Letters to the Editor for April 23

Lucky to have Walden; Restore access; Sea lions no real threat; PERS and coaches

On Letters: Keep them coming

Readers often ask, “How do you decide which letters to print?”

ANOTHER VOICE: Forget Barrett, find a site that works

The Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation District has a well-deserved reputation for delivering a lot of public benefit on a small budget. Given that reputation, the District’s recent decision to spend $300,000 in local and state funds on a radio flyer field at its Barrett Drive property is perplexing. The district has identified ball fields as our community’s number one need while a radio flyer field doesn’t even appear on its master plan.

Sustaining Members: LeFevre Awards honor community works

Earth Day approaches, officially on April 22, for its 44th year.

Letters to the Editor for April 19

Honest and kind; The lost is found; Red herring; Kindness of a stranger

Letters to the Editor for April 16

Helping students succeed; Well-deserved; Common sense fix

‘Grey Lady’ gets a little lost in its 36-hour Hood River tour

The New York Times has once again found favor with the Gorge, in an article they call “Hood River in 36 hours,” published April 3 in the newspaper’s online edition.

A Blossom Welcome

This is simply a glorious time of year to be in the Hood River valley.

Letters to the Editor for April 12

Great theater coverage; No moratorium; Help needed

School Budget

Cuts and reductions increase the importance of public involvement

We are looking at a fairly bleak funding picture for Hood River County School District in 2014-15.

ANOTHER VOICE: Are those tests really necessary?

I recently attended the Safe Patient Project Summit in Yonkers, N.Y., at the headquarters of Consumer Reports, the world’s largest independent product-testing organization. I was there with other patient safety advocates, and we were introduced to the new Choosing Wisely campaign.

Letters to the Editor for April 9

Do your part; Beyond debate; True teamwork; more

Bravo, Follies: See it for a night of fun for a good cause

Lions Follies is not the same old song and dance.

ANOTHER VOICE: Helping kids grow up healthy and safe

Throughout the year, Child Abuse Intervention Centers in Oregon play a critical role in making our state a place that prioritizes the health and safety of children. There are close to 70,000 reports of abuse and neglect each year in Oregon, and almost half of all victims of abuse are under the age of 6.

Letters to the Editor for April 5

Not 100 percent; Shining examples; Money talks; Officials oppose coal transport