Cold yet safe: Plug into these freezing weather tips

Snow accumulation reached double figures Thursday, and temperatures could go to single figures anytime.

Managing change: ‘Meet and greet’ is a wide open door

A big decision, and a challenge, awaits the City of Hood River’s government and citizenry.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 5

Davis Trail; ‘Lava Sale’ corrections; Build venue elsewhere; more

Lava Restoration: Sound science and collaboration


As a forester, I want and need to see and understand the reasons for cutting trees, before I can agree and/or recommend a forest restoration project on National Forest System Lands. That’s why, when I retired a few years ago, I began to attend and participate in the Hood River Collaborative Stewardship Crew meetings and field trips.

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 1

Davis Trail? Sign petition Right idea, wrong business more

Give it time: DeeTour has merit, but so does the call for added comment time

Plans are afoot to give the quiet community of Dee, one of the shortest place names in Oregon, some long-sought notability.

Jim Drake’s Entertainment Blog: Fairy tales, Star Wars influence latest book in ‘Lunar Chronicles’ series

The other night I read a ten page science fiction story from 1957. The piece was called “The War is Over,” and it was written by a guy named Algis Budrys.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 29

Wind song; Something is wrong; Faulty economic theory; more

Service Examples: Giving to community knows no off-season

The answer to the question of “What do orchardists do in the middle of winter?” has never been a simple one: the tasks include pruning, vehicle repair, and product development, to name just a few.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 25

Be a CASA; Comments reworked; Gangsterized; Health Media Club students speak out

Fire Service: We appreciate the firefighters as we anticipate a rough fire year

News item one — “Red flag fire warning” for Hood River County:

ANOTHER VOICE: Responsible gun owners support background checks

We are Oregon gun owners, sportsmen, hunters and outdoorsmen. We believe in common sense efforts to reduce gun violence and promote gun safety. We strongly support legislation to require universal background checks when purchasing a firearm.

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 22

Sympathy undeserved; Remembering Davis; Still have a dream; more

Localities: The chance to have a say on bridges, trails and streams

You see them around: bumper stickers reading “Don’t hassle me, I’m a local.”

ODA director Coba: We need to use tools in the right way

2013 ag report

Despite some unique challenges cropping up the past 12 months, Oregon agriculture generally remains in great shape and is poised to do well again in 2014, according to Katy Coba, director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.