Letters - July 16

Lessons of love

Dave Ryan is to be commended for his insightful, thought-provoking article on page A4 in the July 12 Hood River News, “How do we feel when we cross the line from right to wrong?” (My college thesis covered this topic; it was all about the ethics of experiencing the “gray area between right and wrong.”)

Kudos to Dave Ryan of Hood River.

As we all walk the same path of life together from birth to death, we all seem to choose to go astray ... call it the human condition ... call it the fine line between right and wrong ... call it the famed “gray area” where confusion, pain, and failure exist. The unpaved roads where we feel alone, abandoned, unaware for a bit.

Little wrongs, big wrongs, we’ve all done them. We’ve all crossed the line. As Dave Ryan aptly wrote, “when we cross that line in our heart, just a little, we hurt those around us ... our strength of character is not rock solid ... it is fluid with times of weakness ... no one is exempt.”

Perhaps we’re meant to experience crossing the fine line a lot; so we can learn to reap the benefits of our own failures rather than waste time mocking others who have similarly failed.

Perhaps we are all meant to experience wrongdoing now and then so we can better embrace awareness. Even with great awareness, we still will fall short! How can we mock others when we ourselves are just as guilty of one thing or another? No matter what we’re mocking, whether it be honor or morals, we might as well be mocking ourselves. Yet somehow, “we are so quick to make issues of the failings of others.”

I believe we must cross the line to first experience our OWN failures and pain before we can truly empathize with others who are experiencing failure and pain. We might feel good about crossing the line from right to wrong only if we use it as a lesson to provide “restorative love” to others. We all desperately need restorative love.

Mary Jane Heppe

Hood River

Is Bush lying?

It looks like a lot of people including Senator Edward Kennedy believe that President George W. Bush intentionally and deliberately lied to the American people during his state of the Union address. President Bush stated that through British intelligence sources there was evidence that Saddam Hussein had attempted to purchase uranium from the African country of Niger.

Recently it was disclosed by the White House that the information given was partially a “forgery.”

It is this information that has Senator Kennedy and a whole bunch of other liberals frothing and stooping to smear tactics.

With our own HUMINT (intelligence) underbudgeted, depleted and understaffed the State department naturally relied upon a credible partner (in this case the United Kingdom) to gather intelligence regarding Saddam and his WMD. In fact, today, the British government stated that they still stand by their original claims that Saddam attempted to purchase weapon’s grade uranium.

Bottom line is, at the time of his speech Bush believed the British intelligence and did not lie, but in fact stated the truth as he knew it at the time.

Senator Kennedy’s purely political posturing will win points with die-hard liberals, because he is saying exactly what they want to hear. If anyone doubts the fact that WMD existed in Iraq prior to Saddam’s removal then they obviously are more opinionated than well read or as politically motivated to smear tactics as is Senator Kennedy. Even the United Nations acknowledged their existence in Iraq. Senator Kennedy’s statements are irresponsible.

By the way, did he lie about Chappaquidick?

Dale Royce

Hood River

Call your angels

Dear friends, do you have any contacts?

I am working with African Americans, Muslims, Hispanics, children, and elders, Native Americans, French, and Jewish all my life, my angelic healing work. All have so many PhDs, MDs and other higher education certificates.

I am a holy spirit medium. My clients do go into the light of god, and talk directly to god, angels and other holy spirits themselves (and dead relatives and dead pets).

Please, get some TV program going — kids need to learn why they incarnated this and that all drug highs are free! How to stay focused on their gifts, and their loving divine guides — let go and let inner guides lead you. Going within — all answers are within. Angels know all. There is a spiritual answer to every human problem. Calling on them like a cell phone-practice — it is time to save our earth — call your angels and ask them for help. Pray and listen (meditate).

The angels will teach the children everything they need know to help bring heaven back to earth. Aggressive kids can now do world sports — not world wars.

Please, the angels are in every religion because we all have at least two that are omnipresent and omniscient (they know everything — your past, your present, and your future)!

Do you know any movie producers?

Seems like TV is the fastest way to get to the Arab world and around the globe and to North Korea and Brazil and South America with a program like John Edwards — except people can come forward (any language) and talk directly to their own dead relatives and angels and soul guides!

We are all here for a “good” reason — never to hurt yourself or another!

Bless you for helping get me connected!

We need more hugs, smiles, self love and forgiveness.

Lynn Mystic-Healer

Hood River

‘Hair’ and ‘baloney’

I’ve felt a Letter to the Editor coming on for the last week or so, but I kept changing the subject. At first I wanted to decry the choice to make anyone in the military grand marshals of the Fourth of July parade because I feel that the reason we’re free is not because of the 1,500 pound gorilla we call the U.S. Armed Forces, but because of things like the Constitution, free speech, and more recently women being on a more equal standing with men, affirmative action, gay rights, and the environmental movement.

Call me a left leaning bleeding heart, but it seems to me that the world is less impressed with cruise missiles than it is in the proposition that all men are created equal, and therefore they want to emulate and love our spiritual side, not our arrogant do what we say or die attitude.

But then I read the article about the upcoming production of “Hair” and the director’s choice that transcendentalism was the basis of the sixties and early seventies. Well, that sent me and my wife, Nancy, off on another tangent with the proposed letter ending up with this.

Transcendentalism? Baloney. The original production of “Hair” truthfully expressed and celebrated massive changes in our culture. Women were beginning to express themselves politically and sexually. It celebrated pleasure and rebellion in a clear-eyed look at what was wrong with our country.

I had hoped that the director, Mr. Mark Steighner, would have had the courage to see the parallels to today’s increasingly repressive America with its reliance on disinformation, vacuous religiousity, and reactionary politics, not to mention yet another illegal trumped up war started over so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction. Anybody out there remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident? An honest production of “Hair” would be the perfect choice in response to our current political climate. Unfortunately, due to this climate, it sounds like this safe production is no response at all.

But I couldn’t pursue either of these subjects because it’s just so downright beautiful here. From the morning shadows to the new covey of quail across the road, to a sky so blue that a smile is the only response, to the cranky pheasant in the nearby patch of woods who hourly declares his territory in a call that resembles fingernails across a blackboard. The snowcaps of Mounts Hood and Adams shine through the day, orchards lay out quilt patterns on the rolling green hills. The sparkling droplets of water thrown by the sprinklers land on our roses then fall away and disappear like my anger. Heck, even the tattoo parlor guy is beautiful.

I’m convinced I’m dead and in heaven and if I should be angry about anything it’s that I might come back to life.

Al Brown

Hood River


I read that just over 50 percent of our 535 congressmen are millionaires. We elected them.

This is representation? What is the matter with us?

Sam Pobanz

Hood River

Proud of Lions

Fabulous 4th. Proud to be an American was fully displayed in the Hood River activities. The largest activities started with our great 4th of July parade, then the picnic and bands playing in Jackson Park, then to First Friday which was as great as ever and then to our tremendous fireworks on the waterfront. The 10 p.m. explosion of fireworks was one of the best ever.

What kind of a professional crew put this on? Well, for those who aren’t sure it was your Eyeopeners Lions who have been doing this since the beginning of time (well, let’s say at least 25 years.) We who live in this area should be extremely proud of the donation of time and money that they personally raise. Since it costs $10,000 to put on that great fireworks the Lions need public support as they can no longer raise all of it themselves.

With the memory of the fireworks still in your mind let’s make sure the program continues in 2004. Send a check for $10, $20, or more to: Hood River Eye Openers Lions, 3950 Hays Drive, Hood River, OR 97031.

Scott Johnson

Hood River

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