myhome 4 years ago on Dee concert venue generates a buzz

I have lived here for 45 years and this Dee Tour idea is a terrible.I do not believe that anybody that lives within 5 to 10 miles supports it.The only people supporting it are those who will profit from it and those who do not live in the effected areas.It's not the noise and it's not the river(there is still junk lying in the river from the old mill)The problem is traffic.All it takes is one overly cautious driver(driving well below the speed limit)to turn a 15 to 20 minute drive into a 30 to 35 minute drive since Dee hwy is only a 2 lane road with very limited passing opportunities.Also when there is an accident the road gets shut down and then you will get DEE TOURED back to either Parkdale or Odell so you can start your trip over again.I have seen changes to our roads in my lifetime and most of them make me wonder what the heck they were thinking,examples(odell junction & hwy 35)(odell hwy & dee hwy at tucker bridge)(country club road)They want to target between 3000 to 5000 people with parking for 3095 vehicles,There is no way on earth that dee hwy can handle even half of the 3095 vehicles for a single event,then your going to have multiple trains crossing dee hwy stopping traffic there also.WE would haft to completely rebuild dee hwy making it straighter and add a full lane going north from Dee for when everybody tries to leave at the same time.Lets just say this isn't going to PENCIL out(cost)just so a couple of people can fill their pockets with cash and their seasonal employees to work minimum wage jobs.If this project was right next to interstate 84 the chances of managing traffic would be greater.If this project was along side HWY 35 somewhere?would be a small challenge but manageable.Dee HWY is like the worst place in the world for something of this magnitude.Maybe Mt hood Meadows should have used this plan instead of adding another parking lot,even it would have been a better choice than sending everybody into a confined space.It really gets on my nerves and of many others also that many people are telling us what to do with our home and in our own back yard and that we don't know what is good.Stick this thing in their back yard.


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