Letters to the Editor for May 6

Russo, Truax for schools

David Russo and Rich Truax are excellent school board members who deserve your vote for re-election. Their commitment to our school district and the success of our students is unwavering. I have worked with both of them and appreciate their thoughtful and intelligent approach to the many challenging issues facing public education today. Please join me in supporting the re-election of David Russo and Rich Truax for school board.

Liz Whitmore

Hood River

Vote for Everitt

John Everitt has been involved in our community for many years, working on Waterfront Park, chairing the Hood River City Planning Commission, and serving on the budget committees for both the parks district and the port. The fact that John has taken the time to attend meetings and study the port’s budget before running to be a commissioner is a compelling reason to vote for him. John has worked hard to educate himself about the issues facing the port and he cares deeply about integrating the various entities involved in guiding Hood River’s future.

But John’s willingness to listen and keep learning is the more important reason I’m supporting him for Position 2 for the Hood River Port Commission. John will be effective because he thinks clearly and doesn’t confine his interactions to just one group of stakeholders in our community.

The port faces many challenges today, among them bridge replacement, industrial development and coordination with other government entities. John brings the communication skills needed in negotiating solutions to these issues.

Jennifer Euwer


Keep kids safe

Yes, you can. So do it. Soon. Don’t wait. I mean to stun you! You could have been one of the folks who makes sure kids in your house stay safe this year. Last year, according to KATU Channel 2, 50 kids fell out of upstairs windows and died! That stuns us, strikes dread, but they showed us some ways to help:

1) You need to make sure windows don’t open more than four inches. You can buy a “stop” to install that they can’t reach.

2) For windows that open out, not up, stores sell large plastic grids that let in air, keep the kids safe, for $16, more or less.

3) Make a no kid zone on the floor that comes two feet out from the window.

Would it make you happy to take care of this? Don’t let this fright come here.

Donna J. Gray-Davis

Hood River

Paid to protest

Why does the large as a barge liberal media hate and despise the lightweight canoe-size conservative media? There is a simple three-word answer: The truth hurts. Finally … at last … after years of extensive and intensive investigational scrutiny, we learn that all of those “spontaneous” nationwide protests dastardly designed to derail what could be a triumphant Trump train are skillfully planned and paid for by a flock of Democrat millionaires. Or let’s put it this way: “Give them the green and they’ll get mean.”

Bill Davis

Hood River

‘A complete hoax’

In response to the letter of Robert Flecker, “Can’t pick and choose,” of April 26: Concerning climate change, he accused Walden of skirting the issue. Flecker, “as a scientist,” questioned Walden’s credentials “to refute the consensus view held by climate scientists worldwide.” He states that “97 percent of published climate scientists agree that humans are responsible for climate change.”

Especially as a scientist, Flecker should know that the discovery of truth is not established by consensus of opinion, even by climate scientists. It is discovered by accurate, reproducible facts (evidence).

Flecker seems to think that only scientists have the ability and right to evaluate science questions. Certainly, climate is very complex. But I think that any reasonably intelligent person with a desire to know the truth can, with the proper information.

More accurate information can be obtained at climatedeopt.com at friendsofscience.org.

An excellent guide format to manage science by scientific method are eight useful criteria developed at guidelinesforscience.com.

Design was objective (unbiased by advocacy for a preferred hypothesis). CO2 has been advocated as the main cause of climate change, but the sun and other factors were downplayed.

Findings are useful (can be applied to achieve better outcome).

Prior scientific knowledge was comprehensively reviewed and summarized. In 1970, concern was about global cooling, which did not occur. Then concern was about global warming, which did not occur. Now it’s about climate change, which has always occurred.

Disclosure is comprehensive (sufficient for understanding and replication).

Data are valid and reliable. There are examples of false values from raw data.

Methods are value (proven fit for purpose) and simple. Computer models have been wrong on predictions.

Experimental evidence was used to test all reasonable hypotheses. The sun’s activities have good correlation with climate change.

Conclusions are consistent with the evidence. The conclusion is that CO2 is not the main cause of climate change, but the sun is.

It is obvious that some very serious errors of the scientific method have occurred under “climate science.” In many cases, it is pseudoscience and a complete hoax, foisted upon others in a fanatical, bullying manner.

Donald Rose, MD

Hood River

Drone racing

Let’s get drone racing of the Mid-Columbia to be located at Barrett RC park. Compete in drone racing, multiGP. Compete with the best.

Paul Nevin

Hood River

For Kraemer, Cavaleri

Our local election has produced a large number of candidates and I would like to give my personal recommendation for two people running for the HRV Parks and Recreation District board. All of the candidates have good qualities and the desire to serve the community, which I commend and applaud. However, only two can be elected. The two I would recommend are Anna Cavaleri and Nick Kraemer.

