‘Back to School’: Make your voice, or presence, known

Overheard: “This time of year you can’t get them to do anything.” That was one high school teacher to another, Monday morning as students returned to class following Spring Break.

ANOTHER VOICE: Tips for living in a small town

I have lived in Hood River for almost 11 years, and this is the first place I’ve ever loved. Coming from Seattle, I had to learn a few things to settle into the community. If you’re new to small town life, this advice is for you.

It’s time to win the ‘Education Game’

I often wonder how many Oregonians understand they are players in an “Education Game,” and if they understood the game, could we finally win it?

Toxic gauntlets: Clear the smoke on tobacco policies

Hood River City Council is right to be notching up its tobacco use policy.

Letters to the Editor for March 25

Position 5 candidate; Sense and sensibility; Punchbowl parking lot?; more

Letters to the Editor for March 21

No oil trains; No public hedging

Hood Plate: Put pitons on special plate for the mountain

Flags Lowered: David Frohnmayer

She stands there, patient, dedicated, and stately, never wavering, save her undesired glacial melting.

Young Voices: Juniors subject to Smarter Balance ‘test run’

As a junior in high school, graduation requirements are on the mind. One thing that is very close at hand is the new standardized state test, Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium or SBAC for short.

Jim Drake’s Entertainment Blog: Still jammin at 50: photos prove it really happened

It seems like yesterday I was celebrating birthday number 40, but to me time feels like it’s speeding by at a faster rate. I mean, it seemed like I just blinked my eyes and the last season of Downton Abbey was already wrapping up. What was that, anyway, a total of six weeks?

Letters to the Editor for March 18

Not convinced; Enlightenment; Cut swearing; more

Sunshine and Rights: An illuminating ‘media conspiracy’ protects the public’s interests

Each spring for 10 years now, a vast media conspiracy has rolled across the hills and plains of this nation. Journalists of every stripe – cartoonists to commentators to hard news reporters – have been in on it. And not just journalists, but politicians, educators and librarians, as well as members of nonprofits and civic groups.

ANOTHER VOICE: When it comes to words, ‘We are all invited to the Feast’

My husband and I enjoyed yet another year celebrating the Hood River Library and its role in our community March 7 during the Feast of Words fundraiser.

Letters to the Editor for March 14

Question price on carbon; Carbon tax ‘practical’; Contact legislators; Help Oregon’s K-12 Kids

Stop Scree: The slippery slope of school funding

Any hiker knows the feeling of climbing on scree.