Letter to the Editor for Nov. 8

Help with Warming Shelter; ‘Welcome back’; We need water rules; more

Ski parking: Meadows should explore all options

As the county’s largest employer, Mt. Hood Meadows is right to be looking for ways to meet its overall needs, serve its employees and clients alike.

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 5

Call for a light; Who wins?; Get vote out, but before the election

Christmas Project: Never too early to help

This is the post-Halloween zone when plans are made for Thanksgiving and even Christmas holidays. But some folks won’t have much for the holidays. The Hood River community has always stepped up to fill the gap through the giving campaign known as Hood River Christmas Project.

Round Table: Can I get a ‘withness’? The beautiful ritual of reading a poem a day

A daily ritual helps cradle the frazzled days, if you will.

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Round Table: Neither mild nor mean, a mayor’s race to savor

Mayor races I’ve covered in my 34 years in journalism have ranged from yogurt-takes-on-tapioca to acid v. bile.

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 1

Support Warming Shelter; Duck gospel; Yes on 88; more

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Time to vote: A right of passage

Remember to vote by 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 29

Edit writings; Get out and vote; Smoky Future?; more

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 25

Politics and promises; Pot perils; Colt for Mayor; more

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 22

Poem: for Greg Colt; Bruce for Dist. 26; Yes on 92

Editorial: Time to listen, vote, and, yes, write

Ballots go out Friday, meaning decision time is near for the Oregon General Election. Vote by Nov. 4, and have the confidence you have fulfilled a true act of volunteerism.

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 18

Soil not oil; Vote Democratic Nov. 4; Support Mosier chief; more

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 15

Colt is committed; Blackburn for Mayor; Field fellows?; more

ANOTHER VOICE: Support Measure 88 for a healthy, safe community

Yard signs dot our landscape, appealing for us to vote for the kind of policies and leadership we most want for our community. Every campaign and every vote matters. But no choice offered to us on Nov. 6 is more important to families in our community than Measure 88.