Anna is already involved with the district as a volunteer on the advisory committee studying the condition of the existing swimming pool and the district budget committee. I sit on the advisory committee with Anna and I have found her to be someone that supports partnerships to get things completed and is an excellent collaborator. She will be an asset for negotiating potential opportunities for future parks and recreational facilities, and her legal experience will be extremely valuable. I also find Anna to be a good listener and a person that is easy to work with. She will encourage public input and will represent us all very well.

Nick Kraemer is also a candidate that I personally endorse. Nick brings skills to the board that are needed at this time with the development of the district’s Master Plan for parks and facilities. Nick is a land use planner and is willing to serve on the board to assist with these future projects. Nick is also a good listener and does his research before making decisions. There is great potential for park and open space development in our valley, and I can’t think of a better person for providing this guidance than Nick.

Two very talented and energetic people that I trust will do a great job. Join me in supporting Anna Cavaleri and Nick Kraemer for the HRV Parks and Recreation Board.

Mike Schend

Hood River

Triage the trash

Triage the trash

cans now embedded

to rend our middens...

beauty ebbs…

Ted James

Hood River

For Hankins Elliott

I am writing to endorse Corinda Hankins Elliott for School Board Position 3. I have seen first-hand Corinda’s dedication to our children’s education and well-being through her work as a pediatrician and during countless hours volunteering with students. She has been the main organizer of a reading club and a fitness week at May Street Elementary, as well as a coach of soccer teams, Oregon Battle of the Books and Lego Robotics teams. I know Corinda cares deeply about our community and the success of the students in our public schools. Please join me in re-electing Corinda Hankins Elliott to the school board.

Sara Marsden

Hood River

For Carlstrom

I wanted to let you know that Brian Carlstrom is running for the Port of Hood River Position 1. Brian founded Windance Sailboards Hood River in 1983 and sold it in 2008. He has always been an active member of our community, even during a brief hiatus the family took in Canada, so their family could experience their mother Lorraine Carlstrom’s culture. Brian has served on various committees for the port, including the bridge study group, and several waterfront group committees.

He has experience and understands the tough issues the port is facing — bridge replacement, waterfront development, airport expansion — and will give a balanced review of all issues without any pre-conceived business interests. He understands the complex issues the port will be facing and will work hard to serve all of us.

He would be a great choice for Port Commissioner Position 1.

Ann Frodel

Hood River

Helfrich for Port

I am appealing to you to vote for Jeff Helfrich for the Hood River Port Commission. I have worked with Jeff in our community on economic development projects for several years; we also served together on the Cascade Locks City Council.

I found Jeff to be a no-nonsense visionary who is always focused on affecting positive change. He and his wife Shawna have two preschoolers, which makes him fiercely dedicated to family and the well-being of his community. Please vote for Jeff Helfrich for Hood River Port Commission. He will serve your community well.

Brad Lorang

Cascade Locks

Janik for Library

Megan Janik is on our ballot for the position of board member for the Hood River County Library District. Megan has been a conscientious and responsible member of this community for many years.

She sets and maintains personal and professional goals, and she is able to be congenial while living up to her beliefs and convictions regarding serious issues.

Megan has a love of books, traveling, indoor and outdoor activities and projects, with a strong sense of loyalty to family and friends.

Please join me in voting for Megan Janik for Hood River County Library District Board.

Robbie Lee

Cascade Locks

Truax for Port

I encourage you to vote for Svea Truax for Port Position 2. I have known her for many years, including watching her raise her two children to be successful community members. She is intelligent, thoughtful and has integrity and a team building personality. I enjoy discussions with Svea and her regard for all sides of an issue. She will be a great addition to the Hood River public service community in the position for port.

Corinda Hankins Elliott

Hood River

For Everitt

We are voting for John Everitt for Port Commissioner Position 2. John is interested, engaged, and informed about the important issues facing the port and Hood River area. He is a good listener, attends meetings to be well informed, and will work hard to represent the citizens of the Columbia Gorge. Please join us in voting for John Everitt, Position 2.

Mike and Nancy Clement

Hood River

Cavaleri and Kraemer

As your ballots arrive this week, you will notice many names in the running for the parks district. Two of them are incumbents, and seven of them are unhappy enough with the direction the current board has been taking that they wish to see change. One of those seven names is mine, Will Smith. There are many qualified candidates, but I am worried that the large number of options may dilute the votes and the current board will remain unchanged. It was too late to officially withdraw my name, so instead I have decided to support the candidacy of Nick Kraemer and Anna Cavaleri.

As a rural land use planner, as well as a Hood River City Planning Commissioner, I am enthusiastic about planning healthy communities.

Land use patterns have a major impact on a community’s well-being and the proper administration of local parks and trails plays a major role in encouraging active living. With Nick’s long running, local, professional understanding of Oregon’s unique statewide planning program, including Scenic Area-specific concerns, he is the ideal candidate to tackle this issue in the future as Westside planning efforts continue. Anna has already proven her dedication and wisdom as a member of the parks district budget committee, and with her ability to effectively engage in the public process, will be most valuable to our community as a full board member herself.

