Letter to the Editor for April 28, 2012

Vote for Sewell

I’m writing to urge you to vote for John Sewell for district attorney. As the former chief of police I’ve seen firsthand the dedication and commitment John has to public safety. He clearly has a firm understanding of the priorities involved in prosecuting cases, both in terms of budget and criminal severity.

His dedication to the very important prosecution of child abuse and domestic violence cases, and the Child Advocacy Center, is commendable and critical.

John always keeps local law enforcement personnel well-informed on the ever-changing case law and legislative updates that impact enforcement. His office has been, and continues to be an important asset to local law enforcement and to the community he serves.

John is dedicated, hard-working, committed, experienced and knowledgeable. He is, in my opinion, the clear choice for District Attorney.

Bruce Ludwig

Hood River

Holste for sheriff

I would like to start off saying I have known Neal Holste nearly all my life. I truly feel that he is the best candidate for the position of Hood River County Sheriff.

Neal has an impeccable professional record, from his experience as a reserve officer for the Hood River County Sheriff’s Department to working his way up to patrol deputy, patrol officer and current Hood River Chief of Police.

With Neal’s experience as a Marine safety and law enforcement officer, I feel confident that he would be able to lead our search and rescue operations efficiently.

As chief of police, Neal understands what it takes to run the department effectively. Being involved with scheduling and budgeting in a tight economy, I feel Neal understands what would be needed to run the department to the best of its ability.

It is my belief that with Neal’s long-standing involvement in the Hood River Valley, he whole-heartedly believes in our community and wants nothing but the best for it.

Gary and Cathy Fisher

Hood River

Elect Holste

You may find yourself asking, “Where’s Neal Holste in the Voter’s Pamphlet?” Well, I don’t know, but he certainly is running for sheriff!

Neal Holste has served Hood River County for 17 years, and is known for his honesty, integrity and fairness. He is an unpretentious, caring man who has dedicated his life skills to uphold justice with honor. He will step up for the citizens of Hood River, whether they need protection, guidance or just someone to listen to their concerns.

Neal leads by example. He is a devoted family man, with hands-on activities with his four sons and wife of 17 years, which makes him even more proactive, in making Hood River secure for all citizens and especially the youth. Not only safe and secure for his beautiful family, but for ALL Hood River County residents.

Neal can often be found guiding the youth of our town by mentoring and helping to build self-esteem. He believes Hood River’s children, the youth of our town, will be tomorrow’s leaders.

His degree in criminal justice has been a shining example and testament to his capability of keeping Hood River a safe, family friendly area in which to live or visit.

You may have seen Neal at many children’s events and activities, or leading classroom discussions or sporting events as well as mentoring one-on-one, or group settings. Mr. Holste is an honorable man who knows the meaning of fairness.

Yes, Neal is sometimes a “quiet” leader — with a gentle roar when necessary. Unpretentious to say the least! He believes in our local children and knows they are being protected as well as guided in the right direction. A man of great patience and integrity for all Hood River citizens, be they children or seniors, you can count on him.

If you have a chance, meet Mr. Holste, share any concerns and expect a handshake from an involved, caring, life-long citizen of Hood River County. Please elect Neal Holste.

Carolyn Princehouse

Hood River

Aaron has vision

I am writing to encourage this community to support Brian Aaron as our next district attorney. Brian has the energy and desire to bring services and momentum to a public office that seems to have grown stagnant. His vision for what our district attorney’s office should provide our citizens is both refreshing and long overdue.

Please join me in supporting Brian.

Kelly Bockius

Hood River

Family supports Tiffany

It’s a family choice to support Gerry Tiffany for Hood River County Sheriff. I am the wife of Hood River County Patrol Sergeant Jesse Flem. Many of you have approached our family asking why Jess did not run for sheriff; as we greatly appreciate your trust and confidence in Jess, we have placed our trust and confidence in Gerry Tiffany.

Our family has been around law enforcement for 26 years in Hood River County and feels Gerry Tiffany is the best choice for sheriff. Having two girls who have grown up and been very involved in youth activities in Hood River, we have seen Gerry be a huge supporter of all youth. He continues to support and invest time and interest in the youth of our county today.

In talking with Gerry, one of his many goals for Hood River County as sheriff is to re-implement a school resource program and a narcotics investigator. Wanting the return of both of these positions not only shows Gerry’s commitment to the youth but also to the safety and welfare of our entire community.

We believe Gerry foresees the needs of our community and the sheriff’s department and will put those first. We trust and support Gerry Tiffany for sheriff and hope that you will, too.

Jess, Beth and Shelby Flem

Hood River

Walking the edge

Questionable residency; hard to gather evidence; difficult to prove; walking the edge of the law.

Twenty-plus years of dedicated service; consistent; hard-working; implacably honest.

I’ve decided my vote for district attorney.

