Robotics rule: A blue ribbon effort – with infrared

Congratulations to the Hood River Valley High School FTC robotics team, which has now established a Northwest presence, following its victory at the Idaho State First Technology Challenge event on Feb. 15.

Kids Today: A ‘Soup’ and play show strengths of our youth

Hmmm ... these young people today.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 19

So much good stuff; Coal updates; Great news; more

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 15

Cell facts; Support ORU4M; First step; more

FISH Wrap: Food bank program meets its capital goal

Two years of fundraising paid off big time this week for local food banks.

Round Table: Getting some traction when rocks come falling down

Monday, as the snow melt began, a caller phoned the Hood River News with a timely suggestion: “Please slow down so you don’t splash icy dirty water on those on sidewalks.”

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 12

Walden fan; Equality for all

Let it drain: Public works, law enforcement have worked hard, now it’s time to help them

Looking back on the biggest snowfall in five years to hit the mid-Columbia, storm stories are as diverse as the snowflakes themselves.

ANOTHER VOICE: Odell: Measure before you cut

Feb. 14 is the deadline for commenting on the County’s initial presentation for drawing a boundary for the Unincorporated Community of Odell. We appreciate the time and resources the county has put into the presentation and now is a critical time to voice your opinions, concerns and visions for the future of Odell as it will affect our whole Valley.

Is your business ready for crowd control?

Given a recent nightclub fire in Seattle, this is a good opportunity to visit the issue of safety in public assemblies and how we can achieve good results in our communities.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 8

Preserve view; What Farm Bill does; Stickers bump us; more

ANOTHER VIEW: Baseball and governors: Three strikes and you’re out

Oregon has become a national joke, as the much-ballyhooed Cover Oregon health care website rollout has ground to a halt. This grand fiasco was brought to you by the governor’s staff, with his explicit approval.

Cold yet safe: Plug into these freezing weather tips

Snow accumulation reached double figures Thursday, and temperatures could go to single figures anytime.

Managing change: ‘Meet and greet’ is a wide open door

A big decision, and a challenge, awaits the City of Hood River’s government and citizenry.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 5

Davis Trail; ‘Lava Sale’ corrections; Build venue elsewhere; more