Letter to the Editor for May 2, 2012

Holste will protect kids

As a mother of young children nothing else matters more to me than their future and safety. That’s why Neal Holste has my vote.

Neal has emphasized from day one that one of his objectives is to make sure that our children are safe.

We all know our children face numerous hurdles and trials where they have to choose right from wrong. Neal’s vision is to be pro active to those hurdles and trials that will confront them. Sitting back and being reactive to all these things is not Neal and is not the best way to handle the situation.

Neal’s main focus is caring for the future of our community and the children and youth is a good place to start! Neal’s experience combined with his vision must be why the local Hood River teachers association decided to endorse him.

On May 15, let’s vote Neal Holste for Hood River County Sheriff!

Machel Rivera

Hood River

Vote for Tiffany

Gerry Tiffany has the solid experience that makes him the most qualified to be Hood River County Sheriff. I have worked with Gerry Tiffany for over 14 years on many criminal cases and have firsthand knowledge of Gerry’s excellence as a detective and also as an advocate for victims.

Gerry Tiffany is always very professional and thorough in his investigations and attention to detail. His professionalism in law enforcement has been very valuable to the district attorney in building criminal cases and convicting dangerous offenders to make our community safer.

Gerry Tiffany’s experience and professionalism combined with his supervisory experience as lead detective and third in command in the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office make Gerry a “natural” to be our next county sheriff.

Please join me in supporting and voting for Gerry Tiffany for Hood River County Sheriff.

Gloria Needham

Hood River

Nordbye is ‘fresh air’

There is a fresh breeze blowing through our mountain communities and his name is Peter Nordbye. Not a political hack but an affable man who is easily available to all citizens. He hopes to make Oregon men and women accessible to his office of Sate Representative #52 so that electorate is truly heard and valued.

His motto “I made things better for the next generation of Oregonians” is very real to him; not just a catchy phrase but at the center of his goals.

As a senior citizen I feel that he will look after my best interest and represent the true interests my rights in a truly Democratic nation at the local level. I therefore heartily endorse him to this important local office.

Laurie Chilcote


Elect Tiffany for sheriff

I have known Gerry Tiffany for 13 years and have 19 years of law enforcement experience personally. I am endorsing Gerry Tiffany for sheriff because he is unquestionably the most qualified.

Not only is Gerry the most qualified, his character is unquestionable. Gerry is currently third in command at the sheriff’s office and has been in that capacity since 2009.

Gerry Tiffany is the only candidate that is a military veteran (U.S. Navy); he is the candidate with the most years of law enforcement experience (21 years); he is the candidate who has the most law enforcement supervisory experience (12 years); he is the only candidate who has attended the Oregon Sheriff’s Association Command College.

He is the only candidate who is a deputy medical examiner; he is the only candidate who has military search and rescue experience under combat conditions; he has investigated and obtained convictions for more major felony crimes than the other candidates; he has served on the Multi Disciplinary Team (inter-agency team that reviews all child abuse and child death cases) for 16 years.

He is the only candidate with training as a certified dispatcher, and he is the only candidate to graduate from the State Corrections (Jail) Officer Academy.

The citizens of Hood River County have a vote to hire a person for the job of sheriff. Ask yourself one question: Do I want to have Hood River county’s safety and security in the hands of the most qualified applicant? If Hood River County is your company, it only stands to reason to hire the most qualified and suitable person. Not a candidate whose overall experience is minimal, and specifically has no supervisory or command experience.

Anyone can say “I want to lead.” Gerry has the credentials to say “I have the experience, the skills, and have demonstrated the leadership it will take to be the next sheriff for Hood River County.” These qualifications clearly make Gerry the best choice to improve police and fire 9-1-1/dispatch services, improve jail services, improve training availability, restore the MINT assignment, restore a school resource officer position and improve regional inter agency relationships for years to come.

There isn’t any retirement in sight with the goals Gerry has laid out. Don’t take my word for it. Gerry welcomes voters to contact him directly. I encourage voters to join me in electing Gerry Tiffany for Sheriff.

Mitch Hicks

Hood River

Nordbye puts voters first

In light of the Supreme Court’s determination that corporations are people, it is time to take action. Big business is attempting to dominate policy making at every opportunity, including influencing the legislators who make our laws.

Peter Nordbye is the only candidate running for state representative of House District 52 who has taken a stand against corporate personhood and is determined to be a spokesperson on behalf of real human beings. Taking money from special interest groups, both from within and outside the state, has become commonplace in both major political parties, but Nordbye wants to take the lead and change the way politics are conducted.

