Letters to the Editor for Dec. 14

Giving Guide is a gem

As a community member and director of a local nonprofit, I wanted to commend The Dalles Chronicle and the Hood River News on its collaborative publication of the 2013-14 Gorge Giving Guide. This beautifully designed guide provides the greater Gorge community with a single reference point for information about the important work of many local nonprofits.

The collaborative nature of the entire publication also is to be applauded. Not only did the two newspapers collaborate, they also facilitated collaboration between local businesses and nonprofits by inviting the business community to sponsor a nonprofits page.

It feels good to live in a community that works so well together to support our most vulnerable citizens. Thank you to all involved.

Susan Erickson

Executive director

Columbia Gorge CASA

Who profits from ACA?

Obama says “We can’t go back.”

Now is the time to support “leaders” who can remove the new tax called “Obamacare.” A bipartisan effort to correct the mistake calling a tax by another name.

The “tax” only cares “will the 1 percent and the ruling class make more profit with Obama tax-‘er care” where the masses must pay by law, but friends and ruling class do not?

Paul Nevin

Hood River

Words and actions matter

Kevin Herman makes some good points in his Dec. 11 letter “Tea Party mission.” Unfortunately for the Tea Party, Mr. Herman, words and actions DO matter.

You write, “I know we can’t always go by what an organization claims on its website to represent.” Your letter suggests the Tea Party have some kind of poetic license to manipulate its mission statement if the right conditions exist.

For years self-proclaimed Tea Party supporters openly claimed the POTUS was a Muslim with a hidden agenda in one breath while vilifying him for his connection with an anti-American Christian preacher in the next.

Sure watered down the party’s veracity, in my opinion.

When G.W. Bush had his wonderful photo on the carrier with “Mission Accomplished” plastered behind him and we stayed in Iraq for 10 years, he failed to “go by what (his) organization represented.” When President Obama said he would find a way to make healthcare more affordable and available to people with lower incomes or pre-existing medical issues he made it happen with hard work even though it cost him many supporters. He did what he said he would do and went by what (his) organization claimed on its website.

It seems to me that going by what an organization purports to stand for means everything. Fortunately each of us can cast their own vote.

Steve Kaplan

Hood River

The rest of the story

In response to “Laws protect insured” by Ron Morgan (Our readers write, Dec. 7), maybe he should have gotten his facts from two sources instead of one that started with the name Fox.

The federal regulations of 1997 did not prohibit insurance companies from raising the insured rates if they develop an illness but instead prohibited the insurance company from canceling their policy. Insurance companies were free to raise rates all they want at any time.

During the hearings that led up to the ACA there was testimony from several people, that when they developed an illness their insurance rates went up thousands of dollars a month. The bill that established the 1997 regulation was sponsored by Ted Kennedy and in order to get it by the GOP all reference to rate increase had to be left out. That fight was left for another day, which evolved into the ACA.

His example of buying a new car and being required to buy wax and a cover for it has some merit to it. However, “I think it goes like this”: If he wants to finance the car or drive on public roads, he is required to buy insurance. The wax and car cover would relate to which of the three plans under the ACA he wants.

Don Olson

Hood River

Great return

I’m not too great at knowing the stock market but it seems I’m powerfully proficient at investing in letters to the Hood River News. I keep my ink overhead low by submitting only three or four sentences.

Later: My three or four sentences investment pays off in paragraphs galore! Therefore I thank the “paragraphicals” for curing my insomnia.

Bill Davis

Hood River

Name change is overdue

I am writing this letter to request the public help to change the name of Squaw Butte on the Mt. Adams District on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

I met with the district ranger last week and asked him what could be done to initiate this change. He suggested that I could write letters asking the people to write letters to the Mt. Adams Ranger Station requesting the name change, so here I am asking “you” for your help.

It warms my heart to see the tribes paddling their 30-foot dugout cedar canoes down the Columbia River in their annual canoe journey. I am proud of the elders reviving their First Flood ceremonies.

I enjoy driving the 24000 Road through the Indian Heaven Berry Fields where the handshake agreement was done between Forest Supervisor Bruckert and Chief Yallup in 1932. They gave the treaty tribes their own place to gather huckleberries and conduct their sweat lodge ceremonies and vision quests. This was a simple handshake agreement between two cultures. Words like dignity and respect and generosity come to my mind.

Three miles to the north of this area is Squaw Butte. You can see this butte from the berry fields.

I know that the old cowboy and Indian movies of the 1940s and 1950s freely used the word squaw. This word is not used anymore except to offend and degrade a proud culture.

The name needs to be changed, just like the Forest Service did in Southern Oregon a few years ago to a place that was named Squaw.

Please help this happen by writing to the Mt. Adams District Office in Trout Lake, Wash. Let’s do this as one culture helping another reclaim their dignity and respect.

Jim Nielsen

Trout Lake, Wash.

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