commonsense51 4 years, 9 months ago on Another voice: Pie maven asks: Who may we refuse to serve?

Gorillanosh, what you seem to be missing or consistently overlooking, is the simple truth Pam, for religious reasons, will not give her blessing to same-sex unions. Note well she has said she would do various other products for these two women, but the wedding cake is another matter. You can speak as much as you like about public and private etc., but we do have freedom of religion in this country, even in what some call the "public square". And how can anyone not understand the most simple point about slavery? If the state attempts to force a Christian to do what their conscience and faith forbids (touch not the unclean thing, I Cor. 6:9-10, etc), this is slavery. I can only conclude you support the state forcing Christians to do what their conscience and faith forbid? Isn't this what you support? Do you admit it? Moreover, you speak of discrimination as if it is always a bad thing. Sometimes it is good. Home buyers may discriminate against bad areas of town which are dangerous to live. When it comes to choosing a wife, men may discriminate against women who have slept around a lot. Chances are they may not be faithful in marriage. Some poor people discriminate against name brand foods because of cost. Do you really think you don't discriminate in your own life? And if it is wrong for Pam to "discriminate" for religious reasons, then it must also be bad for the homosexual community to discriminate (boycott) against her business and her husband's? Is your disrimination good, but hers bad? Do you support this boycott/punishment, intimidation etc? Do you really want people to live in fear of bullies, if they refuse to do what you want? This is all I can conclude by your words above. If I have misrepresented you, please explain.


commonsense51 4 years, 10 months ago on Another voice: Pie maven asks: Who may we refuse to serve?

So here's the question for "Nora's Table"......when a person is religiously opposed to same-sex marriage, and a law is created to force you to violate your conscience and religious beliefs, your religion (which is definitely NOT Christian) teaches you that person must do what is immoral to them? What you really support then is what we call "slavery". You want the state to force Pam to do what her conscience and faith does not allow. Since she does not believe as you do, and you have the state on your side, all must now bow before your religious beliefs? Is this what the homosexual community calls "love" and "tolerance". How tolerant are you, "Nora's Table" when you force your will upon another? This is slavery and contrary to our Constitution which upholds freedom of religion. When the state grants "special exemptions" to certain groups of people based on sexual orientation, it discriminates against those others who are not specially protected, hence there is this word called "oppression".


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