Kids Today: A ‘Soup’ and play show strengths of our youth

Hmmm ... these young people today.

FISH Wrap: Food bank program meets its capital goal

Two years of fundraising paid off big time this week for local food banks.

Let it drain: Public works, law enforcement have worked hard, now it’s time to help them

Looking back on the biggest snowfall in five years to hit the mid-Columbia, storm stories are as diverse as the snowflakes themselves.

Cold yet safe: Plug into these freezing weather tips

Snow accumulation reached double figures Thursday, and temperatures could go to single figures anytime.

Managing change: ‘Meet and greet’ is a wide open door

A big decision, and a challenge, awaits the City of Hood River’s government and citizenry.

Give it time: DeeTour has merit, but so does the call for added comment time

Plans are afoot to give the quiet community of Dee, one of the shortest place names in Oregon, some long-sought notability.

Service Examples: Giving to community knows no off-season

The answer to the question of “What do orchardists do in the middle of winter?” has never been a simple one: the tasks include pruning, vehicle repair, and product development, to name just a few.

Fire Service: We appreciate the firefighters as we anticipate a rough fire year

News item one — “Red flag fire warning” for Hood River County:

Localities: The chance to have a say on bridges, trails and streams

You see them around: bumper stickers reading “Don’t hassle me, I’m a local.”

Dreaming On: MLK through eyes of children

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Support teams: The unexpected can happen in winter sports action

Something totally unexpected happened Friday at the gym.

In Service: Community awards focus upon the works

This is award season. We refer not to Oscars and Globes, but something more important: local service awards such as those coming out later this month courtesy of Hood River Chamber Commerce, and this spring, and beyond, from other groups.

Editorial -- When and Now: In two ways, our history comes home

Our sense of history, and place, gets two major stimuli this week. Gorge Owned hosts Hood River Mayor and history enthusiast Arthur Babitz at Springhouse Cellar Winery on Jan. 8 for the next “Sense of Place” lecture series. Babitz will explore the rich and well-documented past of Hood River using photographic archives of The History Museum of Hood River County.

Editorial: 2014 Wishes

Health, safety, and postage stamps