Letters to the Editor for June 21

Look at laws; Guns and values; Magic bullets; Coal harms

On Letters: Keep them coming

We are often asked, “How do you decide which letters to print?”

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ANOTHER VOICE: ‘An exponential increase’: Hazards of train transport of fossil fuel bring mayor’s analytic protest

As mayor of Hood River, I am frequently called upon to take a stand on issues. As someone with strong opinions, you’d think this would be easy, but there’s a bit of subtlety required. As a citizen I am entitled to my strong opinions on any topic; as mayor of Hood River I am careful to limit myself to issues where the mayor and council have a legitimate policy concern under our city charter.

Flags Lowered: Reynolds High School, Seattle Pacific University shootings

Gov. John Kitzhaber has ordered all flags at public institutions statewide to be lowered and flown at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Tuesday, June 17.

Talk Trolley

Talk about an intriguing rollout.

Letters to the Editor for June 18

Travesty; Help the mentally ill; Traffic problems

Letters to the Editor for June 14

Do something; Warfighter rights; Heightened awareness; more

Fire Watch: Hot times ahead

Round one is over.

ANOTHER VOICE: Break the ‘dirty’ connection: time for corporations to pay up

When the discussion comes to funding schools, streets and infrastructure, a common theme is to assess some tax or fee that doesn’t include big business. Governor Kitzhaber says he wants revenue reform and a state sales tax, but in a recent “special session” gave Nike a 30-year tax break. In Portland, commissioners proposed a residential street fee to fix potholes. No proposal I’m aware of demands that big business stop freeloading on the public.

Letters to the Editor for June 11

Missing Mike; Questionable; Credit due; Retire Merkley

Our guns: What will we do next?

No matter the time or place, a shooting in a school or other public place is an event that touches us all.

ANOTHER VOICE: Research supports school librarians’ positive impact on student learning

Changes in Oregon law and other trends point to the necessity of licensed school librarians and their positive impact on student learning.

Letters to the Editor for June 7

Unhinged; Nice will be missed; Safer energy boost needed

aka Independence Day: Anyone can help in the celebration

Graduation’s past, school’s about to let out, what’s next?

Round Table: Parking at space 56, on track toward year ‘26

The walk gets longer, and finally I am at the top of the lot.