Talk Trolley

Talk about an intriguing rollout.

Fire Watch: Hot times ahead

Round one is over.

Our guns: What will we do next?

No matter the time or place, a shooting in a school or other public place is an event that touches us all.

aka Independence Day: Anyone can help in the celebration

Graduation’s past, school’s about to let out, what’s next?

Good Luck, Class of ‘14

Several versions of a video to Pharrell’s hit song, “Happy,” helped define the 2013-14 school year at Hood River Valley High School.

Welcome, Hood2River: A big day, from snow to sand

There’s a big event this weekend that’s all downhill — in a good way.

Safety blitz: Let enforcement raise our awareness

We all know what to do.

Before Memorial Day

The observance before us on Monday is many things to many people: a day off, a break from school, a point on the calendar. For many more, it is a solemn day of dedication.

Stewardship in forestry: Time to create defensible space

May is Oregon Wildfire Awareness Month and each week will be dedicated to a different topic. This week is focused on creating defensible space around your home.

Project Grad: Important effort still needs community support

An important community effort is need of more help from the community.

Support those who work for basic human rights

By now, thanks to social media, the world has heard about the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped from their boarding school by a fundamentalist group whose name roughly translates into “Western education is a sin.”

On Letters: Keep them coming

Readers often ask, “How do you decide which letters to print?”

Opportunities knock: Vote in the primary

Ballots for the May 20 primary election should be in all our hands, and the same is said for what happens next.

Play On, Guys: Remembering Rick and Jack

Two Oregon lights, known for loud clothing and exquisite teamwork, went out in the past week.

April is alcohol awareness month

In Hood River County most of us are well aware of the positive contributions that the alcohol industry brings to our community. It is one of the county’s largest employers, a significant contributor to many of our nonprofits and an industry that brings thousands of tourists and millions of dollars to the community each year. It is a beverage that brings enjoyment and physical health benefits to many adults.