Labor Day: Drive with care, and take a moment to honor workers who can’t take a break

The good news for Labor Day 2015: according to AAA, gas prices nation-wide will be the lowest in the past 11 Labor Day weekends. More on the holiday in a moment.

Tease photo

Big Art: This ‘Swan Song’ serves as a start, not a finish

Sometimes art contradicts its own truth, or at least the art work’s title does.

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 2

Well, not everybody …; Save plants; more

Soccer Assist: Kudos for thoughtful behind-scenes work

Talk about tending to the goal.

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 29

‘Great event;' Know your dog; ‘Families’ fun

Editor's Notebook: Roanoke tragedy asks, ‘are we slaves to our technology?’

How does one respond to the murders on camera of Allison Parker and Alan Ward Wednesday in Roanoke, Va.?

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 26

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 26

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 22

Equal coverage for Sanders; ‘Drive safe’; more

Fire Time

Clouds regaled us in Friday’s post-dawn sky show, with banks, blankets and streaks of impressive collected vapor ranging from a puffy upright mitten to a fist-shaped thunderhead just over Fir Mountain.

Bicyclists, please remember rules and responsibilities

Bicyclists, please remember

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 19

Support workers; Dr. Carson for president; more

State Forester calls on Oregonians to prevent human-caused fires

“Wildfire activity in Oregon has escalated significantly since Friday, particularly in eastern Oregon,” said Doug Decker, Oregon State Forester.

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 15

Musical solution; Good news; more