Letter to the Editor for May 12, 2012

Clearly English

I’ve been asked by many people who I support for Hood River County Sheriff. I have heard that some of the candidates have more leadership training than other candidates, etc.

I have known and worked for many people whose walls were covered with leadership training documents and yet they could not lead a group of people across the street even if they were standing at a crosswalk.

I am voting for Matt English. He is a leader. He doesn’t just tell you what he will do; he has been doing it his whole career!

Last summer I was working day shift with the chief of police. We had two suspects breaking into cars during the daytime. Matt English helped me find and catch the suspects. Matt English then helped me process the evidence. This took hours.

The chief never stopped to check on us; he wasn’t taking calls; he just drove by and waved periodically. Sheriff Wampler came by and offered to buy us lunch because we had been out so long. Matt English was so involved in helping me that he ended up with a lengthy report.

So, who do you want for sheriff? Do you want someone who says he will be there if you elect him? Or do you want someone who has built a career around always being there?

This election is a lot easier than you think. Matt English is clearly the candidate who can lead Hood River Law Enforcement into the future.

Please join me in voting for Matt English for sheriff.

Aaron Jubitz

Mt. Hood-Parkdale

‘Agenda’ undoes editing

If the editor of the Hood River News spent as much time worrying about the actual editing of the paper as he does worrying about meeting his political agenda, perhaps locals wouldn’t refer to the paper as “The Fish Wrap” or “The Hood River Snooze.”

Ariana Sewell

Hood River

English is a leader

We support a visionary, noble and strong leader, one with a positive mindset, a catalyst to progressive improvements, a nurturer of collaborative teamwork and admired by peers, a public servant always interested in others, a protector of our resources, one who values communication, shows fiscal responsibility and will be our next sheriff, Matt English.

Richard and Charlotte Arnold

Hood River

Charge is a red flag

Brian Aaron’s recent birthday celebration behavior is not a small lapse in judgment. (Our Readers Write, May 9). It is a red flag which brings to light his lack of any judgment.

He has been a defense attorney for many years and should know well enough that “having some beers and a birthday motorcycle ride” is not prudent, not safe, not legal and not something that a rational, sensible person would do — much less someone who is purporting to be capable of representing the citizens of Hood River County as their chief prosecutor.

Yes, the DUII charge is just that, an allegation. Mr. Aaron is not yet convicted. And yes, people from many different professions have made this mistake as well. However, “learning from one’s mistakes” by drinking and driving is not something I would expect a candidate for district attorney to be learning at this time.

Victor Roberge

Hood River

Vote for Nordbye

You have your ballot. Wondering how to vote on candidates about whom you know little or nothing? Been busy and otherwise occupied? Oh well, we have a few more days.

Yes, and it’s good to pause and consider your vote. Take as much time as needed. But with only four more days, not too early to get going with our citizenship responsibilities.

Peter Nordbye is a candidate for Oregon House District 52 including Hood River.

Whatever anybody tells you, or you may read about or see in media, there is one issue (and only one) of major consequence to decide.

Do you want huge dollars from outside Hood River and House District 52 provided by wealthy persons or organizations, to decide who ought to represent us in the Oregon legislature?

Peter Nordbye believes only we should decide. And to be sure of this, Peter only accepts small ($50 or less) contributions from local residents. Other candidates say loudly and clearly they take as much money as they can get from nearly wherever they can get it.

It is clear something is expected by those who provide the money. Peter will only be committed to meet the expectations of local residents.

But this all makes for a Spartan Nordbye campaign run by local volunteers. This is as it should be.

So this is a test to see if local residents will take hold and vote their interests.

Please give this matter your careful consideration and vote for Peter Nordbye.

Dick McQueen


Stop coal transport

I would like to comment on the idea of coal trains and coal barge traffic going down through our beautiful Columbia Gorge. What an absolutely ludicrous idea!

Even putting any environmental arguments aside, think about what this is going to do to the economy of the Hood River Valley. A good number of our businesses are supported through tourism, including sports tourism. Even though I am not a water sport participant, my guess is that it will be pretty darn hard to windsurf or kite around coal barge traffic.

These are sports that bring tourists from all over the world to Hood River, and also gain us a lot of publicity in national publications such as Outdoor Magazine and Sunset. We also attract bicyclists, skiers, hikers, and other folks who want to enjoy the beauty of the Gorge.

The resulting influx of tourists supports a thriving home and hotel rental business, restaurants, wineries, etc., providing many jobs for our community. We would be cutting our own throats by allowing this kind of river and train traffic here.

