Scary Stories Night: Winning student ghost stories

FRANKEN-TURLEY (librarian Pam Turley) reads stories in the purple-lit May Street cafeteria in the ghostly “Scary Stories Night” at the school.

Photo by Kirby Neumann-Rea
FRANKEN-TURLEY (librarian Pam Turley) reads stories in the purple-lit May Street cafeteria in the ghostly “Scary Stories Night” at the school.

Third grader Ali Salman’s creepy tale was selected as the top prize winner in the first May Street Elementary “Scary Stories Night” on Oct. 25 out of 17 entries. Ali and fellow students got to read their stories aloud to friends and family members who filled the school cafeteria.


By Ali Salman

Once there was a taxi driver. His name was Bob. Bob worked from sunup to sundown. Every night after work he drove back home and passed 1966 Abandoned Street. Each time, he would see a girl standing in the middle of that street. She had long, black hair down her face. She wore a white dirty gown and had bare feet. Every time Bob stopped for her, the girl disappeared. One rainy night, Bob was driving back home and he saw her. She was cold and all wet. He stopped, but she didn’t disappear. Bob asked if she wanted help … she nodded. Bob gave her his coat, because she was shaking. She sat in the back seat and Bob drove. She signaled to him the way to go.

He drove and drove and then the girl stopped him in the middle of nowhere. Bob could barely see a cabin in the forest off in the distance. The girl got out and walked away. He tried to follow her, but she stopped him. The cabin door opened and the girl went in. Then it closed behind her.

Bob drove back and remembered he had left his coat with the girl, but it was too late to go back. So, the next night, Bob drove to the cabin and knocked at the door. An old woman answered. He asked her about the girl. She said there was no girl, but Bob saw her picture on the wall. He asked her again and she said that was her daughter. She had died a long time ago in a car accident.

The next day, Bob told his friends. They were surprised and said no one had lived in the cabin for centuries. Bob was even more surprised! He could not stop thinking about what happened. Bob did not see the girl anymore. He hoped that he had done a good thing and helped the girl to get to a better place in heaven.


By Bela and Lily Cook, third and first grades, respectively

It was a bright sunny autumn day, leaves were rustling in the wind. Lucia was watching the beautiful yellow and orange colored leaves fall from the tree tops on her walk to school. She jumped suddenly as Rocket raced past her on his skateboard. Rocket ran into the school and down the hallway, seeing Mr. Beard, Rocket quickly slowed to a fast walk to his classroom. He did not want to get a disapproving eye from Mr. Beard.

All the kids were trying to get to class before the bell rang, except for Lucia, she slowly entered the school not worrying about being late. She eventually got to her class and put her stuff away just before the second bell rang. Everyone settled down into their seats and begin their morning routine. The day at school started as it always does on a Monday. Kids putting their stuff away and settling down to do their work for the day.

At Specials time, Lucia and her friend, Ellie, went to the library. They were reading a book when a rumbling sound began and dark clouds rolled in. The wind howled, beating the tree branches on the windows with a loud BANG! ...And suddenly, the lights went out. The sound of cracking thunder and lightning struck the building, shaking it. Lucia and Ellie jumped off their bean bag, the lightning was so bright it blinded them for a few seconds. Lucia screamed and grabbed Ellie’s hand... they held each other closely.

“Ellie, I’m scared I don’t like the dark,” said Lucia.

“It’s OK the lights will come on soon, I hope’” said Ellie.

When the girls called out to the teacher, Mrs. Turley... no one answered. They looked out the windows and they could see a big dark creature casting a shadow. It’s green tint and big glowing eyes were terrifying.

The girls began to scream as loud as they could, running down the dark hallway. They heard footsteps following them.

“Ellie, we should find a place to hide!” yelled Lucia,

”The hallway is so dark and I can’t see where we’re going!” said Ellie. They crept down the third grade hallway still hearing footsteps behind.

“I think something is following us, maybe it’s a ghost!” said Lucia. “Maybe the halls are haunted!” said Ellie.

“I’ve never seen a green ghost before!” said Lucia.

“What do you mean ‘a green ghost’?!” said Ellie.

“Look down the hallway!” whispered Lucia.

Their eyes got big as they backed up to the end of the hall. They stood there in fear, feeling frozen as if they couldn’t move. The green figure creeped closer and closer to them reaching out.

“No please don’t eat me!” yelled Lucia, looking away. Ellie was trembling as her eyes fixed on the creature.

“Lucia, Lucia! Look, look!” said Ellie as she grabbed Lucia’s hand.

“Lucia, do you see? Look!” Lucia looked, even though she didn’t want to.

To her surprise It was just Mrs. Turley holding Kermit the frog .

“Girls, I’ve been looking all over for you!” said Mrs. Turley. “The power went out and everyone was sent up to the gym where there’s a generator for lights. I didn’t want to leave Kermit in the library just in case a window broke, we don’t want him to get wet. Let’s join the other kids!”

“Thank goodness it wasn’t a real ghost!” said Lucia.

“Yeah, thank goodness!” said Ellie with a big sigh.

The Night Before Halloween

By Josie Faaborg, third grade

It was the night before Halloween when it happened! I was walking in the forest. I felt it! Slowly, I turned around… there it was, right in front of me… a gigantic jack-o-lantern!! Eyes fiery red. Teeth sharp as daggers! I began to run, but right behind me was the jack-o-lantern destroying everything in its path to get to me! I stopped to take a breath and looked behind me, but it was gone!


I started to walk home but looked back just in case anything was following me. Then, it happened again! Standing right in front of me was the jack-o'lantern! I ran to my garage to get my sledgehammer. I then smushed the pumpkin. I made pumpkin pie for dessert that night. It was delicious.

As I was sleeping that night, I woke up to a dreadful sight of the blazing red eyes of a tarantula! I looked around my room but all I could see was spiders crawling up and down the walls. I crept out of my room and ran downstairs. As I ran, I realized that the spiders were leaving. I followed them to the middle of the forest. At that moment, I realized this was how it all began....

It was the same path I had taken in the very beginning that led me to the jack-o-lantern and tarantulas. I tried to run but I couldn’t! I used all my strength, but finally I gave up. Slowly I walked toward the path, letting my feet guide me. I was trapped in a never-ending story that would go on for centuries.

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