A letter printed Nov. 14 ("Children less safe") suggested that the Jewish race was "nearly exterminated by Christians." This is nonsense, both specifically and in general.

After World War II, a book was published called "Hitler's Table Talk." It was comprised of transcripted conversations Adolf Hitler held with his adjutants over the previous decade. These transcripts clearly showed that Hitler had contempt for the Christian church; that many Christians had actively opposed his policy towards the Jews; and that he planned to take revenge on the whole of Christianity once he had established world dominance.

True enough, too many "church-goers" kept silent during the horrors of the Holocaust -- but was their church attendance a true mark of spirituality? Most Christians realize that Christ was a Jew; and in fact the Nazi regime was a religion unto itself, centered on the Aryan genetic of the German people rather than the shed blood of some carpenter from Israel.

In 1948, the Jews stomped into the Middle East and reclaimed their promised land. Weapons, tactical support and invaluable diplomacy was provided by the "Christian" American government. The letter of to which I refer made no mention of these developments. Perhaps the writer at this point had a brief flash of wisdom . . . the understanding that the politics of institutions are no gauge of the human soul. It's easy to lump Christians or Jews or Muslims into statistics, but not so easy to discern the sincerity or motivations of the individual.

The letter also explained that Moslems who attacked New York did so because "the guns of Jews" murdered their children. This broad back-door attempt to pardon the actions of a small Muslim minority leaves us with onlyone immaculate hero: the guy with no religion who writes letters to local newspapers, letters full of idealism but lacking perspective, context, and accurate information.

Scott Bradshaw

Hood River

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