Please write Gov. John Kitzhaber, State Sen. Chuck Thomsen and State Rep. Mark Johnson to urge them to prevent this economic disaster. I doubt Hood River will see any revenue for coal train traffic, and it stands to lose a substantial amount if this happens.

Sue Hoyt

Hood River

Cable park preferred

Unless the environmental groups blocking this have the money, time, resources and manpower to turn the Nichols Boat Basin into a park-like setting improving the habitat for wildlife within the next couple of years, blocking this will just leave it a hole until light industrial comes along and turns it all into a parking lot.

I am sure that asphalt rain run-off will be much better for the salmon than a cable park with trees and landscaping — not.

Bill Payne


English for sheriff

I am writing this letter in hopes that it is not too late for you to vote. I have worked with Matt English for 11 years now and am always amazed at what he knows and can teach us. Matt has always been a go-to person in our department. His knowledge of the job and the roles that he plays within our department is a credit to his personality.

Matt’s initiative has always placed him as a leader in any role he takes. As I have watched Matt grow through the years he has not only impressed me, he has structured himself as a person that I feel comfortable as a county resident to say that we need him as sheriff.

In my eyes Matt has always put the sheriff’s office first. Even when he is off the clock, he is available for those off-the-wall questions we all have. Matt’s dedication to the community is unsurpassed. He is also looking into the future to make Hood River all it can be, not only for his young sons but for the entire county.

A few years ago Matt headed a community outreach program for the sheriff’s office with a survey that we all put together. We were able to focus resources to areas of concerns at that time.

Matt is always focused on how the sheriff’s office can better serve our community. Please vote Matt English for sheriff.

Mike Anderson

Hood River

Aaron is dedicated

A few years ago, I completed a six-month internship at Aaron and Associates and had one of the best experiences of my life. I worked very closely with Brian Aaron; waiting to head into his office for my internship every other day was difficult because if my schedule allowed, I would have liked to spend every day in his office.

Through my internship, I was able to see that Brian was truly passionate and dedicated to his work. Brian was always very respectful and ethical, and always made himself available to others with a joyful smile on his face.

Not only was I able to see Brian at work in the office, but he also allowed me to watch him in court; he was always phenomenal.

I am blessed to say that I have known Brian for about 10 years. He has been a great mentor to me since my high school years and I am very grateful for him in our community.

I would like to encourage my fellow Hood River residents to vote Brian Aaron for district attorney. Brian is passionate and dedicated to his work.

Mayra Avila

Hood River

Program changed lives

The orthodontia program that Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital funded for the last several years is drawing to a close. It started with a fifth-grade girl who had knocked out her front tooth and was resigned to a life of covered smiles and a head tucked in embarrassment. It was Providence that came to her rescue, restoring her beautiful smile and her self-confidence.

I have known many Hood River County students who had their lives changed by fixing their misaligned and unsightly teeth. Some of these kids had serious speech impediments that were corrected. The final student I had the joy of submitting to the program goes in for his evaluation tomorrow.

On behalf of all these kids who will never be the same I would like to say “Thank you” to the hospital. You have made a big difference in the lives of many.

Marg Guth

Hood River

Forgive mistakes

We are very happy to know that most people in our community are smart enough to realize that anyone can make a mistake and still be a good person and be responsible to our community as our next district attorney. Thank you to everyone who has called with kind words.

We prefer to have a district attorney who is honest and open about his mistakes. Brian Aaron will respect this community. We truly believe anyone that takes a public position should act and behave with respect towards others even when you are not in agreement.

We are proud to have Brian as a friend for many reasons and respect him for being a respectful candidate.

What is truly scary is having our present district attorney join Jack Morris in his hate battle toward Brian to gain votes. Gentlemen, grow up and act as educated professionals.

Thank you to the sheriff’s candidates for running a respectful campaign.

Bertha Logsdon

Carl H. Martin

Wanda G. Martin

Hood River

Support cable park

Please help support the cable park proposal for the Nichols Boat Basin. This is a great opportunity to provide an outdoor recreation that is 100 percent environmentally safe. Thank you in advance!

Matt Thames

Hood River

Short gain, long loss

Another aspect of the Walmart phenomenon to consider is the effect that low, low prices have on the production of the cheap goods. And on the communities where these factories or farms were once located.

The demand to supply goods at such low price points means they are selling the goods to Walmart below what it costs to make or grow them. Not a sustainable business practice.

Thus the spiral down begins: lower wages for the factory and farm workers, less benefits for workers, inferior raw materials, disregarding environmental effects, moving production to other countries with lower standards, etc. Is this the American way?

Our insatiable consumption of cheap stuff affects not only our town, but the towns and villages worldwide. For short-term gain, we leave a legacy of long-term loss.

Ann Lameka

Mt. Hood

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