Dusty but open: As projects reach peak, keep businesses in mind

The commanding voice called “Keep moving!” to a motorist who was rounding a corner on the Heights Monday.

ANOTHER VOICE: OSU ranks seventh worldwide in agriculture and forestry

CORVALLIS – Oregon State University has been recognized as a world-class center in agriculture and forestry, ranking seventh in a new international survey of more than 200 schools.

Letters to the Editor for March 8

Honorable character; Caring economics; OBOB is spectator sport; more

May Primary: The season is upon us

Seasons change, or keep cycling around, and so it is with the next season.

Doonesbury at 44: Don’t put a gate around Walden Pond, Garry

How will the sands of time treat Doonesbury?

Letters to the Editor for March 5

Amazing production; See winter play at HRV; Oppose coal transport; more

Heights detours: The reader boards were there and gone, but the project is a go ...

The city waterline replacement project’s long creep toward town reaches a critical point starting as early as Monday: Look for excavation and closure of Belmont at 12th and 13th, the only junction directly connecting downtown and the north area of the Heights with the commercial and residential areas of the south Heights.

Another Voice: District can brag, yet schools must also lift

When my superintendent peers across the state ask me, “So, how’s it going so far in Hood River County?” I can’t help but smile as I explain what most folks around here already know — we have an amazingly committed community and an amazingly committed school staff. Honestly, with a combination like that, the future looks bright for the Hood River County School District.

On to State: Recognizing all winter efforts

Athletes and scholars from Hood River Valley High School and Horizon Christian School are on their way, or fresh back from, state competition in a variety of pursuits. It has been a productive winter for swimmers, wrestlers, skiers, snowboarders, hoopsters, robotics competitors and recitors.

Letters to the Editor for March 1

Social Security; Intimidation; Not a sales kid; more

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 26

Ironies; White is golden; Donate books; more

ANOTHER VOICE: Childhood is not refundable

In response to the article “Schools Count on Students” (Feb. 19): Is absenteeism from kindergarten the real problem? It is concerning that we are more “worried” about kids missing school vs. missing their childhood. Are we worried that they may perform poorly on the next state exam and truly “fall behind”? Under whose criteria is “behind”?

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 22

Walden’s questionnaire; Help schools teach guitar; New rep needed; more

Robotics rule: A blue ribbon effort – with infrared

Congratulations to the Hood River Valley High School FTC robotics team, which has now established a Northwest presence, following its victory at the Idaho State First Technology Challenge event on Feb. 15.

Kids Today: A ‘Soup’ and play show strengths of our youth

Hmmm ... these young people today.