Letters - April 9

For Gorge light rail

My wife, daughter and I are building a house in Hood River and, when complete, will be moving to Hood River from our current residence in Camas, Wash. We love the Columbia Gorge and are excited about becoming Hood River residents. We think that extending light rail service from Portland to Cascade Locks and on to Hood River and possibly The Dalles would provide a much needed link that would aid economic development while reducing automobile demand (and pollution) on Interstate 84.

It could provide environmentally friendly transportation for residents of the Gorge to go commute to Portland, for Portland-area residents to explore and enjoy the Columbia Gorge, for Cascade Locks casino customers to access the casino. It could also provide future Cascade Locks casino employees who may not own a car (or want to drive a car with rising gas prices) the freedom to live outside of Cascade Locks. We believe it would be a win-win for tax payers and the environment.

Orhan Beckman


Bridge bad idea

A new vehicle bridge proposed to be built over the Hood River just north of I-84 is not in the best interest to residents and visitors alike. A better idea to ease the “rush hour” traffic slowdown would be to put in a second toll booth at the interstate bridge. The area where the project is planned is used by people to walk their dogs, walk with children; and is somewhat of a parklike setting, which this community needs.

Right now there are four bridges over the Hood River in about a third of a mile. Five bridges in that short a distance is far too many. Rush hour is short-lived. To lose the serenity of the river, and park, is forever.

Stephen Borg

Hood River

Choose responsibly

The letter in the April 6 edition of the Hood River News regarding the candidacy of Cory Roeseler for Port Position 2 causes this response.

It is amazing that local citizens like Mr. Allen Smith can be so misinformed on Port issues. I will not try to refute these statements as most informed people reading this letter can figure this out for themselves. I will mention that present commissioner Don Hosford is, in my opinion, a much better candidate and is a responsible candidate. In my opinion Mr. Roeseler does not appear to be responsible for his own actions.

As treasurer of the Citizens for Responsible Waterfront Development he failed to report campaign receipts and expenditures eight different times from 1998 to 2003. The state elections division assessed fines of around $1,500 for these violations.

As treasurer Mr. Roeseler contested the final order on basis of his not being notified on a “timely” basis. While the county informed him on two separate occasions he chose to ignore these notices for several years and when the State of Oregon took legal action he contested the notification to the Secretary of State’s office and fines were dismissed on a technicality — this technicality being that the notices were not issued on a “timely basis.” Is this assuming responsibility for one’s action? In my opinion, no.

My opinion is that anyone who cannot assume responsibility for their own actions certainly will not make a responsible public official. Why change the present commissioner, who is responsible and has proven himself, for one who appears not be be. Should you wish to verify this information you may call (503) 986-1518 (Nancy Ferry), case numbers L78l5 through L7822.

Percy Jensen

Port Commissioner 1973-93

Hood River

How can this be?

I came upon the following letter when I was searching my files for something else and was struck by how little has changed in two and one half years, and by how much.

Each morning I waken to this prayer:

Let there be PEACE and let it begin with me.

I live in a place of such beauty and abundance it takes your breath away. Though gifted with a very active imagination, it is exceedingly difficult for me to conceive of the desolation and desperate need which defines life as it must be lived in other nooks of our world: Those calling themselves Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Chiapas, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique.

Unacceptable is the rain of sorrow blanketing these communities. Unacceptable, this devastation engendered and supported by activities initiated in my homeland by people I call compatriot, by people who function in what is called a democratic form of government. How can this be?

It makes me wonder. Is democracy something which can function only on North American soil? or ... Can other forms/interpretations of democratic governance exist? If ... we, in the U.S.A., would let them? or ... Are we, here, a democracy in name only? Do our actions and attitude communicate instead a flavor of EMPIRE?

Most importantly, am I living a delusion?

Gloria Krantz of Dee


Growers discredited

In years past I have always considered the Hood River News friendly and supportive of the fruit growers of the Valley. However, articles in recent printings have made me wonder — “With friends like this, who needs enemies?”

The recent Hood River News writings in the series “Mexican Dream” are a good example. These articles are biased, full of half-truths, misrepresentations, and inaccurate statements which tend to discredit Hood River Valley fruit growers. To say the least, Hood River growers are certainly disappointed that the News would print such articles without verifying them for accuracy, and truthfulness.

For almost 100 years, the Hood River News has chronicled events throughout Hood River County. However, recent editions seem to have forgotten that Hood River County is much more than tourism, waterfront development, and windsurfing. Hood River Valley is still one of the major pear-producing districts in the world, producing about one-third of the winter pears grown in the United States — which means over $100 million to the Hood River economy.

I would suggest that the News staff writers get out of their office chairs and see what the rest of the county is doing.

Allen E. Moore

Hood River

Print fire runs

The Hood River News needs a new section — like The Dalles has now that tells the public about the fire runs — like KIHR did several years ago. We in the county hear the siren, but we don’t know the reason — maybe we are just nosy.

Paul Nevin

Hood River

Bergstrom for Port

The good Dr. Lars Bergstrom is running for Port! I cannot think of anybody whom I would rather see running for this position. Dr. Bergstrom is smart, willing to dig his heels in and work hard for the community, and he truly cares about Hood River.

I have lived on both sides of the Hood River Bridge for seven years now. And I have known Lars as a friend and a colleague for many of those years. Time and time again he has proven his integrity, energy and vision.

Dr. Bergstrom has brought events and the crowds that follow to Hood River that would have otherwise gone to other towns. He has worked with local businesses, agencies, and organizations in promoting the area. And he has worked hard to do all of these things within the bounds of what local people have wanted.

While other people seem to be flooding into town to tell us what we want, Dr. Bergstrom is willing to stand up for Hood River.

When the Port wouldn’t listen, Dr. Bergstrom and many other volunteers organized an initiative to let The People have their say — and in a landslide vote, The People said they wanted a park on the waterfront.

Dr. Bergstrom will listen to The People because he cares.

If you are looking for someone who is honest, hardworking, and who cares about Hood River, I would vote for Dr. Lars Bergstrom for Port Commission on May 17.

Tom St. Clair

Hood River

Lottery shame

The sad truth about Scratch it for Schools:

This program does nothing more than try to get kids hooked on the lottery.

It’s a publicity stunt that only generated $94,000 for ALL schools that participated in 2004.

Get a bunch of kids to scratch lottery tickets while the media broadcasts the event. By law, you have to be 18 to purchase a lottery ticket.

The lottery commission ought to be ashamed of this program.

Hein van Swaay

Hood River

Shameful trophies

I am disgusted by recent news broadcasts showing mountain lions being treed and gunned down by so-called sportsmen. If these cowards faced their prey without weapons, they might claim them as trophies should they win in a fair fight.

As it stands, there is only shame in their actions. Hunting for food is one thing, but wanton killing for enjoyment is reprehensible and should be illegal.

Shannon Vance

Hood River

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