Letters to the Editor for Feb. 8

War, when?

The previous Republican president led us into two wars, one lasting 16 years, the other 14 years and counting. By some estimates, the aforementioned wars costing three (3) trillion dollars, most borrowed from China.

Wondering what the one now is up to?

I am a Republican, who served in the infantry in Korea.

Bill Perkins

Hood River

Alternative laws

President Trump repeatedly stated during his run for POTUS that, “We need to be a country of laws,” and “We need to have judges who uphold the law.”

Now elected, POTUS has decided the legislative and judicial branches of government so important when President Obama was in office perhaps are not so important after all. Even when a federal judge rules an executive order illegal, President Trump responds as if he has a better understanding of U.S. law. POTUS also fired Attorney General Sally Yates for performing her job, which is designed to uphold U.S. law.

The president has said he has created “a cabinet with the highest IQ by far of any in history.” That may be, Mr. President, but your pants are definitely on fire.

Steve Kaplan

Hood River

Parking enforcement

Ever since our snowpocalypse began almost two months ago, there have been ongoing letters and community discussions about the state of public and private snow management in the city. Shaming has obviously had little impact on the sorry state of the city roads and sidewalks.

I have just returned from a trip to the Colorado Rockies. The cities of Aspen and Glenwood Springs proactively act to clear their streets and sidewalks. They have ticketed and towed snowbound vehicles parked on public streets and ticketed citizens and businesses for failure to remove snow from their sidewalks.

It is well past time for the City of Hood River to enforce the numerous ordinances already on the city books regarding parking and snow management. The city itself is guilty of not adequately clearing their own parking lots and the sidewalks that abut city property. Furthermore, our police department seems to have no problem continuing to cite overtime parking, but ignoring the much more serious issues of snow and ice buildup that narrows roads and sends pedestrians into the street or onto their backsides. Responsibility rests with the elected officials and city staff to alleviate the dangerous conditions that currently exist by enforcing the laws.

Brian Robb

Hood River

Divided we fall

About 2,000 years ago, the wisest man ever to have set foot on this created earth was quoted as saying, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” Then in 1858, our “proud and wise” Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, repeated this quote in his 1858 House speech, thus saying, ”A house divided against itself cannot stand …”

Therefore, is it the goal of you Democrats and your fellow un-American and non-citizen supporters to destroy America’s foundation by creating these chaotic upheavals?

In 1768, Founding Father John Dickinson stated, “United we stand, divided we fall.’’

Alan Winans

Hood River


I can feel America becoming “great again.”

Jerry Giarraputo

Hood River

For Morrison Park

There is a beautiful 5-acre natural woodland between the Rotary Skate Park and the freeway. Many of you have wandered there among the big trees, maybe sat on a rock in the sun or met a friend for lunch in the shade of an old oak. Maybe your children have picked berries and discovered wildflowers and bugs along the stream. As teenagers, maybe they’ll they play frisbee golf there, or walk the trail down to the Columbia River. Or maybe they won’t.

There is now a proposal to re-zone, then sell Morrison Park. The interested developer plans to build about 100 units of low-income housing. We need affordable housing; we will always need more housing, but we need natural spaces too. Re-zoning Morrison sets a precedent for selling off any of our parks for housing, and it forever eliminates a piece of native Hood River that belongs to all of us, a piece that is especially important for those who don’t have a backyard or garden.

Spending time outside is important for our physical and emotional health; it is why we have parks. It is an antidote to the near-constant time spent indoors with TVs and computers and cell phones. It allows us to experience the world with all our senses, motivates us to walk and run and climb, feel restored and connected.

While other cities are trying to reclaim open green space, we have the opportunity to prevent the loss in the first place. If you are in favor of keeping this unique woodland park for people of all incomes and all ages, please write to our planning department, cindy@ci.hood-river.or.us, by Feb. 10, or come to the public hearing at City Hall on the 21st at 5:30 p.m.

Amy Peterson

Hood River


We are three weeks in to the new administration in Washington, D.C. It is apparent that President Trump has failed to keep his campaign promises, lied about releasing his tax returns, and in a remarkably short time created chaos with his decisions and executive orders. He demeaned a federal judge with a petulant tweet and shows a willingness to limit women’s reproductive and immigrant rights. There are many other issues he has promoted that rightly deserve criticism, including his approach to relations with our allies.

With no indication that he is likely to change his behavior, I would like to ask this question of Rep. Walden: At what point do you personally, and your GOP colleagues collectively, decide that the welfare of our country takes precedence over loyalty to a man who is unfit to serve as president?

Larry Jacoby

Hood River


Ducks, dunkers and diving, geese

plopped in gaggles, harrying hawks

soaring with sky-tailing eagles:

waterfront traveling tricksters.

Merriment of dappled colors,

snowbound reminders of

changing seasons and lives,

and only love survives.

(February 2017)

Ted James

Hood River

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valleycat1 1 year, 4 months ago

To Alan Winans: The demonstrations are not creating the split in America, it has been there a long long time; one could argue that the USA was founded on splitting off from the ruling government, and from the days of the Constitutional conventions there have been widely divergent views of how to accomplish national goals. Some administrations have been more tumultuous than others.

I would also point out that for the past 8 years, and still counting, President Obama was and is blamed by the Republicans for every single thing that happened in the world during those years, before then and now that he is out of office. It is POTUS45's and the Republicans' turn to shoulder that burden. He won the election and vowed to unite the country, and look how well that is going so far. Perhaps if he were not setting an example of attention-seeking radical statements and behavior, the other side would not have to resort to the same to be heard too. He and the Republican Congress do not have an overwhelming mandate and they need to remain or be made aware of that fact. We shall persist in making that happen.


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