Mt. Hood Conference Thursday with a narrow 31-24 defeat of Centennial.

Orchardist uproots trees to cut costs

In what she termed an "agonizing decision," orchardist Camille Hukari ordered eight acres of Anjou pear trees to be uprooted on Thursday.

Schools set special meeting on sports

The Hood River County School District continues its fight to stay in the Mt. Hood Conference for athletics in 2002-03.

Gorge board appeals to U.S. Supreme Court

For the first time in its 15-year history, the Columbia River Gorge Commission is seeking to have a land-use case heard by the nation's highest court.

Western Power switches off

From mills to orchards, ailing economy `hangs on'

From mills to orchards, ailing economy `hangs on'

HRV boys lose two straight to Sandy, Barlow

The HRV boys basketball team lost 56-46 to Barlow Friday night, falling to 3-3 in the Mt. Hood Conference and 6-8 on the season. Please see details in the Wednesday, Jan. 16 edition of the Hood River News.

Girls hoops loses to Barlow, but beats Sandy

The HRV girls basketball team lost 69-56 to Barlow on Friday night. Please see details in the Wednesday, Jan. 16 edition of the Hood River News.

Wednesday, January 9

Extension Report

Master Gardeners are on the grow again<BR>

Master Gardeners are on the grow again

Pogue wins qualifier, sits third in US standings

MT. BACHELOR, Ore. — Hood River snowboarder and Olympic hopeful Anton Pogue inched closer to a spot on the 2002 U.S. Olympic team by winning the first parallel giant slalom qualifying event Jan. 4 at Mt. Bachelor.

Not a second too late

Hood River's first baby of the year arrives the second day of 2002.

Hood River's first baby of the year arrives the second day of 2002.

Sustain our assets

Citizens of Hood River, County: Please don't forget why you love living here so much. Please don't forget why you think Hood River is such a wonderful place to bring up your children. The rest of the world wants much of what we have right here. That is why they come to visit, enjoy our community, and spend their money here. There is much the rest of the world is plagued with that, if Hood River is faced with also, will greatly deminish our wonderful way of life which is so attractive to so many. Please, no casinos, super Wal-Marts, strip shopping malls etc. It's time to protect our town from external enterprises who do not have our community's best interest in mind, but rather to capitalize on what is ours without respecting our way of life. It is time to set standards and make plans that are right for sustaining the greatest assets we have here: Good people, scenic beauty, clean soil, clean water, clean air, and good living. Without these things, that which is largely fueling our local economy will no longer exist, and we will become just another stop for gas on I-84.

Maritime Services lands its largest ship contract

Maritime Services Corporation's Southampton-based marine outfitting company, MSC (Europe) Ltd., landed a 13 million pound Sterling ($19 million) contract to convert the Dronning Ingrid rail ferry into a state-of-the-art hospital ship for the charitable group Mercy Ships.

Obituaries 1/9


After 75 years, Wyers law firm adds a partner from outside the family

After 75 years, a new shingle will be hung on the door of the Teunis J. Wyers law firm.

SDS mill downsizes, lays off 75 workers

BINGEN, Wash. -- Seventy-five workers with SDS Lumber Company will be out of a job when the plywood plant downsizes within the next six weeks.

Rams edge HRV girls in overtime

Eagles push No. 2-ranked Central Catholic to the brink

Eagles push No. 2-ranked Central Catholic to the brink

The Starrs align for Healing Arts

Hood River couple creates a relaxed place to combine their massage and art therapies

Hood River couple creates a relaxed place to combine their massage and art therapies

Fighter ace daunted by parade ride

Staff writer

Second fatality within one week occurs on Highway 35

News staff writer

State Cuts

Citizens have chance to speak out

Citizens have chance to speak out

Ticket to Cry

An opening at `Ground Zero '

An opening at `Ground Zero '

Different ways to count the days

Businesses give out free calendars that are fun and functional

Businesses give out free calendars that are fun and functional

Entertainment briefs

deLay to play Riverside Grill Friday

deLay to play Riverside Grill Friday

Wrestlers dominate Jan Anderson invite

HRV wins seven of 14 weight classes

HRV wins seven of 14 weight classes

Busy Fingers comfort patients with their craft

Judy Dallas is used to getting compliments for her work with Busy Fingers, but that doesn't mean it's expected.

A quaint query

Thank you, Ladd Henderson. You hit the nail directly on the head with your opinion of the CRG clarification. There was the statement about Wal-Mart and the other big chain stores not giving anything back to the community. The other one was no one stopping at the Columbia Gorge Hotel likes to look out their window and see a large Wal-Mart.

