Letters to the Editor for Nov. 19

Time for Trump

Post-election thoughts: The Trump protests remind me of a two-year-old’s temper tantrum — please review some of your civics and American government classes, and if they have been dropped from your local school, put some of that energy into bringing those courses back. I don’t recall large demonstrations when President Obama was elected.

Sixty-seven percent polled believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Maybe Clinton just lost because she was just hypocritical, corrupt, untruthful, and possibly may have committed one too many crimes — possibly both liberals and conservatives do not wish to see that institutionalized.

I have a hard time with the “racist” narrative, could it be possible some of the comments have to deal with rule of law, which should apply to all? Major immigration laws came into effect around 1914. Major articles were written documenting our immigration problem (LIFE, May 21, 1951). Congress authorized a “wall” in 1996. Congress and the American public, without political will, has chosen to ignore the situation for at least the last 65 years. Before you rush to label me, my background is really quite diverse.

Commander-in-chief? I prefer to see Trump as my son’s commander- in-chief. He has no fingerprints on any of our current domestic or international problems.

Steve Nybroten

White Salmon


Watching and reading about these protests or riots the past several nights after the election, it looked like a scene that you would see in some cities in the Middle East controlled by terrorists. But it’s not, it’s here in the United States in several major metropolitan areas, with the epicenter here in the Northwest. You have groups, some hiding their identity, wearing masks or hoodies and operating mostly after dark, trapping innocent people in their cars, some with little children being traumatized by these thugs, businesses being vandalized and looted, public property being destroyed, fires being set, innocent people being assaulted and shot, our police officers having things thrown at them and being spit on. General anarchy and lawlessness all around us.

Anyone who is paying attention realizes now who the real deplorables are.

Marvin Hansen Jr.

Cascade Locks

It’s on you

Mistake of epic proportions.

So you’ve elected the guy from TV to be your president.

A text book narcissist, sociopath, liar, thief, misogynist and racist to the highest office in the land. This administration will be a permanent stain on the history of this country.

Over the next few years, after the damage his cabal of animals has inflicted starts to become apparent, all of you who voted for him will have to own the fact that you did this. He tricked you, and you were foolish enough to fall for it.

It’s on you.

Andrew Bryden

Hood River

Our collective plight

It’s glaringly obvious that a great divide of opinion exists in America, exposing how ignorance has replaced fact-based knowledge with ego-based emotionalism. When a corporate controlled media blatantly fabricates stories shaping a narrative to collectively brainwash so many Americans, it’s time to shed light on this communistic crime against our Republic. Our free press is corrupted by individuals who don’t pander to the ideals of journalistic integrity or value the truth. What we receive from these pundits is deliberately designed to deceive in an effort to sway public opinion to the consensus of the corporate line, ensuring profits, prestige and influence for themselves.

Our country has been divided by an elite group of controllers who use secrecy as their cloak to obscure their role in pulling the strings of the media. The media is trusted and the mouthpieces are respected by the ignorant population. Why not? Most people are generally good and are skeptical of a conspiracy of ill intent being peddled to them on a daily basis. Politicians who have sold out to this group play a pivotal role in misleading the populace with secretive acts of corruption not generally dreamed of by the common citizen. Once a politician or media correspondent has been seduced by the controllers, their fate is sealed.

They must perform whatever acts the group dictates or there will be serious repercussions. Fear is the fall back motivation technique when prestige or wealth no longer holds sway over these traitors to the people of America.

For us common folk, the way out of this matrix is a difficult journey at best, one that requires an open mind, courage and a steadfast practice of discernment for, after all, truth is objective. Truth is what we people accept as fact, void of belief and opinion. If we can all learn the truth of our collective plight, there would be no division among us, just a resolute passion to right the wrongs perpetrated against us by a global elite practicing collectivism.

Pat Price


Demand removal

This week, Donald Trump chose Steve Bannon, the former executive chairman of Breitbart News, to be his chief White House strategist.

Under his chairmanship, Bannon’s “alt-right” online news and opinion site published content that was grossly anti-Semitic, misogynistic, homophobic, and racist.

Trump promised last week to unite our nation after his divisive campaign. Instead, he has selected a man who peddles white supremacist and white nationalist ideologies, bringing these forces into the mainstream, emboldening its purveyors, and sending a threatening message to many Americans.

My Jewish-German grandparents fled Nazi Germany and were lucky to find a safe haven in America. If they were alive today, they would be mortified to see the path this country appears to be headed down now. Given the increase in hate crimes and bigotry across the country since the election, this move shows a shocking disregard for recent world history as well as the very real fears that many Americans feel today.

Over 150 members of Congress, including Oregon’s senators Merkley and Wyden, have called for Bannon’s appointment to be rescinded.

Unfortunately, as of yet, no Republicans have joined them in this demand. Their continued silence on this matter signals that they are standing on the side of white nationalism and anti-Semitism.

Please contact our congressman, Greg Walden, phone 541-389-4408, fax 541-389-4452, and ask him to take a stand and join his many colleagues calling for the removal of Bannon.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are also trying to avoid commenting on this issue. Help put the pressure on them to speak out: Ryan, 202-225-3031; McConnell, 202-224-2541.

You can also add your name to one of several online petitions calling for Bannon’s removal.

Lara Dunn

Hood River

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