Destination Weddings: Columbia River Gorge


Real wedding: Allison Kortge & Isaac Bailey

Allison and Isaac both grew up in the Gorge — Allison’s father is a fourth-generation wheat farmer in The Dalles — and they wanted to get married at a venue that was close to family and friends. They wanted to meld country and farm elements with a classic and elegant setting, and The Dalles Country Club proved to be the perfect venue.

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Real Wedding: Chelsea Fox & Chris Hemingway

The couple has spent most of their summer weekends in the Gorge for the past 10 years — windsurfing, biking, hiking and enjoying the breweries, wineries and restaurants in the area. “It’s one of our favorite locations on earth,” Chelsea said. They got engaged in the Gorge and immediately knew they wanted to get married here, too. “Besides the significant spot the Gorge holds in our hearts,” she added, “how can you beat the backdrop? The Columbia River, surrounding hillsides and Mount Hood — it doesn’t get much better.”

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Real Wedding: Claire Harvey & Joseph Duvall

The couple is originally from the Portland area, and they love the scenery and general vibe of the Gorge. They first visited Gorge Crest Vineyards in the dead of winter and it was covered in snow.

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Real Wedding: Jacqueline Delo & Ethan Howard

The couple frequently drives through the Gorge on their way to and from Idaho (Ethan is from Philomath, Ore., and Jacqueline is from Yakima, Wash.) and love its beauty. “We considered other locations, but none really compared,” Jacqueline said. “We found Wahclella Falls and knew immediately this was where we wanted to celebrate our special day.” It was close enough to both families so that everyone could attend.

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Real Wedding: Becca Allen & Ethan Moser

The couple wanted to get married in the Gorge because they love the outdoors, but most of the options seemed out of their price range. They were looking at other locations when they discovered a wedding package giveaway at Mt. View Orchards. They entered and won!

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Q&A: The Perfect Pour

Christie Clarke and her company The Perfect Pour provide professional bartending services at weddings and rehearsal dinners, as well as fundraising events and corporate and private parties in the Gorge.

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Flower Power

Beautiful fresh flowers personalize your wedding in a big way. Go for a pop of color or monochromatic elegance.

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REAL WEDDINGS - Cooper Spur: Alex Robinson and Andrew Kraus

The couple spent a lot of time in the Gorge while dating — hiking, camping, skiing and doing other outdoor activities together. Along with that, “the area is a visually stunning pastoral mecca,” said Alex. But the biggest reason they chose the area was that Andrew proposed on Mount Hood at a site on the Pacific Crest Trail, which the couple had previously thru-hiked together. “It was such a visceral and transformative experience for us and our relationship,” Alex said. “We felt it was only natural that we would take our vows in the environment which showed us what our relationship was made of and what we were capable of together.

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REAL WEDDINGS-Skamania Lodge: Rhyne Simon and Brandon Perkins

Rhyne’s parents had discovered Skamania Lodge while on an anniversary trip to Washington and Oregon. The couple knew they wanted a unique destination wedding, and after exploring several options, they decided the Gorge was the best place for their rustic, outdoor tastes. “We love the Pacific Northwest, and knew the lodge was a perfect spot for a destination wedding,” Rhyne said.

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REAL WEDDINGS-Tin Roof Barn: Katherine Johnson-Reid and Ryan Abraham

Ryan is originally from Missoula, MT, and Katherine is a city kid from Chicago. While they considered both of their home locations, they settled on one of their favorite places — Oregon. Katherine’s dad is from Oregon and she fell in love with it while spending part of every summer at the family’s coast cottage. “Hood River was everything we wanted — a great and manageable little town with breweries, restaurants, coffee shops and beautiful scenery,” Katherine said. “The Gorge allowed us to have a less formal, naturally beautiful, easy-going wedding.”

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Real weddings-Crag Rat Hut: Laura Redmond and Joe Jurisa

The couple moved to Oregon four years ago, With Laura’s family in the Southeast, Joe’s in the Midwest, and friends all over the country, they wanted to get married in a place that would make for a beautiful destination for all of their guests and give them a little “taste of Oregon,” according to Laura. “We decided on the Gorge because of its beauty and abundance of activities for our guests to enjoy.”

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