mudrock 1 year, 2 months ago on mudrock

Re: Sour Grapes

Right On Bill! trump will be great for America. (unless you're Black, Muslim, Mexican or a woman who's not a "10"). Let's forget that Hillary won the popular vote by nearly 3 million. Let's forget that the donald wants to take health care away from the millions of poor people who's majority voted for him. Let's forget that he wants to bring back dirty coal, proliferate the world with nukes, deny climate change, remove all those unneeded safety regulations, eliminate education standards and environmental protections. Let's forget that he has drained the swamp and moved it to the White House. Let's forget that he conned thousands of students out of their savings through a fake university and sued everyone who dared to ask for the money they were due as his contractors and workers. Forget about his behavior with felines. Yeah Bill, the orange fuhrer will be great for America and It's all just "sour grapes".


mudrock 4 years, 2 months ago on Hood River County Sheriff officers honored as life savers

What a joke. I've called the Sheriff's office about a windsurfer floating down the Columbia, unable to sail and it took over an hour for them to respond. He finally got out on his own, floating from Hood River to The Hatchery!

20 MPH winds and 5 ft swells in the Marina??? I agree with the officer who said this was just another day on the job. It was nice of them to nominate each other though. Sounds homey!


mudrock 5 years ago on A slice of local life: A principal’s principles pave way for pupils

Kelly is great and he creates a great staff. Without mentioning names, some other principals could follow his lead. Did someone say Hood River High??? Could be.


mudrock 5 years ago on School district narrows superintendent search

After the last two disasterous Superintendents, lets hope that the School Board will be more careful in this latest selection.


mudrock 5 years ago on Innovative Teaching Awards recognize creative efforts

I am impressed by the omissions in the list of award winning teachers. The Special Education Department seems to not have the motivation to submit any ideas for innovation while, in this area, there are huge technological leaps being made to provide quality educational experiences to our most unfortunate students.


mudrock 5 years ago on mudrock

After the last two disasterous HR Superintendents, let's hope that the School Board is more careful in their next choice.


mudrock 5 years, 1 month ago on Letters to the Editor for February 2

Though Mr. Brennan admits in his Feb 2 letter that global temps are on the rise, he also states that the U.N. has said that they are declining.

Misinformation is as rampant as the rise in global temperatures. Scientists agree that in this period where the cyclic changes should dictate a lowering of temps, they are instead, rising. These changes have particularly been validated as corresponding to the Industrial Revolution and its attendent production of carbon bi-products.

The world and particularly the less industrialized nations, are already feeling the effects of climate change.

Change is difficult to handle and too rapid a change is impossible.

Jump on the alarmist train, it's full of rational, concerned, and scared people.


mudrock 5 years, 2 months ago on ANOTHER VOICE: Coal transport comments needed now

Polly is totally correct and one of a majority of Gorgeites opposed to the increased transportation and, I might add, the use, of coal.

Today, officials in Bejing are advising its 2 million residents to stay indoors because of the over 900 times the safe limit for pollutants in their city.

This pollution doesn't stay in China however. It return to us in the form of acid rain and contribution to Global warming and Climate Change.

If pressure can be put on the railroad corporations to be better citizens, that might be the way to go. They seem pretty impervious to public opinion though so there is little reason to believe that they will act in any interest other than their pocketbooks. We can no longer afford to take these irresponsible actions lying down. There must be a massive public effort if the coal trains are to be stopped.


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