Ralphie_Buffalo 5 years, 4 months ago on Editorial: Buehler for Secretary of State

Please consider voting for the Oregon Progressive Party candidate, Robert Wolfe. See http://progparty.org/category/tags/wolfe.

In November 2006, Oregon voters enacted Measure 47, which established the nation's most strict system of limits on political campaign contributions and expenditures. It also requires political ads to fully disclose the names, businesses, and amount contributed by each of the campaign's 5 largest donors, right in the ad itself.
Kate Brown refused to enforce Measure 47 and attacked it in court. Still, to this day, no court has found any part of Measure 47 to be unconstitutional. So campaign spending in Oregon continues to skyrocket. Total spending on campaigns for state and local offices in Oregon increased from $4.2 million in 1996 to $57 million in 2010. Winning a contested race for the Oregon Legislature now typically costs over $600,000, sometimes over $1 million.
The Oregonian (4/6/2010) reports that spending on Oregon legislative races is the highest per capita of any state, except New Jersey.
Kate Brown “has been silent on campaign finance reform and otherwise largely invisible,” says Willamette Week (5/25/2012). In 2008 she smashed the record for campaign spending for any non-Governor race.
Kate Brown has erected huge barriers to grass-roots use of Oregon's initiative process. Her adoption of ridiculous clerical requirements means that her office discards a large portion of volunteer-collected signatures and over 40% of all voter signatures. Under her rules, with very few exceptions, only big corporations and unions have enough money (about $500,000) to put a measure on the Oregon ballot.
While Kate Brown's arbitrary "directives" result in throwing out nearly half of all voter signatures on statewide many petitions in Oregon, the average signature validity rate in Washington remains at about 85%. Is that because of "fraud" in the Washington system? No, it is because Washington does not have Kate Brown's "directives," which squash the initiative process and thus enhance the power of lobbyists and her other big funders.
Kate Brown touts her role as "Auditor in Chief." She "audited" the Oregon Department of Revenue 3 times in the past 2 years and failed to see any problem with the way the Department was issuing huge undocumented refunds. The Department in 2012 paid a $2.1 million refund to a Salem woman who had never before reported more than $15,000 of income. The folks at TurboTax, not the government, revealed this fraud. The state employees even manually overrode the computer-generated warning about this refund. Now, the government refuses to disclose how many other huge, fraudulent refunds it has paid.


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