Letters - May 11

Time for change

Most of what I know about the Port of Hood River comes from reading the paper. My general impression is that things at the Port have not been running smoothly. This is usually a sign that there needs to be a management change. We are fortunate that we have three good candidates: Dr. Lars Bergstrom, Cory Roeseler and Kathy Watson. I hope you will join me in voting for them.

Peter Cornelison

Hood River

Vote for Watson

We should be extending our thanks to neighbors who are willing to serve the public in unpaid, high pressure jobs like the port commission and the school board. These positions require a huge commitment of time, patience and diligence. Most meetings take place after work, while the rest of us sit home in our easy chairs.

I know campaigns bring up odd approaches. However, I don’t think we want Hood River represented by a port candidate who makes off-the-wall, personal and inaccurate comments about his opponent. This is what happened in a May 4 letter to the editor written by Craig Marquardo.

His opponent, Kathy Watson, is extremely ethical and devoted to improving life in the Gorge. She is a leader in her church, a business owner and a valuable asset to the community. I believe she is fully capable of moving the port forward to become a real benefit to Hood River.

Kathy has been on the port commission only six months. During that time, she has been actively asking residents for their opinions on the future of the port. She is listening. Now we need to re-elect her to get the job done. Please join with me in voting for Kathy Watson so that we can have effective leadership on the port.

Darlene Daggett

Hood River

‘Show your face’

In D.C. I believe members on both sides of the aisle should show their true colors and give the Presidential judicial nominees an up or down vote. Those who think a conservative should not be confirmed — show your face and say so. Those who feel just the opposite — show your face and say so. What an enlightening way to help voters in the next election decide who leaves D.C. and who stays.

William Davis, Jr.

Hood River

Agree to disagree

It seems to me that this water quality issue has recently taken on a personal tone by some. I was reminded of some wisdom shared with me long ago by my wise ol’ grand-daddy:

“Life’s too short to drink cheap wine;” and

“Agree to disagree, but never allow community water quality issues to put a strain on relationships among friends, acquaintances, or tennis buddies.”

Erik Eastman

Hood River

Insist on honesty

The campaign between Kathy Watson and Craig Marquardo for Position 3 on the Port of Hood River Commission deserves special attention. Voters need to weigh the credibility of the two candidates. Kathy Watson states clearly that the Port should promote economic growth in the region that contributes to community lifestyle values. She showed her commitment to this vision when she helped Mt. Hood Meadows incorporate a social and environmental sustainability program in their business plan. Her new restaurant in Bingen shows that her vision extends up and down the Gorge, beyond political boundaries.

In the case of Craig Marquardo, voters need to take a hard look at the growing list of inconsistencies in Mr. Marquardo’s account of his personal and professional history.

The Hood River News did a fine public service by publishing the results of their background research on Mr. Marquardo’s candidate statement.

The State Elections Division is reviewing his candidate statement for violation of election law. The local American Legion Chapter also defended their collective honor by questioning Mr. Marquardo’s claims to a Purple Heart. Voters need to do their part to ensure the credibility of our local elections. Send a message to present and future candidates that honesty and transparency matter as much as your political position in Hood River County.

Mark Flaming

Hood River

Wrong choice

How the Hood River News can dismiss Port of Hood River Commission candidates Lars Bergstrom and Cory Roeseler with such hackneyed cliche as “change is rarely good as an end to itself” is as weak as the News’ rationale for the endorsement of Commissioners Duckwall and Hosford itself (Hood River News’ editorial, May 1).

The only rationale I can find in the News’ support for the two incumbents is “demonstrated service and experience.” While both incumbents may be fine individuals who have given their time to the community, the primary result of their “experience” from my observation is we have two commissioners who are stuck in their ways, not open to forward-thinking and have a general lack of vision. Their “experience” has led to misguided attempts to develop condominiums and shopping centers down to the water’s edge at the waterfront, gridlock, lawsuits, jobs lost, businesses moving to The Dalles and businesses wanting to move here being turned away.

On the other hand, in Dr. Lars Bergstrom, economics professor and director of sales and marketing at Innovative Composite Engineering, and Cory Roeseler, aerospace engineer with Hood Technology Corporation, we have the opportunity to elect two of this area’s best and brightest. With experience as a marketing director for a local company, Dr. Lars Bergstrom is exactly the kind of person we need on the Port Commission. Cory Roeseler’s experience as a key player in a small, local technology firm will serve us immensely well in that his firm is among exactly the kinds of businesses we need to attract here.

I would have hoped I could have expected more from the Hood River News than the same old, tired, business-as-usual-is-best reasoning. A vote for Cory and Lars couldn’t be more important and meaningful than a vote for change in and of itself. A vote for Cory and Lars is a vote for leadership with the energy, vision, passion and experience to move Hood River and the Hood River Valley forward.

Brian Harris

Hood River

Signs appropriate

It has come to our attention that Measure 14-23 proponents are complaining that the signs on fluoridation supporters property which call for “Healthy Clean Water” and a NO vote are somehow misleading.

That the drinking water will be both healthier and clean with sodium fluoride water fluoridation has been a core position of our Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime campaign. The name of our political committee, The Hood River Healthy Water Committee, reflects this.

We have restated this very point over and over in lectures and in campaign materials. It is the answer to the false claim that “garbage” will be “dumped” into the water that is the core belief of 14-23 sponsors.

It is neither confusing nor misleading, rather the reason a No vote on 14-23 is proper.

Chuck Haynie, Treasurer

Hood River Healthy Water Committee

Hood River

Stop war now

As I returned home Sunday from a nice family get-together with my 80-year-old mother and my two brothers and sister, I read an article in the Sunday Parade magazine about Jared Ganacias, 12, of Fort Hood, Texas. His mother, Corinne, is a specialist in the U.S. Army who has been deployed in Iraq since January.

Jared said that he missed his mom and prayed every night for her safe return. At the end of the article I was brought to tears to think that this mom may never return to this boy and his brother and two sisters. He said what he missed the most is the hugs when she hugs him real tight and just comforts him.

We need to stop this war NOW! We started this war more than two years ago and over 1,589 American soldiers have died in Iraq with no end in sight. How many mothers and fathers have we already lost in this war and how many of our children no longer have parents to hug them at night when they go to bed? How many Iraqi children have died? Is the world a safer place because of our actions? I don’t think so.

Nancy Johanson Paul

Hood River

Forward to fluoride

The series on fluoride is interesting for me, because I moved to Hood River in May, 1949. In the early 1950s, I worked enthusiastically on a committee to fluoridate Hood River city water.

There is a parallel: I’m reading the same old anti-arguments.

Now I’m 50 years older and wiser, and my sons are adults, but it is not too late to help teeth and gums of all ages. I look forward to fluoride in Hood River water to save aging root systems.

Aileen Steeves-Pobanz

Hood River

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