Letters - May 8

Great jazz music

On May 4 I’d say a lot of people missed out on a good sampling of the old war-time band music, played by the White Salmon Jazz Band at the American Legion. The Hood River Lions Club sponsored this as a fundraiser for the Hood River and White Salmon school bands. Everything was donated: food, silent auction and band all donated their time for this worthy cause.

During the war while I was waiting for the draft to put me in the Navy, I worked for the Pacific Freight Lines, a subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Railroad, as a diesel mechanic.

Many times as soon as work was done my wife and I were on the dance floor at the Venice Piers dancing to the big bands — Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Guy Lombardo and the other big bands. The coordinated music of the 15-piece band of White Salmon Jazz Band sounded the same as the big bands of 30-plus musicians.

It was so realistic I thought that the clock had turned back. It was wonderful. When they play again someplace be sure and go and I am sure you will agree with me. They are wonderful.

Archie Lester

Hood River

Keep Elliott

Our local school athletic director, Glenn Elliott, receives accolades from his peers in the Mount Hood Conference. He is named Athletic Director of the Year!

How does our school admistration react? They (eliminate) his position. What a travesty. Hopefully it is not too late to make a correction.

Daryn Fogle

Hood River

Yes to York

We are writing you to express our support for Carol York for County Commissioner, District 1. We met Carol when the Warm Springs Tribe first expressed an interest in building a casino in Hood River. We attended citizen-sponsored meetings, city council meetings, and county commissioner meetings while trying to gain an understanding of the issue. Throughout this process Carol York stood out as a leader who was willing to address this highly charged issue with action. She tirelessly listened to her constituents and encouraged public participation in the decisionmaking process. Her leadership ultimately led to the county-wide vote concerning this issue.

Carol York’s genuine concern for this community and her encouragement of citizen participation makes her a very effective commissioner. Her leadership is needed as we continue to address land use decisions that will greatly affect the future of this county.

We encourage you to support Carol York for County Commissioner.

Robb and Shelley Hight

Hood River

No permission

(State Superintendent for Public Schools) Stan Bunn put a big sign on my property on Country Club Road without my permission. I object strenuously.

Ann Cushman

Hood River

Vote Hunnicutt

I would like to encourage voters to support Dave Hunnicutt for Position No. 1 on the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Dave has spent his entire legal career representing Oregonians and small businesses. He is currently the lawyer for Oregonians in Action—the state’s largest property rights organizaion.

He managed campaigns for Ballot Measure 7 (property rights compensation) and Ballot Measure 56 (landowners notification). Both of these were adopted by Oregon voters.

He is endorsed by Crime Victims United, the Oregon Family Farm Association, AG-PAC, the Taxpayers Association of Oregon, and others.

Those of us who live in this scenic area could well benefit from a judge who understands that the function of a judge is to interpret the law, not make it.

Thank you for your vote for Dave Hunnicutt.

Jim Wilcox

The Dalles

Worthwhile party

A most worthwhile event that happens every spring in this and other communities is the all-night graduation party sponsored by parents and members of the community. These events are to help keep graduating high school seniors safe and have been proven to be very successful for years.

The graduation party is a costly affair and the parent committee needs your help. Once again, we are asking for donations from the commmunity. If you would like to help support the HRVHS All-Night Alcohol and Drug Free Graduation Party, please contact one of the following committee members: Danette Level 386-4015, Chris Sherrell 386-5732, Cherie Flory 386-3284, or Bev Annala 386-3358.

Or send your donation to: Class of 2002 All-Night Party, P.O. Box 164, Odell, OR 97041

Your generous donation will help kids stay safe on graduation night. Thank you.

Bev Annala

Hood River

Yes on 13

We, the members of the Mosier Elementary School (MES) Working Committee, who are concerned parents and citizens of the Mosier Valley area, urge you to vote “Yes” on Ballot Measure 13.

