Letters to the Editor for April 4 edition

Walden upholds

I acknowledge the Greg Walden campaign signs that bring attention to his acceptance of $39,000 from the NRA. I thank you, the installer, for recognizing Greg’s belief in and respects for the writings of our 1791 Bill of Rights composer, the renowned Patrick Henry.

This is a mere “drop-in-the-bucket” compared to the Labor Unions contributions to the Democratic Party in return for their support.

What must be understood is Mr. Walden’s motives for upholding the Constitution of the United States of America which includes the Bill of Rights and its Second Amendment, “The Right to Bear Arms” (only on the homeowners’ premises). Period!

Does this sign installer have a solution to these mass murders/killings? Perhaps: “Just say NO!” Or, to keep it simple, erect signs that say, “STOP;” it’s against the law to “bear arms on these premises.” (We all stop at stop signs, don’t you?)

Likened to these murderers: wasn’t President Abraham Lincoln shot and killed by a disturbed-minded man using a single shot, muzzle loading, pocket size pistol?

Therefore, how can the NRA and U.S. Representative Greg Walden’s upholding the Constitution of our United States be associated with these many sick minded shooters’ killings?

Perhaps the aforementioned Walden campaign sign installer could explain the what, why, and who the NRA is?

Thank you for recognizing Greg Walden’s leadership skills and working with the NRA and upholding our Constitution!

Alan Winans

Hood River

‘Built-in failure’

There is a reason these guys appointed someone who lied to us about Trump’s weight and health and who has NO experience administering anything, ever, to head an enormous agency they want to destroy. And made Secretary of Education an empty head who wants to destroy public education, etc., etc.

Their goal is to destroy our confidence in our governments, so we give up reliance on regulation of their greedy march to owning everything, getting ever richer and richer.

Even the wars they’re planning have that goal of profits for the profit takers.

And stop wondering why they are so weird and friendly to Putin.

These guys, the greedy ones, are open that their goal is reducing government to the size it can be drowned in the bathtub. Why do they hate government so much?

Government protects the majority of us from the powerful — them — who want ever more, with no regulation or brakes and while it exists provides services more cheaply, without profits to the already rich.

And the costs of services come from taxes which they hate, hate, hate, instead of from fees we the regular people would wind up paying, with all and large profits then to them.

Why do you think they would appoint a guy who lies to us about Trump’s health and even his weight (unless he has the muscle mass of a marshmallow) and who has no experience at all in running anything to head the second largest agency, Veterans Administration? By building in failure, it makes their case that government, here the VA, is useless, harmful even.

And of course, they are open they want to destroy, privatize, the agency to make medical services reap profits. “Non-profit” is a dirty word to them, an ugly concept when it comes to government.

Does anybody wonder at the appointment of an empty mind who hates public schools to head an agency they want to destroy? (And by the way, it is the more educated who are more likely to see through them, read the polls). Could they want to privatize (make profit grabbing) all education? Etc., etc.

And it is small wonder Trump is so cozy with Putin and made his earliest actions (three times we know of) getting rid of sanctions on Russia.

There is a half-trillion (no typo here) dollar oil deal on the table between Exxon and Russia which sanctions prevent.


Why did Trump appoint the head of Exxon as Secretary of State, do you think?

If Trump will get just a half percent of the deal, do the math. What do you think Putin’s share is? How much more than just a half percent do you think he would slide Trump’s way for success here?

Bob Williams

Hood River

Trade and PERS

“Trade wars are good and easy to win. — A naive, if not foolish, President Trump quote. We now have tariffs on foreign (Chinese) steel. Who pays for these tariffs? You do, in the form of higher prices on anything containing steel that you purchase. So the Chinese put tariffs on agricultural and high tech products — again who pays? Our state, which is an agricultural state and also a shipping state, California, which is both along with Washington, so we’ll all pay in multiple ways.

In the meantime, we’re watching the uncertainty of higher interest rates, and the uncertainty of the elimination of open/free trade has caused a tumble in our stock markets. Who pays? Again, we do; our retirement money is largely tied up in the stock markets, particularly PERS, as we lose the gains from this year we’ll see higher payments to PERS and PERS like systems in other states cause our government agencies to have to raise more money to make up for what wasn’t gained through investments. This affects our schools, and every other government agency and the services they provide to citizens.

Rob Brostoff

Cascade Locks

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