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ANOTHER VOICE: The undetectable, un-majestic, caustic tick

“Check, check, check …” I’m recalling my halcyon microphone days, examining the sound system to determine its accuracy. Only this time it’s not sound checking … it’s tick checking.

Letters to the Editor for April 25

Gun control needed; Resource for all; more

The spectrum: Final weekend of Blossom Time is fun, but more than that

This weekend is the third of three for Blossom Time, which has evolved into a multi-faceted critical mass of activities and events by groups that are vital to the Hood River community.

ANOTHER VOICE: Can we change the decline before it kills the college?

I read with great interest and sadness the two articles in the Hood River News of April 18, 2015, regarding our Columbia Gorge Community College. On page one, Mark Gibson discussed the new board proposed tuition increase and in a letter to the editor by Lynne Davidson, she talked about her recent retirement from the college.

Green acts count

This is Earth Day, though plenty has happened last weekend and will happen this weekend as the greater Gorge community rallies around the need to conserve, reduce, and help the earth recover.

Letters to the Editor for April 22

Water concerns; For Reitz; For Wilhelm; more

Victim’s name release was a mistake not to be repeated

Last week the Hood River News did something that should not have happened: we published the name of a victim of a felony abuse crime.

Letters to the Editor for April 18

CGCC is a ‘sinking ship’; Testimony flawed; Climate thoughts; ‘Strikes again’

ANOTHER VOICE: Protecting children from abuse and neglect – an Oregon perspective

Protecting our children from all of life’s ills, and especially from abuse and neglect, is perhaps our single most important responsibility as adults. There should be no controversy in that statement, no partisanship or disagreement.

Letters to the Editor for April 15

Help K-12 budget; Priorities; PE as a CORE subject; more

Letters to the Editor for April 11

‘Net Neutrality’; Not ‘Smarter’; Springtime reminder; more

ANOTHER VOICE: Cost vs. patient safety

When health plans discriminate

Having health coverage, even when you didn’t have it before the Affordable Care Act, still may mean you can’t get the medicines you may need.

A Blossom Welcome

How do you rebrand a fruit blossom?

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Young Voices: Girls ask the boys to HRVHS ‘Sadie’ dance

“The Sadie Hawkins Dance in my khaki pants. There’s nothing better. The girls ask the guys, it’s always a surprise,” goes the song by Relient K.