ANOTHER VOICE: State should deny coal project permits

As elected officials in the Columbia River Gorge, we are frequently asked to weigh in on projects that affect our local quality of life. Few, however, present such potentially adverse economic and environmental effects as the continuing expansion of coal shipments.

ANOTHER VOICE: Happy 2013 Environmental Health Specialist Day

On April 22, Oregon celebrates “Environmental Health Specialist Day.” This annually celebrated day occurs every fourth Monday in April to celebrate the hard work performed by environmental health specialists in Oregon and across the country.

Chamber of commerce welcomes all

The Hood River County Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to springtime in Hood River County!

ANOTHER VOICE: Library board of directors: We need you!

The porn topic returns a year later. Yes, there have been letters written, people stabbing each other in “letters to the editor” and making extreme comments about “Nazism” etc., but let’s look at some facts. I would like to challenge our library board of directors to do some research and get back to the community regarding our valid concerns. Here are some things I found:

ANOTHER VOICE: USDA school nutrition rule bears fruit

The U.S. Department of Agriculture works every day to improve childhood nutrition and combat obesity in order to raise a healthier generation of Americans.

ANOTHER VOICE: LLC law change would help protect small business owners

There are currently almost 130,000 LLCs (limited liability companies) registered in Oregon. These companies represent businesses of all sizes, but the vast majority are small businesses working and employing people in communities throughout Oregon.

ANOTHER VOICE: Teach our children the full cost of war

The National Museum of American History, and a billionaire who has funded a new exhibit there, would like you to know that we’re going to need more wars if we want to have freedom.

ANOTHER VOICE: Make accountability universal standard

I’d like to discuss the word accountability. It’s an interesting word that has been inflated to the point that it can mean almost anything. It’s like the phrase “moving forward.” Or another abused word, “reform.”

ANOTHER VOICE: Please foster a shelter dog and teach it to trust

Hood River Adopt A Dog (HRAAD) rescued 10 dogs on Friday, March 15, from a Washington farm where they had been housed in less than desirable conditions, and is seeking help in their care.

ANOTHER VOICE: Reauthorize Oregon Cultural Trust Tax Credit

Where would the Gorge economy be without arts, history and culture?

ANOTHER VOICE: Leos: 400,000 containers and counting

As usual, the first Saturday of March had the Hood River Leos Club collecting deposit bottles and cans in the Rosauers parking lot. As they do on the first Saturday of every month, the Leos greeted the regular stream of cars whose drivers were bringing bags or boxes of empty containers.

ANOTHER VOICE: Youth Mental Health: EASA, and what every parent should know

Did you know that three out of 100 individuals have some form of psychotic illness? It usually develops gradually in the teen years or early 20s. Untreated, teens and young adults with psychosis are often unable to transition to adulthood. They often fail to maintain their family ties, lose their homes, their ability to care of themselves, their family and community support, and their ability to protect themselves from harm. With early treatment and support, families stay together and young people become successful adults.

Flying again, with angels: Ken Jernstedt remembered

I remember well the first time I met Ken Jernstedt. I was probably 8 or 9 years old and we were living on the cherry orchard six miles outside of The Dalles.

ANOTHER VOICE: The time is now to reverse global warming

Hood River Men’s Discussion Group meets twice a month for three hours to discuss issues and concerns of the day. This letter to President Obama, drafted by Carroll Davis and David Hupp and signed by 19 others, was presented this month to Rep. Greg Walden and Sen. Ron Wyden at local town halls.

ANOTHER VOICE: Coal transport comments needed now

There are five different proposals to export massive quantities of coal to Asia through the Northwest. Any or all, if approved, would hurt the health, safety, property and economy of the Gorge and its residents.