Letters to the Editor for Feb. 16

Did you know

Here is my version of what I believe are right ideas to truly help Hood River, if I were a mere Hood River Resident helping my neighbors save their money. I will call my one-man newspaper entity: One Mere Citizen for a Better Local Economy (OMCBLE).

Don’t you think anything with the alphabet soup after its name sure sounds more impressive in this media? I noticed that others in the area do this. Why they did not even exist at the State of Oregon’s Business Registry Website a mere 24 hours before they filed their appeal against Walmart Stores Inc.

Media impressions are big these days, folks. It’s all marketing. Just ask the pharmaceutical companies with their daily dosing of antidepressant and Viagra commercials. Yes, I work at Walmart and I work in the pharmacy so I feel I am able to state my opinions and views clearly. Full disclosure by a OMCBLE.

Did you know that mature people who attained superiority of 85 can get their one-can of refuse removed by Hood River Garbage Service for free each week? Just apply at 541-386-2272.

Next, did you also know that the nice folks at the City of Hood River’s water billing department will reduce your monthly water bill to $53.84? How? By calling Mid-Columbia Community Action Council: 541-386-4027. You might also obtain help with heating bills when you qualify as low-income with them.

Thanks to the recent notice in this newspaper, I have learned CenturyLink Telephone Company will reduce a low-income person/family’s local land-line phone bill by $12.75 each month and reduce their Internet connection if they are: receiving food stamps, or TANFF, or SSI. Just apply through the Oregon Telephone Assistance Program (aka Lifeline) either online at: http://www.oregon.gov/puc/pages/rspf/otap.aspx or by calling 800-848-4442.

Finally, it is my wish for America’s veterans and the widows of veterans to know the Hood River County Assessor can give a veteran’s deduction off property taxes each year. Yes, the surviving widow of an honorable veteran gets a deduction! Just apply at 541-386-4522.

One Mere Citizen for a Better Local Economy.

Scott Haanstad


Hood River

Humans are responsible

Climate change IS caused by humans. Who has raised the carbon dioxide levels of the planet Earth? Humans. What does this increase do to the Earth? Nothing; the Earth does not care, but it does change the ecosystem of the Earth, and humans should care about that change.

What effect can a change in the ecosystem have on humans? It can cause drought, like the drought the U.S. suffered last summer, damaging the U.S. food chain. Is this a bad thing? Well, only if you like to eat.

What can humans do to stop the ecosystem change? Reduce carbon dioxide emissions. How can humans reduce carbon dioxide emissions? Switch our economy to a solar-based system. Remove ourselves from the dependency of an oil-based economy.

Step one: Take your heads out of the sand and accept that we are responsible and we must fix the problem. Organizations, with hidden funding, which promote solar rays as the reason the earth is experiencing climate change, are marketing for the oil industry and companies based in oil.

Friends of Science are one of these organizations, Mr. Rose (Letters, Feb. 9). Take a long hard look at where their money comes from. All true scientists know that humans are responsible.

Rob Kovacich

Hood River

Informed Fox viewer

Thank you to Kris Wilhelm for her letter (Feb. 9) encouraging us as citizens to be vigilant as to the sources for our information and to question what is presented to us as facts.

I took the time to look up some of the studies purporting that Fox News viewers were either uninformed or misinformed. It was very apparent that the studies themselves were no more than left-wing propaganda vehicles to be used by the left-wing media in their efforts to silence the most powerful conservative news source on cable television.

Kudos to the author of the Stanford University study who later acknowledged that his global warming study included faulty “science.” As a Fox News viewer I was aware of this, since Fox kept us informed.

Carolyn Hattrup

Mt. Hood/Parkdale

Climate change denial

I don’t want to think about global warming; it’s just too scary. And I don’t want to be like that prissy, pious little man who refused refreshment drinks at a social event because the drinks were served in Styrofoam cups.

“I made a solemn vow never to use Styrofoam cups.”

He could have just politely refused without comment. It was not the time or the place to flaunt his holier-than-thou attitude.

I’m more sympathetic with Ms. Wilhelm (Feb. 9), who came across a website that reinforced her hope that global warming is a natural, reoccurring phenomenon. I can imagine her breathing a sigh of relief and saying to herself: “God’s in charge; I don’t have to do anything.”

Then along comes Mr. Tauscher (Feb. 13) who revealed that the website, Friends of Science, that had allayed her fears about global warming, is a front group for the oil and gas industry. And he cited facts to back up his assertion.

That knocked me (and I hope Ms. Wilhelm) right off our comfortable position of climate change denial! Thanks a lot, Mr. Tauscher.

Anne Vance

Hood River

Safety reminder

Drivers! Save a life and avoid a ticket! A friendly reminder to please exercise caution and drive 20 mph in ALL school zones.

Wednesday morning, I witnessed a young Westside student using a crosswalk to get to the school grounds. After looking both ways, he crossed my lane and had half his bike in the oncoming lane when we all realized that the oncoming vehicle was not stopping.

At the last moment, she glanced up and violently veered into the bike lane to avoid hitting him. It sounds cliché, but it truly was a miracle he did not get hit.

As a driver, it was a lesson for me to drive 20 mph and avoid tempting distractions such as the radio or phone. As a parent, it was a lesson to review traffic safety with my own kids. As a pedestrian/biker, it was a lesson that a crosswalk is not a safe-walk — even in Hood River.

I would also like to acknowledge the Hood River County Sheriff’s department for their quick response to this event. I was amazed to see them out there that very afternoon monitoring traffic.

Thank you for keeping our kids a little safer on these busy roads!

Julia Gonzales

Hood River

Good things coming to CL

It has been mentioned that our Cascade Locks Library may be moving to the school building. That would increase space for more books.

Also a medical clinic, a mental health unit could be put in the same space. Possibly a dental clinic could come too. This would be of great benefit to our families.

Nancy Renault

Cascade Locks

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