Letters to the Editor for April 18

CGCC is a ‘sinking ship’; Testimony flawed; Climate thoughts; ‘Strikes again’

ANOTHER VOICE: Protecting children from abuse and neglect – an Oregon perspective

Protecting our children from all of life’s ills, and especially from abuse and neglect, is perhaps our single most important responsibility as adults. There should be no controversy in that statement, no partisanship or disagreement.

Letters to the Editor for April 15

Help K-12 budget; Priorities; PE as a CORE subject; more

Letters to the Editor for April 11

‘Net Neutrality’; Not ‘Smarter’; Springtime reminder; more

ANOTHER VOICE: Cost vs. patient safety

When health plans discriminate

Having health coverage, even when you didn’t have it before the Affordable Care Act, still may mean you can’t get the medicines you may need.

A Blossom Welcome

How do you rebrand a fruit blossom?

Tease photo

Young Voices: Girls ask the boys to HRVHS ‘Sadie’ dance

“The Sadie Hawkins Dance in my khaki pants. There’s nothing better. The girls ask the guys, it’s always a surprise,” goes the song by Relient K.

Letters to the Editor for April 8

Support Wilhelm; Mountain Elegy

Town Hall: In a classroom setting, local officials talk education and more

Monday’s pre-town hall meeting with Sen. Jeff Merkley (story, A1) was well-attended, and as effective a half-hour gathering of a group of public officials as you could ever expect to see.

April 8, 1975: Leaving Saigon, Vietnam

Forty years ago our family went to the beach for spring break, where I celebrated my 11th birthday. That beach was warm and sunny; we snorkeled and swam and rode bicycles, and climbed through abandoned helicopters.

Round Table: Top 10 programs for learning and playing in the Gorge

Since I moved to the Gorge in early March, I’ve been blown away (no wind pun intended) by the vitality of Hood River’s community. The people here are full of energy and enthusiasm, especially when it comes to educational and recreational opportunities.

Letters to the Editor for April 4

Summing the parts; Thanks to Walden; Reitz for Position 1

Proclamation: Governor Kate Brown names April as Child Abuse Prevention Month

Governor Kate Brown encourages the citizens of Oregon to join communities around the nation in proclaiming April to be Child Abuse Prevention Month. April is dedicated to raising awareness of child abuse and neglect and the factors that create risk.

ANOTHER VOICE: School superintendent calls for public engagement on Senate school fund vote

Supt. Dan Goldman of Hood River County School District sent out this letter to district patrons this week:

Letters to the Editor for April 1

Teacher’s thoughts; Family opportunity; Supports SB612