Letters to the Editor for Oct. 7


Is it more important that the agenda of the NRA be protected than the healthcare of vulnerable Americans?

If you are an elected GOP Representative, the answer is obvious and an affront to decency.

Larry Jacoby

Hood River

Government and ‘the magic hand’

I am old enough to remember when the great majority of us gave government the benefit of the doubt. I suspect this was the result of the continuing influence of the generations that lived through World War II, the “good” war, fought for the benefit of us all. Then came Vietnam and the civil rights movement. The generations that lived through them eventually voted for an actor named Ronald our oligarchs (job creators) hired to play the role of president because he said government is the problem, not the solution. The rich objected to the mandatory suggestions that they should act like the welfare of their employees, and the environment, mattered. They knew for a fact that the only thing that mattered was their quarterly profits. The righteous had profound objections to desegregation and religions that weren’t Christian.

I believe no one has been more inconvenienced than me by the culvert repair of the 12th Street under pass at the Indian Creek Trail (see Kaleidoscope, April 8, 2017). My father was a career federal employee (National Park Service) who loved his job, so I inherently lean toward trusting the government. I must confess, despite this, even I felt a little disappointment at first sight of little visible evidence of the work that took half-a-dozen men most of the summer. I have no doubt the Fox News faithful would have no doubt that they did no work at all. It was just another example of government waste and incompetence. Corporations have spent trillions of dollars trying to undermine the credibly of our government because its regulations cut into profit. They have been dangerously successful. Nothing would please them more than the return to six, 12-hour work days a week, including children. The magic hand of the marketplace would keep them from harm in the machinery. The freedom to dump their toxic waste in our rivers would greatly enhance their profit. Government is the only thing stopping them. We can either vote to tax each other more, or we can remove the remaining, ever feebler, fetters left on corporations and let them take over completely.

David Warnock

Hood River


My love for humanity is deep. My heart is so confused with the violent attacks on one another. I was raised in an extremely abusive home. I knew this kind of behavior was not of love. It was fear. It did not make me feel good. I don't like hurting people or myself, but I have. I had some deep, fall-to-my-knees moments and a few train wrecks.

This gave me the opportunity to wake up and take responsibility for my life and for my choices. It gave me the power to heal the Hitler in me.

Yes, we all have a Hitler in us that needs to be loved. The Hitler is where I separate from the truth and the love and peace that is all around me. If I let it in. We are responsible and it is our job to do the work in ourselves to become more compassionate, kind and more present. We have a tendency to numb and disengage and stay asleep and hide. Here are some of the ways I observe we do this: overeating, drugs, alcohol, sex, violent shows and sexually inappropriate shows, shopping, too much exercise, being busy all the time, lack of communication, lack of stillness, lack of empathy, giving our power away, control, greed. We are not alone — we are in this together. We must walk hand in hand from darkness to light. What I do to myself, I do to you. What I do to you, I do to myself. No exceptions. If this message from my heart pushes your buttons, I am the mirror and I am reflecting back to you as you are for me. Thank you, all the precious souls who gave their lives in Las Vegas to mirror where we are wounded, lost, confused and feeling separate from love. May peace fill your heart. May you feel safe and free from harm. May forgiveness make you free and light in body, mind and spirit. May you look upon yourself and others with the eyes of understanding and love.

Holly Nelson



I watched the Ken Burns film regarding the Vietnam War. As a veteran, there were many things that struck me while watching. One item, of many, that struck me while watching seems relevant in our overly politically correct times was the communist’s locking, gating and bulldozing of South Vietnamese graveyards and monuments. Trying to humiliate and erase history — is that what we are attempting to do with removal and destruction of Confederate statues? When those things are removed, one does not remove or change history; what is lost is the opportunity to learn from that history and the opportunity to provide context and closure. It should not be hidden or forgotten.

Vietnam is one country politically. Vietnam is still divided culturally and philosophically. Ask many of the thousands who were put into “re-education” camps. The United States is one county; it has cultural differences and divides. History should not be written and viewed from the victor’s side. One’s history is in all the pieces.

Steve Nybroten

White Salmon

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