Chuck Bugge


In case you wondered

To the person driving the older red sedan with the beat-up back bumper on 13th Street near Taylor Avenue on Wednesday morning: I hope you realize that your reckless driving — speeding past me in the silver Subaru and almost hitting a dump truck — caused a motorcyclist to go down. Fortunately he was not seriously injured.

I am sure that he would have preferred it if you had stopped to see if he was OK, but I guess you were in a hurry.

Brian Robb

Hood River

Time for DA change

Our county is very lucky to have such qualified candidates for our local elections. We have three very qualified sheriff candidates with all the qualifications to do the job. Looking for the one to fill that very important position “hitting the ground running” and with the future of many years to serve our area, Matt English stands out.

As far as the district attorney race, it is very clear to me a change is needed. I was fortunate to moderate a debate years ago when Mr. Sewell was challenged by another candidate, Joe Fields. At the end of the debate when Joe went to shake his hand (John did so that time) the language used by our District Attorney that only I and Joe could hear was unbelievable!

At this “debate” with Brian Aaron, John again showed his lack of respect for the system of public elections by refusing to shake Brian’s hand.

I can’t help to think that he, above all, is the one who should represent the law and the system of government we have. He was the one making false accusations to “get votes” this primary. I might have understood had Brian Aaron refused to shake his hand.

Thanks, John, for making this choice easy for me. Sometimes change is good and the right thing to do.

John Alley

Hood River

Tiffany for sheriff

Detective Sgt. Gerry Tiffany has assisted in, solved and or supervised every major crime in Hood River County since 1995. Not just the (Jerry Cranmer case at the) Vagabond. One that comes to mind was a double homicide in Odell. Sgt. Tiffany arrested the suspect within 24 hours. Sgt. Tiffany did not have all the resources like we have today.

In each of these homicides a citizen came forward with the information to solve the case. It’s a team effort.

Please join me in voting for most experienced and best trained candidate, Sgt. Gerry Tiffany.

Capt. Jim Tomson (retired)

Hood River

Vote for English

To the citizens of Hood River County: I am writing to you in support of Matt English to be the next sheriff of Hood River County. While I have known Matt as a co-worker and friend for more than 14 years, Matt is also a trusted and respected leader of law enforcement workers within Hood River County, the mid-Columbia region and beyond.

I have known Matt to be inspirational while working his way through the ranks within the sheriff’s office. Matt has continually proven himself in the duties he performs by his dedication to solving not only the most common and mundane crimes, but also the most serious and heinous crimes known to man.

Matt has also identified areas of traffic enforcement and concerns within Hood River County and has worked to solve those problems for the safety on our roadways for the citizens and the visitors to our area.

Matt has been and again will continue to be instrumental in training, budgeting, representing his colleagues and acquiring the tools and knowledge for his peers to make Hood River County be the safest and most desirable place to live, visit, and recreate within the state of Oregon.

Matt has a dedicated and collaborated long-term vision for the safety and betterment of life for not only his family and friends, my family and friends, but most importantly, your family and friends! Matt is the clear choice for his time and again dedication to the citizens of the Hood River County.

Please help me in electing Matt English as your next Hood River County Sheriff.

Marc Smith

Hood River

Please explain

Zero to 60 in — four years? Well, just about two weeks until the May 15 primary. Ballots will be coming in the mail soon and inquiring minds want to know: How does one four years ago, in the presence of six other people, vehemently voice his request for a vote of no confidence in the current sheriff and eagerly support another to run against said sheriff to only now be endorsed by said same sheriff?

Hmmm … bewilderment; this might lead one to believe that there is something rotten in Denmark!

Consider also for a moment how those who supported the Davidson campaign received much opposition on the job after the incumbent was re-elected.

Please join me in voting for Gerry Tiffany for sheriff.

Dianna Tomson

Hood River

English for sheriff

I have known Matt English for close to four years now, having come to know him while working as a reserve deputy for the sheriff’s office. Matt is always available to talk with and help solve any problem I might have.

His dedication to the county and the department is of the highest level. I believe he will do what it takes to keep our county safe and lead by example, always keeping mind the people that he serves.

If you want a sheriff who will take our county into the future with the understanding that the people come first, then join me and my family in voting for Matt English for Hood River County Sheriff.

Bob Stewart

Hood River

Tiffany is right choice

I support Gerry Tiffany for sheriff of Hood River County. I believe he is the most qualified candidate to serve us in the coming years.

I have been speaking with friends and neighbors about Gerry. I ask if they had decided who they are supporting for sheriff. Their answers fall at opposite ends of the spectrum. Some tell me they know who they are voting for and do not want any more information, but a surprising number of people have said they really don’t have any idea who to vote for.

As a fire fighter/paramedic serving Hood River for nearly 30 years and being a former Hood River County Reserve Deputy for about four years, I have worked with all three candidates. While I don’t feel I know any of them well enough to really call them my friend, I do know they are all good people.

These are not reasons I would allow them to place a sign in my yard, or cast my vote for them. I believe in Gerry’s goals of: restoring the narcotics detective; restructuring to make the best use of existing resources; cross-training deputies to better serve the needs of the community; seeking grants to obtain better equipment for deputies; provide a school resource officer to influence our youth and prevent at-risk behavior.

