GeorgeShepard 1 year, 3 months ago on Walden provides ‘cliff’ notes

 How does he just slip into that monotone and drop a few notes, seems to make earnest eye contact, and the crowd politely accepts this guy? Like a bad  "zombie movie", were ending the longest war ever with our volunteer forces, some with as many as 14 tours or more!  Walden wants even more for the war machine, when at's jobs, bridges and roads, and since he is NRA parrot; guns for teachers! Oh boy what a prize this guy is, while he runs up the expense and fools errands on a coin... yeah, the word? priceless, umm maybe weird, but Portland has lock on that, give "it" a name, but we should be looking for the name to replace this joker, while farmers languish, and workers idled, education that is sustainable, with merit; while poverty erodes the quality of life and health in our beloved Gorge. We need a leader with vision.

GeorgeShepard 1 year, 3 months ago on Walden: Don't cut defense

What can you expect from this moron republicans keep in congress, this guy thinks running the country like his, "household"; guns? sure he is shill for nra, follow the money, not much for paying bills, oh yeah, Greg, ah, how much paper in the $100 dollar bill? Now your against the coin, does anybody read the these bills?! can't figure it out Greg? Read from some Krugman guy... who won some silly prize for economics, Well you sure keep our Oregon profile...weird and redneck, where is Al Ullman when you need him? Please somebody run against this moron, and restore the integrity the office used to convey!


GeorgeShepard 1 year, 4 months ago on Salmon focus off target, says Walden

Walden is completely out of touch on salmon issue, perhaps he in his goldfish bowl? He knows where the gold is, but his DC bowl does not have a clue to salmon restoration efforts, his reference to shooting a pheasant and mistaking it for eagle should qualify for best moron award of 2012, all the out of state money incumbents like Walden receive give him his gold, but he could at least crack a book and discover when dams were set no fish passage killed thousands upon thousands of years of dna of wild salmon, before it was corrected with exception above Grand Coulee Dam, the damage had been done, perhaps we get what we deserve, the dumbing down, the fox bites, unfortunate he shares a name holding intelligence, Look Mr Walden, read take the time, and then spend it not by the pond but by the river, talk to Indians, talk to fly fishermen, then get a pole, be a stakeholder, and think before speaking about something your completely unconnected to. Former SWCD board member, whose waso county tenure started 15 mile restoration plan; became blueprint for columbia river basin.