Letters to the Editor for Sept. 23 edition

Bridge toll tie-ups

With the current need to use Highway 14, I would like to suggest that the toll-takers on the Hood River Bridge wave people through when the traffic conditions are tied up. On Saturday, we had a one-mile tie-up on Highway 14 waiting to turn at the light to get onto the bridge. When we made a comment to the toll-taker, she disregarded our feedback. It would be great to ask the drivers what the situation is and act accordingly.

Sue Gaulke

Hood River

Clearcut sidestep

Enough smoke and mirrors. Looking at postings on Representative Greg Walden’s Facebook page as well as his website, I found no mention of the Columbia Gorge Clearcut Act that he introduced on Sept. 8, 2017 (the Eagle Creek Fire started on Sept. 2).

There is information, however, about the reintroduction of the Resilient Federal Forests Act, which is yet another attempt for forest management in disguise.

Sneaking in the Columbia Gorge Clearcut Act is an outrage. Expediting logging? Suspending in perpetuity, environmental protection laws?

Avoiding accountability and restricting the rights of U.S. citizens in order to fast-track logging of National Scenic Areas?

What is he thinking? Every piece of information coming out about the Eagle Creek fire in the Columbia River Gorge about restoration is to wait, assess, and then plan. Fast tracking clear-cutting is obviously another attempt to benefit Walden’s corporate partners who are now drooling over an opportunity to take advantage of this tragedy in the Columbia River Gorge.

There seems to be a theme here.


Beverly Sherrill

Hood River

Just a thought

I am 363 years old today. I am an old fat tree.

But we are on fire, so we made your skies grey.

We are so hot! Why don’t you stay?

So great for you, we can’t run away.

We’re burning hot, from some kids at play.

So what can we burn of yours today?

Now there is a backup like never before.

See what we can do, shut down I-84.

Now these children’s parents wear a mark on their sleeves.

Ain’t our fault, now that you cannot breathe.

Are you mad in your minds of what these kids did?

So sad, did you cry? Burning this beauty. Oh why, oh why?

And all of the animals, the ones whom must die …

But think of Harvey and Irma as Bonnie and Clyde.

The total of humans and the ones who have died.

Does it outweigh the kids? And what they now must feel inside?

Their loss — our loss. Mother nature burning, and the Lord is boss!

Hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms with big ice chips.

All this crap started after the solar eclipse.

The fire, the floods and all of this displacement!

And don’t lose sight of what’s bigger yet! It could be even worse!

It makes all the mentioned seem so small.

In time the states and land will heal and yes, we always mend.

That possibility that our bloods could blend.

You can pray to the Lord on high or shout out “Momma Mia!”

The outcome of us! And that country called North Korea.

Marty Boyer

White Salmon, Wash.

Grand data theft

Our data is being stolen, our elections compromised, and neither our government or our companies seem to care as it’s been going on almost since the beginning of the internet, and according to Wikipedia, it’s occurred over 200-plus times and counting — many companies have been hacked multiple times. A partial list running mostly alphabetically would include Adobe Systems, Affinity Health Plan, Ameritrade, Apple, AT&T, Barnes & Noble, Citigroup, the Colorado governor, Countrywide, DHS (federal), DNC, Facebook, Target, and Equifax, and apparently announced today, the SEC, according to an article in Washington Post.

Equifax was so large that most adults in America could potentially be affected. We are told to check our credit reports, amongst other things, to protect ourselves because those who collect our data don’t care whether it’s stolen or how we’re affected; if they did care, they could have fixed this problem long ago. Why aren’t the companies and agencies who have collected this data held responsible for its protection and the protection of those who’ve been compromised? Where are the penalties for such behavior? Why hasn’t Congress done more to protect citizens from this theft?

In addition, why hasn’t Congress done anything to secure our elections in 2018 and beyond? There have been questions about our elections at least since Tammany Hall, through Kennedy/Nixon, Bush/Gore, and now the last election — there are questions of Russian hacking of the last election, and we know that the Chinese have hacked U.S. companies and our government.

Some states are using voting machines with no paper trails so we never can count on their accuracy or not being hacked. It’s time that our data and elections be made secure. Congress and the states have had nearly 20 years to do so on the internet. Have you heard any Congressperson from any state push for reform of either data security or our elections? So where are Walden, Wyden and Merkley on this? I haven’t heard a word. Shouldn’t this be a bipartisan issue?

Rob Brostoff

Cascade Locks

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