An Odell man has admitted that he caused the deaths of his brother and cousin by drinking and driving.

Alfredo Galvan Rodriguez, 25, pleaded not guilty on Monday to two counts of criminally negligent homicide. He also accepted a charge for recklessly endangering three other passengers who lived through the accident. Rodriguez was sentenced to 18 months in prison, followed by 36 months of post-prison supervision. He could also be required to reimburse the state Crime Victim Compensation Fund for $7,000 of funeral costs. However, Hood River District Attorney John Sewell said that claim is still under review because both victims had also consumed alcohol.

“The only thing that separates an intoxicated driver from becoming a defendant in a homicide case is luck. Tragically, Mr. Rodriquez’ luck ran out and the consequences were severe,” said Sewell.

Juan Galvan Rodriguez, 21, and Ricardo Galvan-Herrera, 19, both drowned in the early morning hours of July 20 after the vehicle driven by Alfredo rolled over in a pond. Sewell said the fatalities occurred along Fir Mountain Road where Alfredo was transporting six people in a dual-cab pickup. Sewell said the occupants had all been drinking while they cruised the hills. Rodriquez, who registered a .15 on the intoxilyzer about six hours after the accident, admitted that he had been speeding and lost control of the vehicle. The truck then left the roadway and landed on its top in a small body of water, trapping the two men inside. Neither Alfredo or his other passengers sustained injuries in the wreck.

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