Peter recognizes the importance of representing the interests of the people he will serve. To fund his campaign, Peter is only accepting donations of up to $50, and only from individuals living in the district. He is not accepting any money from anyone outside House District 52.

Nordbye understands the need for a strong infrastructure. He believes that good roads and essential services, quality schools, protection of individual rights and support for local businesses make for healthy communities.

Peter champions the concept that protecting our environment also means protecting our way of life, both now and for the generations to come. He has pledged to truly listen to and represent the interests of people in our district from all walks of life.

If this message resonates with you, the first thing you can do is vote for Peter in the upcoming May primary election. Spread the word to your neighbors and friends. If you feel you want to further support Peter Nordbye and his ideals, and you live within the boundaries of House District 52, please consider contributing to his campaign.

To find out more about this unique man and his unique campaign, visit www.NeighborsforNordbye.com.

Peter Nordbye has my wholehearted support. It is time to return influence to the voters. I urge voters in House District 52 to take a step in the right direction: Vote and let your voice be heard.

Cathy Fantz

Eagle Creek

Tiffany has many goals

Why am I voting Gerry Tiffany for Hood River County’s next sheriff? As a law enforcement officer serving in Hood River County for almost 13 years, I was blessed to have the opportunity to serve in several positions. Based on my broad experience I know what’s important to successfully meet the public safety needs of Hood River County residents.

Serving as the former School Resource Officer for was a very rewarding experience. I have been amazed that the community remembers and appreciates my efforts seven years after the funding fell through (thank you).

On the campaign trail with Det. Sgt. Gerry Tiffany, we have often heard the community would like to see a program like this again. Gerry Tiffany is listening.

Gerry has a goal to provide a School Resource Officer to influence Hood River County Youth once again. His goals include having town hall meetings to give the public an opportunity to share your law enforcement ideas and concerns.

He will promote open communication and accountability. He has plans to make better use of existing resources to better serve our county, including full services to Cascade Locks and Mount Hood Meadows.

Having also served as the Cascade Locks Deputy I know how important it is to provide equivalent services to this beautiful little town, with a serious drug problem. Gerry Tiffany has never taken Cascade Locks for granted and always served this community with diligence. I appreciate that.

Mount Hood Meadows serves as a recreational hub and major economic contributor for us. You may not realize this, but in recent years Meadows has been less than satisfied with the lack of services from the sheriff’s office. Gerry has a plan to address this and see that the sheriff’s office has a presence on the mountain.

This county has not had a drug detective in over two years. Allowing the drug dealers to run rampant through the place we love does not reflect my values or yours. Gerry Tiffany promises that will change immediately upon his taking office as the next Hood River County Sheriff.

For the most experienced candidate with an ambitious plan for the future of the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office, please join me in voting Gerry Tiffany for our next Hood River County Sheriff.

Tiffany Hicks

Hood River

Elect Tiffany

The clear choice for Hood River County’s next sheriff is Gerry Tiffany. I have carefully compared the candidates’ experience and Gerry drastically exceeds his competitors where it counts. In fact, he has directly supervised the least-experienced candidate, Matt English, for his minimal three years as a detective.

I deeply respect Gerry Tiffany for his service to our country and our community. Gerry’s impressive résumé starts when he enlisted and committed to three tours in Vietnam as a naval petty officer. He is the only veteran running for sheriff and has been recognized by the local American Legion for his service to Hood River County.

Gerry Tiffany has been instrumental many projects that have impacted our community, including his active role supporting the new Child Advocacy Center, a place where child victims can receive comprehensive services.

Gerry Tiffany’s experience speaks for itself and he is committed to the future of Hood River County’s Sheriff’s Office. For trusted, proven, professional leadership please join me in voting Gerry Tiffany for Hood River County Sheriff.

Jack Collins

Hood River

Vote for Brian Aaron

Morality, decency and integrity are what Hood River residents expect from our next DA. This is why all of us should vote for Brian Aaron.

Donna Kuzel

Hood River

Equal rights for Cascade Locks

I think we owe Cascade Locks fair treatment as they consider whether they want to harvest their water resources to generate revenue and jobs for their town.

Hood River County harvests its forests for the same purpose. And much of that revenue has to offset the $3 million of property tax subsidies that go to farm, forest and port operations and fraternal organizations every year.

If Hood River County gets to cut down its forests to subsidize part of its population, it is not clear to me why Cascade Locks shouldn’t be able to harvest its water to create revenue for the town.

What is reasonable to expect of Cascade Locks is that they conduct adequate due diligence. As of this date, I have read of their intentions to consult with various economic development agencies in the county. That will not be enough.