Courage called for

A letter to the County Commission, dated Dec. 29, 2001:

Communication gap



Theater holds auditions for `dark' musical

Auditions for CAST's production of Stephen Sondheim's musical "Assassins" will be Jan. 14-15 at 7 p.m. at the CAST Theatre.

Restore field trips

My name is Adriana Frasier, and I go to Wy'east Middle School in Odell, and am in 8th grade. This letter is in regards to the recent budget cuts at our school. Myself and all of the other kids want our field trips back. These ports teams get buses to go to their games, but the school choir has no buses for any field trips. Our 8th grade choir alone has 80 or more kids in it, in volleyball for eighth grade there were about 20 girls. There are a lot less people in sports than in choir, art and drama. the whole school has to hire buses to go with us on the fields trips but the sports have all the buses that they need to have to go to their games. However, I still think sports are important, and volleyball rocks. This budget cut is not just affecting the eighth graders; the sixth grade does not get to go to the annual ski trip and seventh grade cannot go to the choir's Best in the Northwest contest, without outside funding. The kids at Wy'east want their field trips back.

County sets hearings on `big box' dog laws

The Hood River County Commission set public hearing dates on Monday for adoption of "big box" size limitations and revisions to its dog laws.

Cancer chronology

Hood River artist chronicles her bout with treatable breast cancer.

Hood River artist chronicles her bout with treatable breast cancer.

A Cancer Chronology

`My bout with curable cancer has been a gift, not a burden' <BR> Treatment gives Peggy Dills Kelter a sense of being `strong, soft and quiet'

`My bout with curable cancer has been a gift, not a burden'Treatment gives Peggy Dills Kelter a sense of being `strong, soft and quiet'

Senator hosts town hall on budget

Looming state budget cuts will be addressed at a town hall meeting hosted in Hood River by Sen. Rick Metsger, D-Welches, on Jan. 16.

Tuesday, January 8

Freeway accident claims two lives near CL

What began as a "Good Samaritan" deed on New Year's Eve turned into a traffic fatality that claimed two lives.

Backcountry kids

Adventure Camp teaches youth backcountry skills

Adventure Camp teaches youth backcountry skills

Second fatality within one week occurs on Highway 35

Hood River County emergency responders were called Jan. 5 to the scene of the second fatal traffic accident within a one week.

Saturday, January 5

Hood River biker wins national title

NEW YORK — Hood River Valley High School graduate Alice Pennington capped a breakout season of bike racing by winning her first national title in the short track event at the Collegiate National Mountain-Bike Championships Oct. 25-28.

HRV swimmers win battle of the Eagles

After starting the conference dual meet season 0-2-1, the HRV girls swim team was looking to turn things around against Centennial on Thursday.

Ducks have plenty to quack about

Sports commentary

Sports commentary

Any given Thursday

HRV boys get back to .500 with win over 9th-ranked Rams.

HRV boys get back to .500 with win over 9th-ranked Rams.

Wednesday, January 2

Keep rolled curbs

It has come to my attention that the city of Hood River has adopted new curb regulations, switched from "rolled" curbs to "straight" curbs. I'm asking that you please reconsider this decision and keep the rolled curb design.

Conversations build stronger community


Neglected needs

I find statements like "the sewer funds are all broke" and "we spent all our money on debt service and (sewage plant) construction and that's why were in the hole" to be less then genuine. I haven't had an opportunity to review operational costs, the source of funds for expansion and maintenance, or the level of systems development charges assessed to new residential and commercial developments, so I also can't say who is really paying the bill. And it is clear from the recent article in the Hood River News, that the City of Hood River is also mum on the subject. Specifically, the subject of a new water main ($19 million) does not indicate whether the upgrade is a maintenance issue or an expansion issue or a combination of both.

Retail rings, and merchants feeling merry

The national economy may be skating towards thin ice this winter, but local retailers don't seem too nervous.

Joy on snow

Thank you, Keith Liggett, for a great article about the joys of skiing/boarding and sports in general (Dec. 22). It made me think about the fact that my parents taught me to ski at the tender age of two and a bit (no sane ski teacher would have taken me in to their class at that age). I still ski with my father now, many years later. He is in his 7th decade of life still has the light of joy in his eyes . . . These are the things that bind families together and make the years melt away.

Checks, balances

The executive branch of our fine government is great and all but I for one think they are taking it just a little too far. The bills which are slipping through our view are a direct result of the government trying to take full advantage of the blind patriotism we are all feeling. These bills encroach on our civil liberties as well as they may mar our image in the world viewpoint. The motion in particular is the military tribunals, which throw the system of checks and balances into a state of disarray. By doing so the judiciary branch will wield far less power than it previously did. We may have done it before yes, but that does not change the fact that we need to see this through with all fairness.

