Mosier 100: Centennial provides wide appeal

The community of Mosier celebrates 100 years this weekend.

Letters to the editor for Sept. 6

Effective together; Protect kids’ hearing; Johnson cares deeply; more

Big picnic: Celebrate the Park on Sunday

Danger Zones, Update: Better Safety on Sherman

The park is finished, time to celebrate.

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 3

School time — slow down; Perhaps a second forum; Why imported produce?; more

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 30

‘The time of my life’; False advertising?; Pet scam alert; more

Labor Day: Sept. 1 is WWII’s 75th anniversary

Danger Zone: Slow down on Fairview Drive

Labor Day is more than a day for barbecues and the last day of school vacation. Coming on the first Monday in September, it is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Letters to the editor for Aug. 27

Ellen created, and served; Nystrom for House; Retain Johnson; more

2014-15: Schedule changes mark the start of a fresh school year

Friday’s Blue-Gold night started the school year off well.

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 23

‘Little store that could’; ‘Refreshing’ comment; Can I get a refund?; Keep Town Hall in mind

Sign Code: ‘Signs, signs, everywhere a yard sign …’

Election Filing: Monday’s the final day

What if all your hard-earned garage sale proceeds went to paying off a city fine for those signs you illegally stuck on power poles?

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 20

Lot benefits only Meadows; Johnson supports education; Questionable claims; more

Letters to the Editor

'Novel idea'; Who gets noticed?; Leave dogs at home

Editorial: The sweet Looking beyond the bitter

This is the season of the bittersweet. Minds are on the return to school, a fact favored by parents and regretted by most kids. This is the time of year when wind sports enthusiasts are still looking for a good ride, but typically see glassy water. The lack of moving air aggravates the already warm temperatures.

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 13

Helis, not dogs; Heads up, Dems; Respect earned; more

Round Table: Taking a deep breath and offering some advice about the Fair

Overheard, father to son, at the 2014 Hood River County Fair: “In this case, the carnival is part of the fair, but there doesn’t need to be a carnival on for there to be a fair.”