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June 3, 2009

Hey there! It’s been a while since we’ve had some local music on the slate, so let’s fix that right away. Last week, an e-mail floated in from Hood River’s Tranquil Destination, promoting their show at River City last week. The actual note was really brief, but it did include the “myspace” link, so when I had a chance, I checked it out. It turns out that there’s only two songs posted, but let me tell you, one of ‘em is a whopper.

The guitar solo on “Fish Out of Water” really blew me away. I mean, I thought we had a pretty mellow acoustic act hanging around, and this song is a full-blown deal, complete with an extended guitar solo that really shines. That solo inspired me so much, I just had to ask, “Who played that?”

Listening to that song also made me wish I had an actual stereo/speaker system built into my desk here, instead of the god-knows-what soundcard/$8 headphones that are on the fritz-and you have to jiggle the cord to get them to work kind.

The core of TD is Jared Hannes and Kenny Haley, but the band lineup seems to expand however and whatever works best for them at the moment. They may need a bass player here. Or a drummer there. And it’s obvious that friends drop in when they’re in the studio, for a full band sound.

Although I don’t cruise the “myspace scene” too often, I do get a kick out of seeing all the “Musical Influences” section for all of these bands. Some bands list two or three artists, some list hundreds. I think that after 25 or so, it just becomes a list that you sort of glaze over, and surely we can all “get the idea” after 5 or 10. But that’s just me.

So I thought a fun interview question would be to narrow down TD’s fairly extensive influence list to a Top Three List. And, by golly, it almost worked. But what was a pleasant surprise for me was their last choice. I have to say, I’m with you on that one, for sure.

And I hope you don’t need reminding that they’re coming to Maryhill Amphitheater on July 17, and I hope to see you there!

Read Jim’s interview with Tranquil Destination here:

Interview with Tranquil Destination:

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, (I) was moving out of my place this weekend.

1. Your song "Fish Out of Water" features a kick-butt guitar solo! Who played that solo, and what equipment was used to make that track?

Jared plays the solo on that song. The equipment used was a '81 Gibson Les Paul Standard through a POD XT Floor processor set to simulate a Fender Double Verb amp, along with a delay, and tube screamer pedal. Kenny plays a Taylor 414 Grand Auditorium.

2. So you guys are gigging around Hood River recently. What's been the response, and what should folks expect as far as band format - do you guys gig with a full band?

The response has been great, everyone is very open and encouraging. The energy at the shows gets better every time, more people come out to dance. We don't always gig with a full band. We've recently been working with a bass player who’s out of Portland, Duncan Galvin, he recorded on the studio songs and played the show at River City on the 29th of May. We hope to form a full band in the next few months, as well as move to Portland to gig more.

3. What comes first when writing songs - music or lyrics?

It works both ways, sometimes Kenny comes up with a riff, a song, and I'll start coming up with verses on the spot. Most of our best songs come out of the moment jamming, not sitting down going "Lets write a song". When I write by myself most of the time the guitar comes first, but sometimes it's just a vocal melody line that comes to mind, then I'll work guitar around that.

4. You've posted an extensive list of musical influences (on your myspace page). Who's in the Top Three?

The Doors, Alice In Chains, Guns and Roses, Bob Dylan, Counting Crows (Couldn't do just 3, hope 5 works)

5. Are you guys working on a CD?

We have enough original material for 3 CDs, we hope to have one completed within the year. The 2 songs we did in the Studio for the Alice in Chains Complication Album that's coming out in late August along with the book, A.I.C in the studio, will be included on our album when ever it's done.


Jared Hannes - Tranquil Destination


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