Port plans new industrial park

On Dec. 28, the Port of Hood River finalized the purchase of a vacant lot just east of Wal-mart on West Cascade Avenue.

Senators hear pleas to ease business rules

A heavy regulatory burden is crippling the state's economy, three private business operators told Oregon senators at a Hood River hearing on Dec. 21

Sunshine Division created

Police bring `ray of hope' to needy

Police bring `ray of hope' to needy

To 2002

Some good things keep on ticking

Some good things keep on ticking

The Year in Review

A look at the top news stories of 2001

A look at the top news stories of 2001

Man and dog ride in Roses parade

Hood River viewers tuning in to the 2002 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day may spot a familiar face on their television screens.

Losing, not saving

Greed. Greed is what motivates this super Wal-Mart big box store and all its proponents.

Break-ins plague cars near Odell

Thieves scored hundreds of dollars in stolen car stereo equipment during a recent overnight crime spree in the mid-valley.

Commitment to competition


Underachieving Blazers need fresh start

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

A Family Gift

The quality of life I've been given is tremendous,' <BR>Don Dixon of Hood River says after receiving a kidney from his son

The quality of life I've been given is tremendous,'Don Dixon of Hood River says after receiving a kidney from his son

Wal-Mart Planners examine proposal

Hood River County planners are combing through Wal-Mart's proposed super center schematics to determine if the project meets key design elements.

HR woman faces tax fraud charge

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has charged a Hood River woman with illegal use of health benefit funds and filing a false tax return.

HRV boys sink Centennial

Armerding's 26, Goin's late heroics help secure second conference win

Armerding's 26, Goin's late heroics help secure second conference win

Art of Ages

`Every child should have the chance to be an artist,' says woman who coordinates Westside PTO fundraiser

`Every child should have the chance to be an artist,' says woman who coordinates Westside PTO fundraiser

No hibernating: Winter fun for youths

A decade ago, Community Education director Mike Schend learned a lesson about Christmas Break.

Rep. Walden helps get tech center on track

Congressman Greg Walden, R-Ore., cleared the first hurdle on the track to obtain $150,000 of federal start-up funds for a technology center in Hood River.

Expensive cheapness

A letter to Hood River County Commissioner Les Perkins:

Make it accurate

I would like to respond to Joy H. von Buschow and her letter entitled "Big Enough" (Dec. 19). She made the following statement: "I also want to remind everyone, Wal-Mart will not be buying and selling produce and fruit from our local farmers and orchardists." I wonder where she got this information because it is absolutely incorrect. Point of fact: we are currently packing local orchardists' fruit for Wal-Mart.

Deputies investigate theft at cash machine in Cascade. Locks

CASCADE LOCKS -- The Hood River County Sheriff's Department is investigating the theft of $4,000 from an ATM machine in the lobby of a Cascade Locks restaurant.

'Roundtable' reflection about the year that was

People often ask me, "How do you come up with story ideas?" And, "Isn't it hard to find things to write about week after week?"

Get ready, Goliath

" . . . if we allow a large group of people to influence their elected officials . . . I don't think that's too good." Commissioner Chuck Thomsen, Dec. 17.


Larsen bowls highest series in HR history

`Conversation on Youth' comes to Hood River&amp;nbsp

Teen brothers invite `the Power of Youth'

Teen brothers invite `the Power of Youth'

Obituaries 1/2


`Another Beautiful Day'

Marcia Page rides again, after nearly dying in a February snowboard accident.

Marcia Page rides again, after nearly dying in a February snowboard accident.

HRV wrestlers test mettle at Best in the West

PASCO, Wash. — Now that the HRV wrestling team has proven it can hang with the best in the Mt. Hood Conference, it had a chance to prove it is one of the Best in the West at a tournament Friday and Saturday in Pasco, Wash.

New state law stamps smoking in workplace

Employees will be protected from the dangers of secondhand smoke under a new health law that goes into effect on Jan. 1.

Pray for good

Our family was deeply disappointed with the county commission's decisions on Dec. 17. But we were further appalled when we read commission members' comments in Wednesday's paper. After hearing over an hour's testimony of sound, compelling and researched evidence that a mega-Wal-Mart will affect life, health and property (the criteria for emergency the commission has repeatedly stood by), the commission went on to say that there was no threat to life, health and property. Chuck Thomsen justified their position by stating that declaring an instance wherein land use law and natural disasters would coincide. In other words, the circumstances for which this unique power of declaring an emergency was bestowed upon the commission has come and stared them squarely in the eyes. We are bewildered by their response. Ask the children and families in the trailer park on Country Club Road if they find the impending loss of their homes to Wal-Mart any different than losing them to a tornado or flood.


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