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Farquar1000 5 months, 1 week ago on Farquar1000

It is unbelievably stupid for a group of teens to initiate another fire on the Indian Creek trail. This in light of the tragedy, inconvenience and economic hardship suffered by so many from the Eagle Creek blaze. Obviously, these teens are fully aware of that fire, and purposely engaged in this new activity. Offer a generous reward for information leading to their arrest. Then try and convict them as adults. They and their families can be held financially responsible for the firefighting and restoration expenses. Which will recover first, the trees or their genuine sense of responsibility?


Farquar1000 1 year, 8 months ago on Oregon State Parks “Ice Age Floods" -- 06/25/16 at Rowena Crest (Historic Columbia Gorge Highway)

Please check your calendar dates. Today's "Ice Age Floods" talk are listed at 3 pm on your website under "when" and 2 pm under content. Showed 2 pm in earlier calendar in paper. "Fistula fund raiser" listed today, the 25th. Unless there was more than one, it was last week. A number of recent events have been listed in the paper which came out after the event was scheduled. Today's Adams Country Bike ride is listed as taking place tomorrow, the 26th. These inaccuracies are wasteful to the public and your readers. We do not like going to events at the wrong times or days.


Farquar1000 2 years, 9 months ago on Letters to the Editor for May 20

Kudos go to Rich Truax in response to Joe O'Neill's comments in the 05/16 HRN and lengthier version online. I have been blessed to be part of HRCSD’s support staff for a portion of this school year. The citizens of this county are fortunate to have such dedicated, diligent and unselfish administrators, educators and support staff. They daily strive to offer an exceptional learning opportunity under very trying circumstances and fiscal constraints. We are living in strange times. We spend countless sums on discretionary items such as entertainment, fast food, sports, vehicles, cell phones, etc. Our representatives give away untold millions to businesses with no accountability, other than the promise of jobs that never materialize. We continually fund and elect candidates who do not fulfill their promises, but pursue their own agendas. Instead of working toward compromise, they blame partisanship for their failures. Let’s face it, they are the true failures. Which selfless group is the most mistreated? – veterans, students, seniors?

I digress. I wish to thank Dan Goldman and the members of HRCSD for their tireless efforts, going above and beyond to serve the educational interests of our community and county.


Farquar1000 3 years, 7 months ago on Letters to the Editor for July 2

To L.J. Ross of Utopia, TX: I am a native Texan and lived there most of my life. We came to Oregon and specifically to Hood River in 2001 for our first trip. Came back and visited over 10 times and moved here in 2013. Heaven will have to be really special to improve on this area. Yes, there might be an earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, etc. You might experience a tornado, flash flooding, or horrendous heat in Texas also. We are specks on a big hot rock with a thin crust. Just try to enjoy wherever you are, but we will stay here. The following emergency plan comes from a T-shirt I bought on the coast this weekend. It applies to you in Texas, and anyone else facing natural peril; 1) Grab the beer!, 2) Run like hell!


Farquar1000 3 years, 10 months ago on Letters to the Editor for April 2

I agree with Herb Freeland’s April 2nd letter. During last year’s FID board meetings which were attended by interested, residential representatives, we learned we had been “subsidized” for years. No logical explanation was given of the subsidy. If the residential users were a financial burden to the system, why were we originally allowed into FID in an “unfair” basis? The “F” in FID is for “Farmers” and it is primarily for the benefit of our agricultural friends and neighbors. I believe the intent of the regulation FID used is to be applied per acre of use. Despite the size of one’s lot, the current implementation subjects each covered homeowner to an account fee for one acre. The end result, as reflected by Mr. Freeland, is an account fee equivalent to 2,150% of the water fee.

ORS 545.381(1) states "each acre of irrigable land in the district shall be assessed and required to pay the same amount". ORS 545.381(3) states "For operation, maintenance, and drainage, each irrigable acre in the district shall be assessed the same..." All charges are required to be based on lot size - there is no provision in this ORS for Farmers Irrigation to charge a fee that is not based on lot size.

I call upon the appropriate city, county or state regulatory entity to confirm the propriety and conformity to regulation, of this increase.

As a residential user, the water I received from FID was an exceptional value. I am not averse to my water fee being raised from $9.30 /yr to 2-5 times this amount, in consideration of the agricultural users. I believe my account fee should be apportioned to the percentage of one acre my lot occupies as per county records. I have already remitted my payment for this year’s levy. I am hopeful that I and all similarly impacted residents will receive a rebate for this account fee overcharge. If not, I am sure FID will guarantee me adequate water pressure for my needs consistent with all other users throughout the season.


Farquar1000 4 years ago on Now, the clean-up

The suggestion to assist in the cleanup to allow delivery of mail is very interesting. Maybe the old phrase "Neither rain nor snow, will deter delivery of your mail" no longer applies. I cleared the area in front of my neighbor's mailbox to allow delivery of her mail. She has some health issues, and it would not have been possible for her to perform this herself. An hour after I cleared the area, the snowplow came down our street and pushed melted snow right back in front of her mailbox. Unfortunately, she did not receive her mail that day as a result. This Catch-22 situation prevents elderly or infirm residents from receiving their mail as the USPS and the road crews are working at cross purposes. Is the order that came from Portland consistent with the USPS policies of the rest of the country. If so, based upon today's weather reports, it appears the USPS can skip mail delivery in 49 states! USPS and the city/county governing body should have a workable plan which benefits the citizens for these rare episodes.


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