I respect Gerry’s initiative and his choice to improve himself. He completed his degree in criminal justice, while working full-time. Gerry has taken the incentive to get many certifications relevant to management of the sheriff’s office.

He has more than 2,200 hours of training recorded with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. Some of these hours are mandated but a great many are a personal choice, to go beyond just that what is required. I believe that Gerry will apply this same standard to the sheriff’s office.

I applaud all three candidates for their commitment to a public campaign which can divide friends and family alike. You all have my admiration, but my vote goes to Gerry Tiffany for Sheriff of Hood River County.

Greg “Bumper” Simpson

Hood River

Respect private property

Attention mountain bikers and hikers:

It has been brought to my attention that a few bad apples are ruining the harvest. We have all received a GIFT from the Kreps family to hike and bike on their private land above White Salmon. They have posted on all entry gates to leave your dogs at home during their cattle grazing season.

Mrs. Kreps confronted some bikers with their dogs and they basically “blew her off.”

This is a gracious gift we have received and I hate to lose it because some recipients feel they are above the law. Please spread the word to honor the Kreps’s request.

John Mooney

White Salmon, Wash.

Sewell is best choice

As a practicing trial lawyer for 26 years, I am well acquainted with what it takes to be a good prosecutor. I am also well acquainted with the two lawyers running for district attorney of Hood River County.

Hood River County District Attorney John Sewell and I have been courtroom adversaries for over 20 years. Aaron is a fellow defense lawyer.

It would be natural, of course, to assume that I would support the other defense attorney. That assumption, however, would be very wrong. John and I disagree frequently and sometimes vigorously about how cases should be resolved and defendants treated, but we also agree on some things. One of those things is that he is by far the best choice for district attorney.

With over three decades of experience John is a talented trial attorney, formidable adversary and a tough prosecutor. He is a hard worker and a team player with other stakeholders in the system. He has the unanimous support of law enforcement while his challenger has none.

John is a strong supporter of our Drug Court program (as am I), and working cooperatively with the court system, we have helped many drug addicted people turn their lives around.

Finally, there is no question that he is a member and a resident of this community and stage as required by law. He and his wife Elese have lived here and raised a family for 28 years.

I unequivocally support John Sewell for district attorney and I look forward to continuing to try cases against him in the future.

Jack L. Morris

Oregon City

Sewell for DA

When I shared with my wife the awesome task of being a grand jury member and my nervous apprehension about taking on such a great responsibility, I hastened to add that it didn’t take long before I felt more comfortable and confident thanks to dedicated District Attorney John Sewell, who took the time to patiently, proficiently, thoughtfully and always cheerfully explain to us any questions we might have during our time on the Grand Jury.

Let’s return John Sewell as our district attorney to carry on his highly approved service for Hood River County.

Bill Davis

Donna Gray Davis

Hood River

Holste will protect kids

As a mother of young children nothing else matters more to me than their future and safety. That’s why Neal Holste has my vote.

Neal has emphasized from day one that one of his objectives is to make sure that our children are safe.

We all know our children face numerous hurdles and trials where they have to choose right from wrong. Neal’s vision is to be pro active to those hurdles and trials that will confront them. Sitting back and being reactive to all these things is not Neal and is not the best way to handle the situation.

Neal’s main focus is caring for the future of our community and the children and youth is a good place to start! Neal’s experience combined with his vision must be why the local Hood River teachers association decided to endorse him.

On May 15, let’s vote Neal Holste for Hood River County Sheriff!

Machel Rivera

Hood River

Vote for Tiffany

Gerry Tiffany has the solid experience that makes him the most qualified to be Hood River County Sheriff. I have worked with Gerry Tiffany for over 14 years on many criminal cases and have firsthand knowledge of Gerry’s excellence as a detective and also as an advocate for victims.

Gerry Tiffany is always very professional and thorough in his investigations and attention to detail. His professionalism in law enforcement has been very valuable to the district attorney in building criminal cases and convicting dangerous offenders to make our community safer.

Gerry Tiffany’s experience and professionalism combined with his supervisory experience as lead detective and third in command in the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office make Gerry a “natural” to be our next county sheriff.

Please join me in supporting and voting for Gerry Tiffany for Hood River County Sheriff.

Gloria Needham

Hood River

Fresh Breeze

There is a fresh breeze blowing through our mountain communities and his name is Peter Nordbye. Not a political hack but an affable man who is easily available to all citizens. He hopes to make Oregon men and women accessible to his office of Sate Representative #52 so that electorate is truly heard and valued.

His motto “I made things better for the next generation of Oregonians” is very real to him; not just a catchy phrase but at the center of his goals.

As a senior citizen I feel that he will look after my best interest and represent the true interests my rights in a truly Democratic nation at the local level. I therefore heartily endorse him to this important local office.

Laurie Chilcote


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