January 4, 2006

Happy New Year to all our readers, near and far. Some of you may see this in print, others on our Web site www.hoodrivernews.com

This is part one of our annual Good Wishes greeting, to be continued in our Saturday edition. In no particular order:

A new pair of sturdy shoes to all those people running for office, be it state or local, Thank you and good luck. As you know, voters really do discern and respect a straight answer.

A welcome mat to all merchants, new and long-term: may you all benefit from the continued upswing in the economy.

New calculators to the Hood River County School District, adding portables for the first time in years, and to Horizon Christian School, embarking on construction of a new campus.

A green light to Columbia Gorge Community College in its efforts to build a much-needed Hood River campus.

A plate of fresh cookies and pitcher of fresh-squeezed orange juice to everyone who gave blood — or tried — in 2005. Your arms are always needed.

New sets of work gloves to county and city workers whose budgetary patch jobs are now complicated by the real patch jobs in the streets. You valiantly kept the roads safe during the ice storm, now you are faced with the need to fix potholes and other grinding damage caused by the cold.

A gold-plated name badge to volunteers everywhere, and to those public servants who stand ready to risk hazard to help the community.

Our police, sheriff, public works, fire and EMT, lifeguards, ski patrol, and other trained professionals and volunteers deserve our year-round thanks.

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