Edward 3 years, 9 months ago on Talk Trolley

What a great idea, oh wait, we already have that but no one uses it. Does the CAT ring a bell. Why not expand on what we already have and keep in mind the infrastructure is already in place for this to happen. And more importantly, do we really want some touristy Sea Side like trolley dinging its way down oak. Who are we trying to be. Mike Glover needs to start thinking about our locals. If our town is beautiful, cool, comfortable, convenient, etc.., the tourists will naturally flock. So again, do we want to be Sea Side or something better. Please don't turn us into a lame tourist attraction. Remember, some of us actually live here and raise family's here. Build an infrastructure that solves problems for the locals first and this will naturally help tourism as well. If we had a solid public transportation system we would provide EVERYONE what they want and correct me if I'm wrong, but this would solve many parking problems and please the hotel owners which you (Mike Glover) are so desperately trying to oblige. So, in my to be ignored opinion, a little re-branding, additional lines, outlying parking, and expanded hours. I only mention all this because it has worked in, oh I don't know, hundreds of thousands of small towns all around the country.


Edward 3 years, 11 months ago on ANOTHER VOICE: Prevent problems on Indian Creek Trail

Could not agree more. I jog that potion twice a week and have seen street people smoking weed and meth as well as came upon a teen taking a deuce just of the side of the trail. Something must be done. I refuse to stop using the trail and give it over due to their persitant dwelling. My wife and kids refuse to use that section even with me. I hate to be insensitive but this has to be resolved. Drugs and public deification is not what we should encounter on our morning jogs. Come on Hood River PD, do something.....


Edward 4 years, 1 month ago on An outdoor music venue for Dee?

I'm excited for this. Can't wait for some great music in the Gorge. Oh, and I'm a local for all you locals that love to hate transplants and blame every thing on them. Why do you all insist on trying to keep things the way they were 30 years ago? Every thing changes everywhere. Get used to it and maybe enjoy some of the amenities.


Edward 4 years, 6 months ago on ROUND TABLE: Numbers game: A reporter’s struggle with counting

Is it just me or is it odd that Full Sail offers a child's game on the inside of there caps. Then, just to cap it all off has a public event that has hundreds of kids at a beer sponsor event. Did we not learn anything from camel bucks of old.... Just look at that photo, not one person of age. It was the same last year, which I attended and then left after noticing this was obviously an event for kids. Could someone explain what the heck Full Sail is thinking? Really, I want to know.


Edward 4 years, 6 months ago on State hears testimony on Nestlé

You said it CUSaln. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs just 30 minutes to the west. All with comparable cost of living. You Live in a National Senic area !!!!! Do you really want a giant corporation to move in and milk the Gorge?


Edward 4 years, 6 months ago on Citizen group calls on mayor to resign

Wow shadowjade, I hope you have a daughter or son that goes of to college or moves away to a town to raise a family and is meet with such hate as yours. People move and relocate, population is growing, growth happens... This is not your town, you don't own it, nor do I. This is one country weather you like it or not. If you want a state to draw a line in, move to Texas. I'm sure they would love your ignorance. So, brace yourself cause were not going anywhere and all we are going to do is grow. So get with the program or stay in the shadows shadowjade.


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