Letters to the Editor for December 8

'Making America Great Again’

When Democrats take control of the House of Representatives in January, their first order of business will be the real work to make America great again.

The changes will not be tax breaks for the super rich and huge corporations, but instead, they will be for average Americans.

Here is their upper most agenda, (from the Washington Post op-ed by Rep John Sabanes and Nancy Pelosi): “First, let’s end the dominance of money in politics” ... “Next, let’s make sure that when public servants get to Washington, they serve the public” ... “Finally, let’s make it easier, not harder, to vote.”

These changes will be the best re-work of America in our history.

Gary Fields

Hood River

The world watched

There has been much to offend these last two years. Much to suggest that “America the Beautiful” isn’t.

And yet, Wednesday last, as the words of presidential historian John Meacham moved within that which is the National Cathedral eulogizing the late President George H.W. Bush ... the Lord did not turn away.

Robert White

Mt. Hood-Parkdale

Deserves salute

I believe President George Herbert Walker Bush will probably be the best single-term president the United States will ever have. His accomplishments on foreign affairs are quite remarkable. He even put America first when he raised new taxes at the risk of losing his bid for another term. A man who served the office of the presidency with the utmost dignity.

It is only fitting that Americans of all political parties salute him. As Douglas MacArthur once said, “Duty, Honor, Country;” these hallowed words reverently dictate what President Bush was.

Farewell 41, CAVU.

Ron Yamashita

Hood River

Editor’s Note: CAVU means “Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited” and is a Navy pilot’s term for ideal weather when taking off from a Navy aircraft carrier.

Climate response

Regarding Donald Rose’s letter of Dec. 5, I agree with your point about “Example 1.” But your “Example 2” doesn’t support your point. That cartoon was a fair and honest depiction.

Trump frequently lies, and he admitted it! You, and all of us, have witnessed him making promises that he knows are impossible to keep.

The statement, “climate has always changed,” has no bearing on the reasons for the current changes, so please drop that old saw. Before talking about science, one should actually learn some science. I can’t understand why anyone would think that effects of the sun were ignored: Saying that just makes people look foolish. All natural contributions to global warming were added up and they do not account for it.

The Solar Heliospheric Observatory, launched 23 years ago, monitors the sun 24/7. So, realize that sources that suggest it’s caused by the sun are lying to you: Flee them.

The greenhouse effect of CO2 was discovered mid-1800s. That means it has been known for more than a century that too much release of fossil carbon would warm the Earth. Emissions increased, the prediction came true. When suggesting we aren’t causing global warming, you have to have at least a theory as to how it might be possible that we aren’t.

Nobody has even tried and, until someone comes up with a robust theory, climate deniers cannot be taken seriously.

Before talking about conspiracies, try getting thousands of researchers from institutions around the globe to agree on one. Not possible.

Adrian Fields

Hood River


Trump supporters seem so perplexed that everyone else is not ecstatic about his excellency’s performance. I am perplexed why they are perplexed.

I was promised better healthcare at a cheaper price — not even close. I was guaranteed a wall (I did not want) — no wall has appeared. I was promised much lower taxes, but my take-home pay went down.

I was promised safety from a denuclearized North Korea and Rocket Boy. They went on one date and someone swiped left on their Tinder account by accident. I was guaranteed a draining of the swamp and honest dealings.

The White House staff cannot sew black-and-white striped pajamas fast enough for all the skullduggery.

Right-leaning, left-leaning ... What about jerk-leaning? I try to lean away from jerks. POTUS has been acting like a big jerk for quite some time now.

There. I said it.

Please keep those cartoons coming.

Steve Kaplan

Hood River

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