The greatest challenge in the area is maintaining the proper balance between affordable housing and park needs. As Hood River grows rapidly, it will be crucial to ensure that both are developed to adequately serve the needs of a thriving, healthy city. Containing dense housing and associated developed parks within the Urban Growth Boundary also helps preserve critical farm and forestland in the county.

Nick and Anna understand these issues, and as the Master Planning process approaches, will effectively integrate the needs of a diverse countywide population into the future of parks planning.

Vote for Nick Kraemer and Anna Cavaleri!

Will Smith

Hood River

Vote Sheppard

Ben Sheppard is running for Port Position 1, which is currently held by Fred Duckwall. I have known Ben his whole life and have always admired his work ethic, intelligence and commitment to community. His years of experience with Sheppard’s equipment has provided him with first-hand experience within the agricultural industry of our valley. But he understands that it isn’t just about industry enhancement. Ben has lived here most of his life and seen the many changes that have transpired. His commitment to youth sports is evidence of his understanding of the balance between livability and economic development. I am honored to endorse Ben Sheppard for Port Position 1.

Mike Oates


‘Evasive’ species?

Is it evasive or invasive, Oregon Species Council? We as Oregonians are encouraged by state wildlife officials and the Oregon Invasive Species Council to do our part.

Just maybe if these agencies did their part and lead by example they wouldn’t need to be pleading for our help. Case in point, I just wonder when was the last time that someone from one of these two agencies stood at Bonneville Dam and viewed the onslaught of salmon, sturgeon or steelhead by the “invasion” of the California or Steller sea lion and seals? Lord help us if a sea lion finds its way into the turtle ponds.

Ron Fateley

Hood River

Johnson and rail safety

On June 3, 2016, a Union Pacific oil train derailed in Mosier, exploding in flames. The train derailed just several hundred feet from Mosier School, almost incinerating hundreds of children. These Mosier residents are just a few miles away from Rep. Mark Johnson’s district; one would think he would be leading the charge to protect our communities and our rivers from the threat of oil by rail.

Instead, Johnson voted to oppose common-sense measures to improve oil train emergency response and hold railroads accountable.

Rep. Barbara Smith Warner introduced HB 2131, which would require oil spill contingency plans, fees to railroads, and require railroads to carry enough insurance to cover a worst-case oil train derailment. Similar laws are already in place in California and Washington. The City of Hood River, Hood River County, and Mosier all support HB 2131.

Unfortunately, Rep. Mark Johnson doesn’t support this bill that would better protect us from oil trains. Rep. Johnson introduced amendments supported by Union Pacific that would gut the bill. Incredibly, during a recent public hearing in which I testified, he even suggested to Union Pacific representatives that Union Pacific just needs to work on having a better PR campaign! When Rep. Johnson’s efforts to scuttle HB 2131 failed, he voted against the bill and therefore against our safety.

As a 20-year veteran professional firefighter, an emergency manager, and after serving over 10 year as a Hood River city councilor, I know that oil by rail will never be safe. Rep. Johnson needs to stop running interference for Union Pacific and support strong, sensible legislation like HB 2131 that will help protect our communities.

Please contact Rep. Johnson and remind him that his district is here in Hood River, on the Union Pacific tracks, not in Omaha where Union Pacific’s headquarters are located. Ask him to support HB 2131 and quit trying to weaken it: Rep.MarkJohnson@state.or.us; 503-986-1452.

Laurent Picard

Hood River

Salem: Fund K-12

It’s Oregon biennial budget time and in Oregon that seems to mean cuts to K-12. I encourage you to please email or call Salem legislators to fund K-12 at a level of at least $8.4 billion. You did this two years ago and it made a difference! While Oregon’s state budget total has steadily increased, K-12 has consistently received a smaller percentage of that budget. For example, in 2003, K-12 received 45 percent of the budget, whereas today our Salem legislature is proposing less than 38 percent of the budget. The current Salem proposed budget forces HRCSD to cut our programs and still spend $2.1 million in onetime reserves that we worked very hard to save.

Please — email or call Rep. Nancy Nathanson and Sen. Richard Devlin (Ways & Means co-chairs), Gov. Kate Brown, legislators state-wide, and our local legislators (who already support improved K-12 funding, but correspondence in their pocket helps the cause) and demand K-12 funding of at least $8.4 billion for this biennium. See www.oregonlegislature.gov for all contact info.

This is requesting $600 million additional state funding to Oregon K-12 out of a record high Oregon total state revenue of over $20 billion. This just gets us a budget to cover state and federal imposed costs that we have no control over (PERS, health care, federal education program cuts).

We’re not asking for much here to support our K-12 kids. If you receive a response, it will probably be full of excuses, but don’t be swayed — your advocacy on the last budget cycle made a difference and it will again. NOW is critical to supporting all of Oregon’s K-12 kids including ours here in HRCSD.

Thank you for taking the five minutes to send that email or make that call to help our K-12 kids future — it will make a difference.

Rich Truax, Board Member At-Large

Hood River

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