The passage of Measure 13, along with the fund-raising efforts of the MES Working Committee, will ensure that MES will be open for the 2002-2003 school year, and beyond. In fact, the MES Working Committee’s fund raising and grant writing will not only benefit MES, but the rest of District 9 as well.

If Measure 13 fails, Mosier Elementary School will close. This will result in larger class sizes at Chenowith Elementary School, along with reducing and/or eliminating other important educational programs offered by District 9.

Keep in mind that the Mosier Elementary School has been the heart of the community for over 82 years. It serves as the “community center” for the greater Mosier Valley area. Numerous meetings, community gatherings and activities are held at the school weekly. If Measure 13 fails, not only will the school be closed to educate our children but we will lose the school as our “community center” as well. This will happen to many valuable schools all over the state if Measure 13 does not pass.

Yes on Measure 13 will not raise taxes. Measure 13 is endorsed by The Oregonian newspaper. We urge you to vote yes on Measure 13.

Thank you,

MES Working Committee


Arens understands

I have had the pleasure of knowing John Arens now for 10 years. He is a progressive, thoughtful, considerate, patient, business minded, honest guy who cares deeply about Hood River County and the people who live, work and play here. He listens to everyone before making up his mind and he works hard to build consensus for what he believes is right. We live in challenging times. John understands that and brings the perspective of a life-long county resident, a former business owner and a long time public servant to the job. He is willing to sit in the “hot seat,” not just criticize from the sidelines. He’ll work to help us all focus on what we are for instead of what we are against. I don’t always agree with him, but I support him completely in his campaign for re-election. Vote for John Arens in the upcoming election.

Craig Sabina

Hood River

They walked out

Helen Caldicott is more than just wrong. My husband and I got up and walked out of the “open to the public” meeting April 15, when we were under the impression we would hear a speaker on “The New Nuclear Danger” based on her book. Instead we were insulted by her anti-American attacks on our President, and her anti-Christian comments that “Jesus was not a virgin” and that he was a Socialist. As far as we were concerned the only “Socialists” we saw were the ones who stayed to hear the rest of her agenda. That agenda is to undermine our basic values and principles that we believe hold this country together. Thank God we still live in a country where even Mrs. Caldicott has a right to make money from her anti-Capitalistic book sale, and has the right to speak against the one country where she so adamantly thinks our rights only support the chosen few, that she herself seems to be a part of. I was also pleased to hear from Mr. William Smythe, who also wrote you a letter on May 1, agreeing with our view of this woman.

Carol J. Arnold


Re-elect Arens

A few months back we had the opportunity to talk with John Arens in depth about the three main issues concerning Hood River: the casino, Wal-Mart and the Mt. Hood Meadows development.

We came away from that visit knowing that John had a very clear understanding of the issues. And also has a fair and open-minded view of things.

He is intelligent and sincere and has the ability to understand and sort out complicated issues.

We admire a person with that ability and feel fortunate to have John doing the job he’s doing. As Kevin said, “He is very good at what he does.” Please re-elect John Arens to county commissioner.

Kevin and Jean Morgan

Hood River

Vote for Schock

Our elected officials at the county level do not have a magic wand for all of us. They cannot “do something” to make the economy better. That is up to us, the business owners, workers, idea people, laborers etc. All the current commissioners can do is make the economy better for certain companies by giving away what belongs to the county, or by relaxing the rules on a case by case basis. One good example is how they gave away the county land and money so that Meadows could develop real estate on Mt Hood. It is mind boggling that you voters are going to let this continue. Get rid of Arens and vote for Rodger Schock. He employs people. Arens is like your house sitter who paid his friend’s moving company with your money to take away your furniture. He has a legal-sounding way to explain how he gave Mt. Hood Meadows $1.1 million of county money and land so Franklin Drake’s Portland company could make huge profits and we get promised minimum wage fast food and chambermaid jobs after the build-out. Get a grip. That won’t save your orchard. Vote for Schock. Rodger Schock’s company is growing. Arens is nothing but a politician anymore. The county needs change.

John Wood

Hood River

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