Cascade Locks will likely achieve a suboptimal outcome unless it contracts with an industry expert with experience in negotiating these kinds of contracts with large corporations. That is how small cities with no experience in these matters protect their interests against a large corporation like Nestlé.

If we are going to harvest natural resources in the county then Cascade Locks deserves its chance as well. But whoever is leading this effort should get the necessary outside help to make the most of this opportunity.

Mark Flaming

Hood River

Elect English

I am writing in support of Matt English for sheriff. Matt has always put the sheriff’s office as a whole ahead of himself. He has had a major role in bettering the office in everything from writing and maintaining grants to updating agency policy.

I have often been inspired at his ability to gracefully handle the most heinous crimes our community has to offer without becoming bitter or jaded.

I have no doubt that Matt is the right person to lead the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office into the future. He possesses all the traits inherent in a good leader. Matt has displayed integrity and courage, wisdom and compassion in every situation I have seen him involved in. He has shown forward thinking and “outside the box” problem-solving abilities that will undoubtedly benefit our community as a whole.

Matt’s ability to pull people together for a common purpose is exactly what we need in these fiscally trying times, as the county grows in populace but has less money to spend serving it.

Matt already has the respect of his peers, and experience in bettering the sheriff’s office in everything from training to budgeting. He has displayed a proven ability to make tough decisions. Matt played a key role in mediating tense contract negotiations as union president during a time of harsh personnel cuts. His ability to look at a problem realistically and rationally was appreciated and respected by all involved parties.

This is the kind of leadership we need. I wholeheartedly support Matt English for sheriff of Hood River County, and I hope you will too.

Joel Carmody


Holste for sheriff

As a life-long friend I can definitely attest to the character of Neal Holste. I have spent many hours with him in his love for the outdoors around Hood River County. When you spend time alone with someone you truly get to know that person like nobody else.

I can tell you without any hesitation that you will not find anyone with higher morals than Neal. Neal is a home-grown Hood River resident. He attended local schools all the way through high school graduation.

Unlike a lot of typical youth he didn’t want to get out of town as soon as he could after graduation. He wanted to raise his family in this wonderfully unique county. He also wanted to do something for a career that he felt he could help others and his decision was law enforcement. Very early on in his career he would tell me he wanted to be sheriff of Hood River County. He felt he could help the people of the entire county in this role.

So you see, this isn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision to run for sheriff. It’s been a process in motion for 17-plus years in his life. Plus, all of his law enforcement positions have been with the City of Hood River and Hood River County. He knows and loves Hood River County.

He doesn’t have the “It’s all about me” attitude that is so prevalent in today’s society. He truly cares about others in this community and far beyond. Little did I know he would find ways to go overseas to help those in need, as well.

His career speaks for itself. At age 30 he was one of the youngest (if not the youngest) to be promoted to sergeant for the Hood River City Police Department. Neal is a very hard-working and motivated individual who leads by example. He will make a great, experienced leader for the Hood River County Sheriff’s Department.

Neal is not in the voters pamphlet so be sure to vote Neal Holste for Hood River County Sheriff. For more information on Neal’s accomplishments and campaign for Hood River County Sheriff go to http://www.holsteforsheriff.com/.

Gregg Lee

The Dalles

Vote English for sheriff

I have known Matt English for about 12 years. In that time, I have worked with him during his time as a parole and probation officer, patrol deputy and detective for Hood River County. I have come to rely upon him as a trusted, reliable, and professional friend/coworker.

He has always been fair and dependable in all aspects of his career. I am confident that Matt will bring great things to the future of the sheriff’s office. He has earned the respect of his coworkers and has a vast knowledge of the job.

Matt has always supported others and offered ideas or assistance. He has held the role of union president for the Hood River County Law Enforcement Association during which time, he was able to come up with ideas that saved Hood River County money as well as satisfying the members.

I highly recommend Matt for sheriff and look forward to casting my vote for him.

Tammy Hughes

Hood River

English for sheriff

I am writing this letter in support of Matt English for Hood River County Sheriff. I have known Matt both professionally and personally for 10 years. I have worked in law enforcement alongside him, and have experienced firsthand his capability, commitment and his level of professionalism.

Though I worked for Hood River City Police Department, and Matt works for Hood River County Sheriff’s Office, he was always more than willing to collaborate, to give a helping hand, and his concern was consistently centered around what was in the best interest of the community.

