Letters to the Editor for Feb. 26

Ironies; White is golden; Donate books; more

ANOTHER VOICE: Childhood is not refundable

In response to the article “Schools Count on Students” (Feb. 19): Is absenteeism from kindergarten the real problem? It is concerning that we are more “worried” about kids missing school vs. missing their childhood. Are we worried that they may perform poorly on the next state exam and truly “fall behind”? Under whose criteria is “behind”?

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 22

Walden’s questionnaire; Help schools teach guitar; New rep needed; more

Robotics rule: A blue ribbon effort – with infrared

Congratulations to the Hood River Valley High School FTC robotics team, which has now established a Northwest presence, following its victory at the Idaho State First Technology Challenge event on Feb. 15.

Kids Today: A ‘Soup’ and play show strengths of our youth

Hmmm ... these young people today.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 19

So much good stuff; Coal updates; Great news; more

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 15

Cell facts; Support ORU4M; First step; more

FISH Wrap: Food bank program meets its capital goal

Two years of fundraising paid off big time this week for local food banks.

Round Table: Getting some traction when rocks come falling down

Monday, as the snow melt began, a caller phoned the Hood River News with a timely suggestion: “Please slow down so you don’t splash icy dirty water on those on sidewalks.”

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 12

Walden fan; Equality for all

Let it drain: Public works, law enforcement have worked hard, now it’s time to help them

Looking back on the biggest snowfall in five years to hit the mid-Columbia, storm stories are as diverse as the snowflakes themselves.

ANOTHER VOICE: Odell: Measure before you cut

Feb. 14 is the deadline for commenting on the County’s initial presentation for drawing a boundary for the Unincorporated Community of Odell. We appreciate the time and resources the county has put into the presentation and now is a critical time to voice your opinions, concerns and visions for the future of Odell as it will affect our whole Valley.

Is your business ready for crowd control?

Given a recent nightclub fire in Seattle, this is a good opportunity to visit the issue of safety in public assemblies and how we can achieve good results in our communities.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 8

Preserve view; What Farm Bill does; Stickers bump us; more

ANOTHER VIEW: Baseball and governors: Three strikes and you’re out

Oregon has become a national joke, as the much-ballyhooed Cover Oregon health care website rollout has ground to a halt. This grand fiasco was brought to you by the governor’s staff, with his explicit approval.