CUSalin 2 years, 6 months ago on In its fifth running, Paddle Challenge is bigger than ever

Congrats to all the athletes, organizers, sponsors, spectators, and Communities of Hood River and The Gorge. Truly a great event and venue!


CUSalin 4 years, 6 months ago on State hears testimony on Nestlé

Don't be fooled. Bottom line on this is not “a good way to sustainably use a vast resource” as stated by Mark Johnson, but rather another scheme by a few who can make significant amounts of money from a public resource that helps maintain the environmental health of The Gorge.

With respect to, "...needed jobs," The people of Cascade locks have chosen to live in a town surrounded by a Nat'l Scenic Area established for all to enjoy and benefit from. Jobs diversity in all places surrounded by Nat'l Parks, Nat'l Scenic Areas, etc., are no doubt limited - so - if "jobs" are top on the agenda of those who choose to live in such places, maybe those people should re-consider moving to the city where jobs or more abundant.


CUSalin 5 years, 4 months ago on Port says no to cable park

Not sad day for all... and certainly not most. The cable-park proposal was inappropriate for The Basin.

Let the focus now be towards environmentally compliant developments, improved recreational access, beautification, and habitat restoration.

Many thanks Port of Hood River for doing the right thing.


CUSalin 5 years, 4 months ago on Letters to the Editor for October 27, 2012

RE: With friends like these…

How did Brent Foster and “Friends” become the parties to negotiate with the Naitos about the motel on the waterfront? Are they elected officials? Who do they represent? Certainly not the majority of us in Hood River County who have lived here most of our lives.

We seem to have attracted a group of people who have moved here, who become “Friends of,” and proceed to dictate to the rest of us what we can and cannot do, with their own recreation interests foremost; they enlist out-of-town-organizations for support. Any decision that does not meet their interests is appealed over and over by a “Friends” group.

By the way, on a plaque of appreciation at the waterfront park listing sponsors of the park is the name of Bob Naito. Is this how “Friends” treat their friends? As the old saying goes, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?”

Good luck and much appreciation to the mayor, Mr. Naito and those presenting the boat basin plan. What a shock it would be if the “friends” would actually support something for the good of us all, instead of their own interest.

Ruth Turner


Extremely sorry to read that anyone would condemn the efforts of so many people who are working so hard to better Hood River's Waterfront.

The Friends of The Hood River Waterfront's focus and efforts are in securing a relatively clean, beautiful, healthy, and accessible waterfront for everyone to enjoy. Does anyone not want this outcome?

Naito Development is working hard to make their risky investment pay-off for both themselves and the community. There's nothing wrong with this.

The Mayor and Port Commissioners are working overtime in attempts to make it work so that it satisfies their charters and constituents. You should be proud of these folks, They are working for you.

Whether you were born here or not, you might as well live anywhere else if you don't get what makes this place so special.., and why so many's efforts are important.

No matter your favor.., please encourage an outcome that balances and protects The Basin's public accessibility, urbanized habitat, and commercial value for years to come.

If this cannot be achieved now.., I think it's worth waiting for.


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