JohnHendry 4 years, 5 months ago on A not so clear-cut clearcut, Part 3

“While it is certainly quite noticeable now, steps are being taken to replant trees and in a few years that will grow back to being a lush forest.”

What kind of lush forest? One designed by wishful thinking or one designed by Nature that works as part of the whole eco-system being removed? This entire area is and has been at its best a product of wishful thinking by good ol boys who are not scientists to understand their actions gaining from its natural resources taking too fast as a result of always wanting "more" feeding an economy of the same business plan. Here they took from the wrong place but so what? Monkey see monkey do because no one is going to do anything about the monkey business going on, and the more they see the more the monkeys do till they reach the inevitable point of war extending beyond each other as the supply of whatever is wanted stops and physics must balance out the forces with a new supply of energy called everyone's ass on the line..... next up.

Look across the river and look at what they did to what was once a primer paragliding site that attracted people from around the world. Even with the hill side tree cutting activity generating food the Hawks avoid the air turbulence where there was once smooth air currents lifting them up. These turbulent new conditions are deadly to a paraglider because they can collapse the shape of it being a self-inflated wing and when that happens at the low altitudes they fly even if they survive it can be horrendous.

There's more to a forest than the trees but chainsaws don't see it that way if there's a bank in sight and wood along the way. And that’s the bottom line proving it takes a fool to fool a fool but you can’t fool time and what happens to you when you get there. Its just sad the children of this world are being handed such insane basic living conditions after their grandparents ignored the huge almost endless miles of garbage landfills controlled and “built” over time by people getting in on the good stuff the politicians let slip by like Hanford’s nuclear chemical mess NOT being cleaned up creating overall much poorer odds of a survival chance than their parents had. This is not the right way to prove evolution is in control but it’s one way and it’s working.


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