Letters to the Editor for Nov. 18


Roy Moore’s accusers are believable because there are more than one and they (five women) shared their stories when they happened.

Donald Trump’s number is 16 so far and they told their stories when it happened. Additionally, he admitted such acts (plural, according to him) on tape.

Moore went after children while Trump likes more developed targets.

Why is Trump being totally excused by his party even if the ages of his victims are less shocking? Is it because Republicans care about protecting children, but their sisters not so much (or, apparently, not at all)?

Are these the same partisans who went after Bill Clinton and who get loud about Democratic contributor Harvey Weinstein?

Bob Williams

Hood River


Reflecting on the Republican misguided tax proposal, the words of Charles Dickens find life again:

Scrooge: "Spirit, do not those of high estate also claim needs?"

Spirit of Christmas Present: "There are some upon this earth of yours, who lay claim to know us, and who do their deeds of passion, pride, ill-will, hatred, envy, bigotry, and selfishness in our name, who are as strange to us and all our kith and kin, as if they had never lived. Remember that, and charge their doings on themselves, not us."

The Republican Congress is much in need of a visit from Marley’s ghost and the three Christmas Spirits!

Gary Young

Hood River

Help shelter

Not too many years ago, a young man froze to death on the streets of Hood River. Thank goodness, we now have a warming shelter that’s determined not to let that happen again. It opens this Sunday, and you can help. It’s run completely by volunteers, and I encourage you to sign up.

When I think of guests I’ve known over the past 6-7 years, I think of the Latino couple with two kids, or the young guy who had to be awakened at 4:30 am. to catch the Mt. Hood Meadows bus to his job, or the woman who wrote beautiful prose, or the middle-aged man who put on a coat and tie each morning and went off to his job. These people were temporarily homeless, yes, but they were fine people and very grateful to have a warm, safe place for the night.

Sure, some of the guests drink too much during the day, and I personally wish they didn’t. But they don’t cause problems at the shelter, since they know they’ll be kicked out if they do. And the last I heard, alcoholism was a disease — and certainly not one that deserves death by freezing.

Thanks to the great folks at Riverside Community Church, the shelter will be at the same convenient, downtown location for the entire season.

There’s one room for the guests, bathrooms, a place for meals, and a separate room for volunteers.

I always work the overnight shift, but you could work in the evening (roughly 6-10 p.m.) or the morning (roughly 5-7 a.m.). There are always two volunteers on duty, so you’ll have both help and company. Plus, if you’re a newbie, you can be paired with a veteran as you learn the ropes.

I know we all have lots of things to do, but do we really NOT have a few hours — just once a month — to help people stay alive during the winter?

If you want to help — and I hope you will — contact the shelter leaders at hoodriverws@gmail.com.

Mike Hendricks

Hood River

Join the party

The United States has had literally hundreds of political parties with many historical and hysterical names like the very progressive sounding Looking Back Party (circa 1984). Another, the Democratic-Republican Party (circa 1782), apparently in an attempt to bridge the progressive-conservative chasm, folded after realizing the futility of its quest. Two have managed to maintain dominance over any would-be challengers.

So, who are the Ds and Rs who are attempting to guide our country through these very challenging times? Democrats, known as Liberals (from “liberate”) by the Rs, prefer to be labeled Progressives (from “progress”) by the Ds. Both parties acknowledge Republicans as Conservatives (from “conserve”). The Rs seem to be proud of their conservative ways, so one should be interested in what it is they’re conserving, for whom and at what cost. Likewise, is progress a good thing, who benefits and at what cost?

My challenge — do I support the Looking Forward Party or the Looking Back Party?

Russell Hurlbert

Mt. Hood-Parkdale

Support Tim White

I’m writing in support of a different sort of candidate for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District. Different because of his independence from party dogma and a real desire to see real benefit to the residents of our district. His name is Tim White and if you examine his positions you’ll find that he doesn’t conform to the “identity politics,” which Steve Bannon rightly identified as the Democrat’s vulnerability. Yes, he is in full support of ensuring the rights of all of us, whether we are of a racial minority, LGBTQ, female or male, and especially those of us in the working middle class who have been left behind in times of economic boom.

More importantly, he believes we must stop the wave of undoing the progress our country has made on many fronts. Our health care system needs to be fixed, not discarded. Tim believes the ACA deficiencies can be fixed if our Representatives would work together and stop the partisan bickering. Our Veterans Administration is in trouble, leaving our heroic military veterans in a sea of paperwork and bureaucratic delays. Tim believes we can do better by providing adequate funding for facilities and staff and by holding the VA management accountable. Remember the economic ditch we were in during 2007 and 2008? The GOP is now proposing to gut the protections put in place to prevent a recurrence of that mess — eliminate Dodd-Frank and the supervisory authority of the Consumer Protection Agency.

So, it’s time for Greg Walden to retire. Can I honestly say Oregon’s 2nd District is on a stronger economic footing than that of 18 years ago? Are our veterans being better served? Has Walden introduced any legislation of substance during his tenure? I believe the answer to each of these three questions is no. And I think we need someone who will truly represent us.

Take a look at Tim White. I think you’ll find that he will more than measure up on both counts. Visit his website at timwhiteoregoncd2.com for discussions on key issues and how you can support his candidacy.

Gerry Mueller



In recent months, I’ve had two packages taken from my doorstep. As the holidays approach and we shop online, please be aware and make sure you get your items inside or ask that a call notice be left. Better yet, shop local and help out your neighbors even more!

It makes me sad to know that this is happening in our homes. Let’s make sure we are all good neighbors and watch out for one another.

Thank you!

Rheva Wren

Hood River

Wy’east HEALTH Media Club urges safe, healthy choices

I think that parents should not drink alcohol and drive because you can die or go to the hospital, and get other people killed or put them in the hospital. Instead you can celebrate the holidays with your family. Do not do drugs because you can hurt your family or your loved ones, your pets or friends.

I am in the Wy’east Middle School HEALTH Media Club.

Andy Cardenas

Hood River

Do not let kids drink. Drugs and smoking are bad for kids and if kids smoke, they can even be sent to the hospital and kids get killed by smoking drugs. I love when people don’t drink when they are driving, and I love when families are together instead of drinking and smoking.

Lastly, don’t smoke and waste your life, go on and be with your family and kids. Don’t smoke.

I am in the Wy’east Middle School Health Media Club and I don’t drink.

Christopher Cruz


I don’t think anyone should use drugs or alcohol, including cigarettes and beer. It can affect your health and your family’s relationships. Especially during the holidays. Would you rather be in the hospital or at home with your family?

P.S. This is Wy’east Middle School HEALTH Media Club advice.

Erandy Galindo

Hood River

Do not use substances like alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. They can harm you around the holidays and possibly put you in the hospital or kill you. It is better to have fun with family than using drugs.

The holidays are meant to be spent with family and friends. Do not use alcohol. It can harm you, like in a car crash. This is Wy’east Middle School HEALTH Media Club advice.

P.S. This can be good advice one day.

Juliana Moore

Hood River

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