Letters to the Editor for Aug. 23

Walden lets District down

Oregon’s mighty District 2 is the seventh largest in the nation, and makes up more than two-thirds of our entire state. Congressman Greg Walden was first elected to represent us in 1998 following 10 years in the Oregon Legislature and six years as Rep. Denny Smith’s chief of staff in the United States Congress.

With that kind of resume and political experience one might expect District 2 to get some kind of a return on our investment. As in a tangible benefit for us, the people whom actually live, work and raise families in the district.

I am sorry, but I don’t see it. Walden represents the interests of the telecommunications, pharmaceutical, insurance and fossil fuel industries.

His salary paid by us, the taxpayers, is nothing compared to the millions he has collected from out of state corporations and Washington insiders, and his voting record shows it.

Walden has essentially run away from his own health care bill — that threw thousands of kids, grandparents and young mothers off the Oregon Health Plan and rewarded the super-rich with massive tax cuts. But wait, there is more.

As chairman of the powerful Energy and Commerce committee, he is pushing fossil fuels infrastructure while dismissing solar and wind. At the risk of overstating the obvious, “sun and wind” is what we have!

Net neutrality is next, with hearings scheduled in September. Walden’s biggest donors are lined up to cash in. We will pay (more money) for content, delivery and access. No one in this district is going to benefit.

Congressman Walden, you have wasted 20 years in Washington, D.C. enriching yourself at our expense. Your tired phrase, “growing the economy” actually originated with Bill Clinton in 1992. Lack of leadership and imagination are not particularly valued in the rural west, where heart and competence actually matter.

Michael Byrne

Democratic Candidate, Oregon Congressional District 2


‘Two-fer’ future?

When Steve Bannon joined the White House team, Trump scored a twofer. Kelly Ann Conway was part of the package. They came from a pro-Trump hedge fund’s private pack. Now that we have lost Bannon, I hope that Kelly Ann doesn’t get smacked in the butt by the door on her way out too.

John Stevens

Hood River

Tie it up

Nancy Houfek Brown writes, “But under the smokescreen of ‘affordable housing,’ a group of developers and landowners (several of whom are on the decision-making panels) are planning on changing Hood River from a livable community to a replica of an over-crowded California suburb.”

Unfortunately, this is already happening. Witness the recent decision to destroy the 80-year old Morrison Park (hoodriverparks.com) and rezone it for development. The same people who did this (with a few notable exceptions) will decide on the Westside Area Concept Plan — the city council and planning commission.

Hood River city government is dominated by pro-business, pro-development people. The only solution for preserving our beautiful city is to clean house. To delay, obfuscate, tie up the decision-making process until the next election, when we can choose people who care.

Lawrence Jones

Hood River

Objectivity bids

Objectivity is possible because our eyes record what they see and send an accurate representation of what is there to our brain, which can think about what is there, and then our heart can feel about what is there. All of these activities happen independently in different places.

Our eyes see. Our brain thinks. Our heart feels … This is quite obviously pure poppycock. Perception happens in the same mechanism at the same time. When we “see,” the activity we can measure in the memory area of our brain is greater than the measurable activity in the vision center.

What we see is at least greatly influenced, if not determined, by what we remember. How can this possibly be objective? Objectivity goes to the highest bidder.

David Warnock

Hood River

‘Meet with us’

Where are you, Jamie Herrera Beutler? We haven’t seen the whites of your eyes in months. (January to be exact.) Meanwhile, Trump burns down our democracy with his support of white supremacy, and the neo-Nazi movement grows. Your tepid response on Facebook is woefully insufficient.

You have not called out Trump on his despicable behavior. Your silence is deafening and we all hear it! Who are you protecting, Congresswoman?

Certainly not your constituents in southwest Washington.

In this time of moral crises, we need a representative who will stand up to the monsters who are the white supremacist movement and the monster in the White House who tacitly supports them. We need a representative who will stand with constituents under threat and, at the very least, hold a town hall in person. Support the people in your district, meet with us and promote censure of Trump’s behavior.

Sandra Montag

White Salmon

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joemcculloch 9 months, 3 weeks ago

"Two-fer" Future????

I would like to comment on John Stevens letter to the editor on August 23rd.

I am unaware of any connection between Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway prior to them joining the Trump Administration. Please let me know what I'm missing.

What exactly is the Pro-Trump hedge fund's private pack?

A simple Google search will suggest that hedge fund donations heavily favored Secretary Clinton.

Political Action Committee {PAC} donors are anonymous. Making a connection between a PAC and a hedge fund is presumptuous. Again, If I'm missing something here, please let me know.

I am happy that Steve Bannon is gone and I do not approve of President Trump's behavior, but he has been elected President. This country has survived Presidential assassinations, impeachments, Watergate and many other scandals, we will survive this also.

It is important that we base our opinions on facts and not popular opinion. Most importantly, we need to have faith in the U.S. Constitution.

Joe McCulloch Hood River


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