Throughout the time that I have known Matt, he has always stepped up as a leader, and is someone that I still go to today when I need to bounce around an idea or get a second opinion on an investigation. I believe that he will present fresh ideas, strong leadership, and the same level of commitment and professionalism that he has consistently shown throughout his law enforcement career.

Please join me in voting for Matt English for Hood River County Sheriff.

Pete Read


Aaron for district attorney

Brian Aaron is running for Hood River County District Attorney. He has the experience for the job and willingness to work with others to find solutions to local issues.

I have always found him willing to give his time to improve conditions for kids and families. He is willing to go the extra mile to work with a wide range of partners to get the job done.

I support Brian Aaron as our next district attorney.

Joella Dethman

Hood River

Please do return angel

I read in the Hood River newspaper a letter that was sent to you. I am writing this letter in regards to the letter that was sent in by Becky Lauritsen, Parkdale (Our readers write, April 14), about the missing angels that were taken from their resting place.

One was picked out by her grandson for his mother and her place where she was taken from the young man. It makes me sick to think that someone would do this.

I ask whoever you are, plesase return the angels back, and make the little guy and his grandmother happy again.

I believe that whoever took the angels are as low-life as anyone can get. It’s not right to put those people through this bunch of stuff.

Them angels are going to come back spiritually and get even, whoever you are.

God bless.

Larry Rodgers

Deer Ridge Correctional Institution


Vote for Matt English

We support Matt English for sheriff. Matt has proven himself to be a trusted resource within the sheriff’s office and the community. He will run the department like he has run his campaign: with integrity and professionalism.

Matt will be good for Hood River County. He is passionate about the department and actively involved in the deputies’ concerns. He is caring and open and responsive to the public. His progressive, forward thinking and energy will serve us well for years to come.

Some people are born leaders, and we believe Matt is one of them; he is already leading within the department, both by setting a stellar example of personal work ethic and by assisting others to excel. Please join us in voting for Matt English on May 15!

John and Rachel Harvey

Mt. Hood

Sewell does his job

A few years back there was a missing 15-year-old girl in the Portland area. You couldn’t pick up a newspaper or watch a television newscast without being inundated with the updates on the missing girl.

What the people of Hood River didn’t know is that a local 15-year-old girl was missing at the same time. The schools were aware of the situation as was the sheriff’s office, but no media was involved. As you can imagine, the girl’s parents were in total distress.

After several days, the parents asked if there was anything I could do to help. I spoke with the school and the sheriff’s department and was surprised to see how little was actually being done to secure the 15-year-old’s safe return.

At that point, I went to District Attorney John Sewell’s office and asked if I could meet with him. He was very busy, but agreed to meet and listen to my concerns about the missing girl. After going over the facts of the missing girl, he asked me to wait while he went down the hall to converse with the deputies involved with the case.

He returned a short time later and stated that at a minimum we were dealing with custodial interference; and at a maximum, kidnapping, and that he would do what he could to help resolve the situation.

Within 24 hours, the girl was released safe and well. There was no fanfare from the media. No front-page story in the local newspaper; just the safe return of a missing 15-year-old girl. Our district attorney did his job. End of story.

Mike Oates

Hood River

Sweep up that cinder

As far as I know, The City of Hood River will not be spreading “lava rock” in the near future. Please get out there and remove the rock from your sidewalks. Makes for a safer walk for everyone.

Judy Judd

Hood River

Not on our watch

Thank you, Gov. Kitzhaber, for taking a stand on the coal export issue. I live near the Columbia River and recreate on it or near it almost every day for much of the year. The thought of dozens of mile-long coal trains, not to mention a 70 percent increase in river traffic via the proposed “coal barges,” makes me sick to my stomach to imagine.

It is not this and all their attendant impacts however, that upsets me the most. It’s the fact that most of this coal is dug from public lands, owned by everyone in America and leased by our corrupt government without the say-so of any of us, to private corporations who dig it up for export as if we were a third-world nation, and then sell it at immense profit, health impacts be damned.

The pollutants that travel the jet stream over to us after the coal is burned in China is yet another slap in the face in this nightmarish scenario being foisted upon us.

The right thing, the sane thing and intelligent thing (which means it will never happen but I will say it anyway) to do is to simply leave the coal in the ground! We might figure out how to burn it clean one day and may need the energy. Of course, this runs against the grain of capitalistic culture which can’t stand leaving a buck unmade, something that is leading the human enterprise at breakneck speed right over the cliff.

If you have the courage, Governor, please continue to take a stand for Oregonians and be an example for the world by standing your ground against the coal barons with a loud and clear, “Not on my watch!”

Daniel Dancer


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