Nic 4 years, 9 months ago on Environmental groups sue over coal pollution

"Coal comes from the ground ...water goes into the ground...water runs across, the Powder River Basin must be the most polluted place on Earth!!!...Just because we take the coal out of the ground I guess that means that it shouldn't go back in!!"

Sound logic. /endsarcasm

I wonder how you'd feel about other naturally occurring substances in your air or water, like mercury, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, lead, uranium, chlorine, fluoride, asbestos, etc...
BTW, it's not the mere presence of the compound in the air or water, but the amount or dose that is the issue.


Nic 5 years, 5 months ago on Editorial: Basin plan has merit

"It’s a solid plan, one that nixes the proposed cable park (an interesting idea, but not the best fit for downtown Hood River)"

No author? I find it hard to believe an HR News employee wrote this considering the obvious bias there. Or is this the official opinion of the HR News?



Nic 5 years, 5 months ago on ANOTHER VOICE: Why would HR port give one tenant a ‘sweetheart’ deal?

I'm embarrassed that the editors at HR News thought this piece deserved it's very own section. Especially the fact that the Editors note clarifies Maui Meyer's affiliation and relationships, but fails to disclose the authors.

I don't know Nilsa or her family and only have Google to tell me that she owns and operates a B&B in the valley and is actively fighting the county on a current issue pertaining to such business. It seems the HR News has had some interaction with Nilsa in the past and would be able to offer some insight in to her motives and bias so the reader is not mislead. That seems like the responsible thing to do considering the slander contained in this piece.

Also, I will have to assume there is some bad blood between her and Meyer, but like her article, I can only assume.

I think the HR News would do good to it's readers to clarify it's intent with this publishing and clarify the authors background and relationship to these issues.



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