A step forward for Oregon: Common Core State Standards


Imagine for a moment what our students would be learning if the expectations for them did not change with the times. Oregon first adopted educational standards in the early 1900s and since that time Oregonians have understood that our schools had to continually evolve to ensure our youth are prepared to compete and succeed in life after high school. Thankfully, as the knowledge and skills required for successful participation in society and the world economy have shifted, so have Oregon’s targets for student learning.

A year of poems: Trembling on the edge of maybe, with the priests of the invisible

‘And who will tend all the fires the human spirit blazes? The world cooks by them, contends …’

In 2014 I read a poem each day.

Dear Readers: Thanks for Writing

Our Readers Write: Presenting Allen, Nick, through Zimmer-Stucky, Jasmine — Our Readers who Write, 2014 edition.

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 31

Stop the name-calling; Manhattan in the Gorge?; Calling for change; more

Don’t let the holiday blues get you down

APA and the Oregon Psychological Association offer tips to combat to combat seasonal sadness, frustration

For many people the holiday season is full of celebrations and cheer but, for some, this season can bring more misery than merriment. With high expectations of gift-giving, decorating, feasting and family gathering, feelings of disappointment, sadness, fatigue, frustration or being overwhelmed are not unusual.

Sober tips: Enforcement awaits, but avoiding intoxicated driving is the best measure

We can all find a reason to celebrate, or commiserate, at the end of the old year and the start of the new one.

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 27

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Letters to the Editor for Dec. 24

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Tease photo

Wonderful Day: Recent radio play brings a new meaning to an Old Christmas classic

Hundreds of people heard a new Christmas song this season.

Round Table: ‘I just wish Ricky Ricardo had lived to see the day’

The ridiculous met the sublime last week in international matters.

JIM DRAKE’S ENTERTAINMENT BLOG: Ben Ballinger brings ‘State I’m In’ to Gorge Jan. 2

Austin resident and Gorge native Ben Ballinger is taking a slightly different marketing approach on “The State I’m In,” his sixth album to date. Ballinger signed with Good Horse Records, and it’s called “records” for good reason — that’s what they make.

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 20

Christmas memory; Support HEALTH Media Club; more

Free parking?

It’s a reality, and a good thing for everyone this holiday season

What do you mean, free parking?

Another Voice: Look to a model of cooperation in protecting our natural treasures

It was encouraging to read about the recent story reported in the Hood River News regarding the renewed efforts to protect Mount Hood. At a time when most issues are becoming more polarized, it is great to close the year out with this good news story of people coming together to protect the mountain we all love.

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 17

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