Letters to the Editor for Dec. 13

Walden crossed the line

In fundraising letters, Greg Walden complains that people from outside his district, specifically Portland and Multnomah County, have tried to make themselves heard at his town halls. If the congressman feels so strongly about district boundaries, you would think he would respect those boundaries himself. Not so. If you read his proposed bill for logging in the Gorge and look at maps of the Eagle Creek fire, you’ll see that his bill would affect Multnomah County as much or more than Hood River County. Mr. Walden hasn’t limited his bill to lands in his district. He wants to dictate management of national scenic area lands in Multnomah County as well.

Mr. Walden also speaks frequently about the need to listen to local people in managing federal lands. If he’s going to legislate about federal lands in Multnomah County, maybe he should hold some hearings on his proposed legislation in Portland.

And while he’s at it, Mr. Walden might explain to all Oregonians, not just those in District 2, why he’s trying to take away their health care and eliminate their tax deductions. At the very least he should stop whining when Oregonians he’s hurting try to get him to stop — regardless of where in the state they live.

Vawter (Buck) Parker


What is a tree?

I’m writing regarding the front-page photos in the Nov. 29 edition of the Hood River News that depicted the placement of the annual evergreen tree in downtown Hood River.

I was dismayed to read the explanation below the photos in which the tree was referred to as the “Holiday Tree.“ It appears that your newspaper has now adopted the “Politically Correct” stance. If so, I must ask, how should we now refer to songs such as “O Christmas Tree” or “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”? And how must we now refer to St. Nicholas and Father Christmas, just to name a few? Is it now so very important that we not uphold out traditional ways of telling everyone, “I wish you a very merry Christmas” for fear that we might offend someone? I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year, too!

James E. Thompson

Mt. Hood-Parkdale

Go see ‘Carol’

If you do nothing else in the way of entertainment this Christmas season, you must go see “A Christmas Carol.” Wonderful adaptation by Gary Young, who stars as Scrooge. He is so wonderful, so funny, so believable, such a treat! Surrounded by a cast that shines. It is such a gift that I will have to see it one more time! Hope to see YOU there!

Maria Kollas

Hood River

‘Repeating History’

It is obvious Republicans refuse to learn from their past mistakes. For a decade leading up to the collapse of the economy in 1929, Republicans held control of our government. The depression that followed was crushing. The policies they put in place were tax cuts for the rich and blind faith in trickledown economics. The Republican controlled government and put this same failed economic policy into play — tax cuts for the rich and blind faith in trickledown economics. The 2007 recession was the results of those Republican policies.

Today, this same economic plan is in place because Republicans hold full control of our government. We will see the same devastating results in the very near future. The Bull market is set for the Bear to come charging in. And he will. The stock market is way out of whack and will we will all — well most of us — feel the pain when the crash comes. Let’s just hope it is only a recession, not another 1929-style Great Depression.

William Jennings Bryan made this statement in 1896: “There are two ideas of government. There are those who believe that if you will only legislate to make the well-to-do prosperous, their prosperity will leak through on those below. The Democratic idea, however, has been that if you legislate to make the masses prosperous, their prosperity will find its way up through every class which rests upon them.” This is the obvious difference between Republicans and Democrats and the economic policies they follow. Trickledown economics has failed in EVERY economy throughout the world throughout history. We are about to see it happen again.

Gary Fields

Hood River

Silence on Mali, Yemen raids

Do you remember Yakla? It’s in Yemen, close to the center, and on Jan. 29 of this year, we performed a military strike there. More than a dozen civilian women and children killed, and a member of Seal Team 6 also lost his life. This was our president’s first venture into raids against Al Qaeda in a country we weren’t at war with.

How about Mali? Remember that at least one American death, several wounded, and an unknown number of local troops wounded or killed.

Remember Benghazi, Libya? When that happened, there were screams from the Republican members of the U.S. House and Senate for investigations. As I remember, they occurred and found nothing, although Republicans continued to cry for repeats of them all during the election.

My question: Why have we heard nothing about investigations into the failed raids in Yemen and Mali? It seems incredibly quiet in Congress these days when it comes to investigating mistakes made by the president.

Rob Brostoff

Cascade Locks

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