Letters to the Editor for Jan. 7

Why kill hawks?

I’m 11 years old and live on Fairview Drive. This morning my mom found an injured Red-Tailed Hawk in our yard. We brought it inside and discovered it had been shot in the chest. And then this lovely big bird died. It’s sad to think that someone feels the need to kill such a magnificent creature. How much longer will it take before people respect the animals living around them?

Teddy Parkinson

Hood River

Stop name-calling

Another example of the cloudy thinking so prevalent in America is exemplified by “The Bray of Pigs” in the Dec. 27 Hood River News.

This “cartoon” seems to indicate any continuing belief Cuba holds anti-American ideals, should not be discussed or publicized.

We must stop the name calling and listen to rational arguments on each side of important issues.

Robert Manning


(Editor’s note: This is a corrected version of a letter published Dec. 31.)

Not impressed

So, Obama says that Sony should have consulted him before caving to the terrorists? What was Obama going to tell them? “Don’t worry, we got your back?” Like he had Ambassador Steven’s back in Benghazi? I’m sure Ambassador Stevens and the brave men defending him would agree that Obama “having your back” is less than useless. Sony did what they felt they needed to do after your President has made America a third rate power. Go back to your golfing and vacations, Obama. The world is not impressed.

Cliff Mansfield


What is government?

“The regulation, restraint, supervision, or control which is exercised upon the individual members of an organized rural society by those invested with the supreme political authority, for the good and welfare of the body politic.” — Black’s Law Dictionary. This legal concept of the public trust was embodied in the Magna Carta and The Public Trust Doctrine, defined as “an affirmation of the duty of the state to protect the people’s common heritage,” became part of American Common Law in 1892 and has since been upheld in numerous court cases. In the early days of our country, this same construct (now ignored) was included in the charters of incorporation as companies seeking the protection of the “corporate veil” were required to conduct business in the public interest. Clearly, therefore, under the law, our elected government officials are the trustees of the Public Trust, and have been successfully sued in court for failure to protect the public interest.

Take the current issues of public health, safety, global warming, free speech, and others facing the United States and the world as examples.

Governments, including our own, repeatedly act in favor of financial interests with a purely selfish and visionless interest in blocking measures that would protect the public interest in order to continue the extraction of the earth’s resources and endanger communities for their own short-term gain. Hood River’s statement against transportation of hazardous materials through our city is a step in the right direction, but we must strongly support the legal struggles being waged in communities across the country. By the way, replacing the “Trustees” at the voting booth is viable, but is unlikely if we fail to inform ourselves about the issues and vote. Congratulations, Hood River County, for your turn out in this last election.

Russ Hurlbert


Sheath the knives

Your Jan. 3 editorial page cartoon is highly inflammatory. To depict the parting year 2014 with knives in his back labeled “domestic violence,” “ebola,” and “terrorists” and include “Obamacare” among those horrors is shocking and disrespectful of our president and the Affordable Care Act.

You may not like his policy, but it is not even remotely accurate to equate it with the other problems.

Susan Turner, HRVHS grad


Call for an edge in playoff

The referees weren’t trying to give Dallas the win when they reversed the proper pass interference call Sunday. No one can predict the effect of a call on the final score. What they did do was increase the probability of a desired outcome. Gamblers don’t expect to win every game bet, just most of them. To accomplish this they need an edge. NFL referees for years have given them that edge.

CBS wanted a Green Bay/Dallas matchup to ensure a large audience. The cost of the broadcast remains the same no matter how many people are watching. The more people, the more they charge advertisers and the more they profit.

Jerry Giarraputo

Hood River

Windmaster Cell Tower


Hearing about the proposed plan for a new cell tower over by Windmaster Corner, I can’t help wondering about the feasibility of a plan like that. My main reason for this thought is that to my knowledge there is a height restriction for man-made objects around the airport. Even if that is not the case, there are many other ways the tower could pose a danger to pilots even if it is lighted. Though other plans have not worked out, there are still places that would be far better than the current proposed plan.

Jonathan Harris

Hood River


I really hope the county approves the proposed Verizon tower at Windmaster Corner.

I live in the Dee/Upper Hood River Valley and as everyone knows that lives in the area the cell phone reception up here is very poor. I am a Verizon customer and I am lucky to get one bar at best on my phone.

I am sure there are those who do not like this idea but this would be a welcome site to our area.

Ron Dunn


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