Letters to the Editor for Jan. 21

Warmest year on record; Know options; more

Board work: Elected or appointed, public service opportunities abound

No matter where you live in Hood River County, opportunities to serve are right at hand.

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Ten years after tragedy, fond memories endure

It is hard to believe that 10 years ago a horrible plane crash claimed the lives of three young men from the Hood River community: my husband Chris Jones, who owned Son-Rise Development, Paul Linck, the pilot of our plane, and Brook Campbell, who owned Rockin’ the Gorge, a local drywall company.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 17

Protesting point; Punchbowl Falls ‘a gem’; more

Service: The best way to remember Dr. King

We could fill dozens of editorial columns with the powerful words of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., from throughout his career serving his church, his community, and the nation.

Game time: Not the Ducks, but the House and Senate

The two squads will go head-to-head in a contest of strength and strategy.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 14

Cold nights, warm bed; A vision of peace; Good job, Obama; more

Every single soldier: looking for photos to help honor Vietnam fallen

My name is Janna Hoehn. I am a 25 year resident of Maui, Hawaii. Six years ago, my husband and I made our first trip to Washington, D.C. Because Vietnam was the war that was going on while I was in high school, the first memorial on my list was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Walden: Making progress together for our region and state

The biggest disagreements and loudest voices got most of the attention during this last session of Congress, from filibusters to failed websites, immigration to ISIL.

24: Remembering Charlie, and the connection to those yellow stars

The cowardly massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris put me in an uncomfortably reflective mood last week.

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Je Suis Charlie

“What happened in Paris today is a devastating shock for France, and for the freedom of the Press.”

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 10

Time for change; Rescuing our food; For shame

Another Voice: Keystone XL and the Sherbet Rainbow

Last Tuesday morning, I read the news on Google. The new crop of House Representatives would be sworn in that day. Republicans are now the majority in both houses. I read the transcript of the speech of House Speaker John Boehner. He wasted no time mentioning the imminent battle for passage of the Keystone XL pipeline. He mentioned the 94,000 jobs that would be created. An impressive number, if you ignore that these would be temporary jobs. He brought up the “job killing” oppression of Obamacare. Much of the speech was dedicated to American jobs.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 7

Why kill hawks?; Stop name-calling; Not impressed; more

SleevesUp: A new way to support the vital need for blood donations

Plenty of people let their hair down or let a seam out as they celebrated over the holidays.