Letters to the Editor for March 14 edition

Good to see Craig

Yes, I am happy to see another contribution by Craig Danner (Hood River News, March 7). Funny, irreverent, spot on! Thank you, Craig! Keep it up!

Maria Kollas

Hood River

‘AR-15 Wanted’ — What happened

In my “AR-15 Wanted” letter in the Feb. 28 edition of the Hood River News, I pledged to let you know (with non-attribution) what happened. I received two phone calls from persons who offered their AR-15s for me to buy. My first question to them: “Are you a dealer?” The first caller honestly answered “Yes,” which I appreciated. I explained that I would not make the purchase because my purpose was not to increase market sales of assault weapons, but to assist someone who had had a change of heart about owning such a weapon, and for them to be able to get rid of it without financial loss.

The second caller was not a dealer, but a person who had an older model AR-15 and saw in my offer an opportunity to sell it and buy a newer model. Again, I appreciated this person’s honesty. We had several good phone conversations, and agreed in the end that I should not make the purchase because it did not fulfill my hoped for outcome.

I received three supportive phone calls, each pledging money to either come alongside in purchasing and destroying an AR-15, or matching my offer if more than one fitting/appropriate AR-15 purchase took place. One of these three persons took the initiative to begin a discussion with a Gorge organization that was planning to raffle an AR-15 as a fundraiser. The result of their discussion, and the ensuing decision by the leadership of that organization, was to raffle a hunting rifle instead. Close enough for me. There was a change of heart.

There will be one less assault weapon among us. In appreciation, I have mailed a check to this organization in the amount of what it would have cost me to buy an AR-15, thanking this fine organization for not raffling an assault weapon.

I invite you to please consider doing the same, or supporting their fundraising with any amount. Call me and I will tell you how, 541-387-2855. It’s been an interesting and positive experience, and for me an exercise in obedience to what I felt my Lord leading me to do.

Dan Armstrong, retired pastor

Hood River

See HRVHS plays

Not only are we surrounded by natural beauty in the Gorge, but also by a rich cultural environment. The HRVHS theater department is presenting two plays right now: “Terra Nova” and “Steel Magnolias.”

I had the joy of watching both this weekend, and I feel so full of theater riches right now that I have to share! Rachel Harry and her students do amazing work.

I felt like I was at Portland Center Stage, yet it was even better because I had the wonder of watching high school students perform, so mature and wise beyond their years. I can still feel the bliss of laughing through my tears during “Steel Magnolias,” and the chill of Antarctic exploration fervor in “Terra Nova.”

Don’t miss out on these riches — get yourself to the theater March 16 and 17!

Erica Roulier

Hood River

Lower drug prices

Why do we pay more than Canadians for prescription drugs? Our manufacturers sell them up there and then charge us more than they charge Canada’s citizens for prescriptions, thus we subsidize the Canadian people’s drug costs. Every citizen in Oregon should be putting pressure on our governor and legislators to insist that Oregonians get the same prices Canadians do. Drug prices could be negotiated with either Canada or with the manufacturers — it doesn’t matter, do what’s most effective for citizens.

We have a state representative and a state senator here; I’ve heard nothing from any legislator about doing this.

Under Kate Brown, we’ve already seen her maintain the Oregon plan and the passage of Measure 101. Now we need a plan for prescription medicine that guarantees us not paying a single penny more than a Canadian citizen in Vancouver or Toronto would.

I’m waiting to hear from Mike McClain, the Republican leader of the House. I couldn’t find mention of a drug plan or single payor on his site. Why aren’t the representatives and senators from the eastern side of the state pushing for lower drug prices? Why do they want to see our money shipped out of state to the drug manufacturers when citizens could be using it to buy local goods and services?

If you haven’t looked at them, Goodrx was recommended to me by a doctor, and I ran across another site called safemeds4all.com. Hope they save you money.

Rob Brostoff

Cascade Locks

AR-15s will abound

After the kerfuffle last week involving my store, Mountain Shadows Custom Guns, donating an AR-15 civilian rifle to a local fire department to raffle off as a funding tool, the greater community reaction took me quite by surprise. What happened is that some Hood River people took it upon themselves to blackmail and intimidate the fire department into abandoning a very popular AR-15 raffle. At the time, I had no inkling of the repercussions this would cause. After-all, this place is “Liberal Central” right? But first, let me explain how these raffles benefit the sponsor.

I donate a quality, name brand AR-15 to an organization, for $0. These organizations then print up and sell raffle tickets, say 500 $10 tickets. When all the tickets are sold, the organization (now with $5,000 to use however they wish) draws a ticket and someone wins the AR, essentially for $10. That person comes to my gun store and fills out all the necessary federal and state paperwork. Once approved through the FICS system, then they can have the rifle.

My wife and I do these donations twice a year to help Mid-Columbia organizations with their fundraising. We have done so for many years. But this year, some people decided to force their viewpoint onto us and stop one raffle. When word of this interference got around to the greater Mid-Columbia area, I was astounded at the response.

We have gotten calls from all over the Mid-Columbia. People are wanting to know how their sports teams, veterans’ organizations and even other fire departments can sign up to receive an AR to raffle. As of today, I have committed to doing six more AR-15 raffles this spring.

I was being “low-keyed” about these donations before. But when people start forcing their will onto you, it becomes time to push back. Now I will donate an AR-15 to raffle off for ANY worthy cause. All exchanges are done in accordance with federal law. Thanks for the motivation, ladies! I appreciate it. So do the newest raffle recipients.

Cliff Mansfield


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Hausmann 10 months, 1 week ago

In response to Cliff Mansfield's editorial, I think it is important for him to better understand the motivation for folks opposing his AR-15 donation. Donating for a fundraiser is a generous gesture and would normally be universally well received. However, even well-intentioned actions can be a poor choice based on context. With yet another school massacre involving an AR-15 having just occurred, the donation of this same weapon was understandably seen as callous, disrespectful and in poor taste. The simple change to a different firearm made all the difference in the world. I'm not sure why Mr. Mansfield thinks it was only "ladies" that opposed his bad decision when it was many people in the community. What they did was neither blackmail nor intimidation but a simple voicing of legitimate concerns. And while he may have initially "had no inkling of the repercussions", he certainly does now. But instead of trying to take this new found knowledge to better understand and consider the views and concerns of a good portion of our community, he has chosen to thumb his nose at them and double down. Obviously this will result in more opposition and "kerfuffle" which seems to be what Mr. Mansfield is seeking. Perhaps he feels that any publicity is good publicity. But the end result is that what could have been seen as a kind gesture to support a good cause, is now reduced to a political attention-seeking stunt. Hopefully the next round of negative feedback he receives will be taken as intended and allow him to understand why this issue is on the forefront of national news these days.

Ben Hausmann


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